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Hellooooo and welcome Tuesday! So nice to see you! Is it bad that I also count down the days until the weekend even though I’m not even working? (so what, I love hanging out with the husband so the weekends are the highlight of my weeks)

Is it me or does it feel like I have 101 things to do and every single day I get 1 thing done…please tell me I’m not the only one that gets easily distracted by a cute baby that would much rather play then clean the house!

I’m in the process of reading THREE yes THREE books, I can’t help it! I’m trying to finish all of them BUT I get stuck reading one, one day & then the next day I’m stuck on the other one…one is teaching me how to get Mr Carter to sleep better and so far it’s AMAZING! I want to finish it ASAP too so I can start implementing all of the ideas BUT sometimes learning books get boring and I gotta switch over to Ali Wentworths book I don’t even know who she is except she comes out on the view ALL the time and she’s funny so I got her book! And I’m glad I did cause its also pretty funny! Ohhhh and I’m positive I didn’t mention this before BUT I just got 25 books in my iBooks for $5! Yes you read that right $5!! Woot woot! I loooove when I find sales!

Carter decided he was going to be Mr Grumpy man as soon as we got to my parents house for the Super Bowl on Sunday -.- BUT I’m glad to say he threw his fit RIGHT when the power went off sooooo I didn’t miss ALL of it! Which leads me to the 3rd book I’m reading! The wonder weeks book, I’ve heard lots about it now I wanna know if its true! BUT mostly I want to know how to help carter NOT get meltdowns every couple of weeks.

Is it bad that we just booked a vacation for May and I couldn’t be more excited?! I have been dying to go on a vacation.  The husband and I usually go on a vacation once a year BUT last year with being pregnant and the husband taking a whole week off when carter came we couldn’t do it sooooo this is our first vacation since LAST November when we went on our cruise! YES November 2011! :/ I’m soooo excited to get outta town! And I loooove flying on planes (hoping & praying so does Carter)

From our trip to San Francisco 2009 🙂

Is this post all kinds of random for you? Ya I thought so too! BUT the husband did paint Carter’s dresser for his room FINALLY! (So what were a couple months late having his room ready, it’s not like he sleeps in there) and it came out AMAZING!!! Now we just need a toy box and a book shelf (coming soon) and we’ll OFFICIALLY be done!!  It might actually be finished by time he turns one.  are we procrastinators?  maybe a little bit.

Okay this post is WAY too random to continue BUT we registered for Carter’s baptism and I’m SUPER excited!  That, and I can’t believe it’s ALMOST time for Easter when this happened!  So exciting can’t believe a year ago I was pregnant!  🙂  OH and I wanna donate my hair…does anyone know if there is a specific salon that does this?  Super cuts or something?  Ugh it’s getting ridiculously long and I’m kinda over it being THIS long.  Plus they’ll make wigs for kids with no hair, sounds awesome to me 🙂

Happy Tuesday Friends 😀


Tonight, the husband and I were watching old videos of us when we first started dating and as we were watching them it felt like just yesterday that all those things happen, when in reality it’s been almost FIVE years since we first started dating…man on man time sure does fly by when you’re having fun.

So of course while our baby sleeps and we talk and have remember all the fun things we did while we were dating, I can’t help but sit here and think about how truly grateful I am.

Grateful, for all that has happened to me since me and the husband decided to become boyfriend and girlfriend.

Grateful, that he chose me to be his wife, forever and always.

Grateful, that I have truly married my BEST FRIEND, the person that I could talk to about ANYTHING always.  I mean I did just watch a video of me going on and on to him about being pissed because someone (I’m assuming my sister) bought the WRONG kind of doritos and the ones SHE bought weren’t ON SALE she paid FULL price, and FOOD 4 LESS ALWAYS has Doritos on sale!  YES that really happened.

Grateful, that although we aren’t in the EXACT life position we would like to be, I mean it WOULD be wonderful if I had a teaching job lined up, OR we owned our OWN house, BUT we are in this life TOGETHER and more in love then I EVEN thought possible.

Grateful, that through our love that came after 7 years of friendship and our 5 years of dating, we have created this perfect human being…this tiny person that neither of us could love anymore.

And grateful, for all that god has given me, I mean I don’t mean to brag (okay maybe I’m bragging just a little bit) BUT I truly love my life, and am thankful to god every single day for giving me such an amazing husband to spend such an amazing life with.

Happy Weekend Friends 🙂  Have a GREAT one! 😀

It’s Okay!!

Hellooooo…welcome to another addition of It’s OKAY 😀

It’s perfectly okay that….

…..I have been MIA from blogging for quite a while, can I help it that when my baby is sleeping I’d rather stare at him sleep then do ANYTHING else umm ever?  Okay didn’t think so.

…..EVERY single morning my coffee gets cold…either it’s too cold in my house OR I take too long to drink it BUT I swear thank god I have a microwave.

….I have a caffeine addiction -.-  I get headaches now at night IF I didn’t have any caffeine that day :l

….I realized that I missed beer a LOT more then I thought I did…whyyyy is it soooooo delicious?

….I have to pay for our insurance out of pocket this month and wtf!?!  $1200 is RIDICULOUS for one month!  (please come soon universal healthcare)

…..I have an addiction to baby clothes…like I CAN’T stop buying them!!!  It’s terrible I KNOW!  BUT I do say to myself….WELL Carter will just wear them for a little while BUT I know that my next kids are all going to be boys so they’ll get good use out of them too, makes sense right?

…..I am back to being in LOVE with all the housewives…theyr’e just so much drama that I can’t stop watching!

….Carter listens to The Black Keys so much that I am getting KINDA over them…

…..I am ALWAYS hungry now…wtf?!?!  I went from NEVER being hungry to being CONSTANTLY  starving -.- what is up…I have NO idea.

…..I’m KINDA obsessed with decorating my house for holidays I literally can’t wait until we have a house so I can decorate like CRAZY every single holiday…is that bad?

…..I keep saying I’m going to blog more and then don’t.

…..I hate when my dogs lick me…idk why it bothers me so much!  BUT it does.

Hope everyone is having an FANTASTIC week! 🙂

Happy Thursday 😀

Happy 3 Months Baby Carter

3 months!?!!?  Where does the time go??  I KNOW that everyone always says that, but really??  THREE whole months already!!!  OMG!  I can’t believe how much different Carter is just from a short three months ago!  Where did my little squishy scrunchy baby go??  Long gone are the days of a tiny newborn we now have an INFANT!  Is it bad that when I got the email telling me that my little baby was NO longer classified as a newborn it made my eyes water, because I can’t believe how fast the newborn stage went by?  I mean I can NOT even explain to you how excited I am for him to get bigger and to see more of his personality unfold BUT I just can’t believe how fast my tiny baby is growing!  P.S. is it bad that I am already getting teary-eyed thinking that one day my baby is going to be a man 🙁  I can’t even think about it….ugh I swear my pregnancy hormones never went away!  BUT anywho I’ll stop making myself get sad about things that aren’t going to come for many many years AND give you a run down of things we did THIS month! 😀

Weight: I’m POSITIVE he’s OVER 13 lbs now!!  I’m thinking 13 and a quarter maybe?  He feels so heavy!  At his two month appointment (yes it was a couple of weeks late) he was 12 lbs 11 oz, and I definitely think he went through a growth spurt right after that!

Height: at his 2 month appt he was 24 inches, woot woot my baby is OFFICIALLY over 2 feet tall, next up Six Flags 🙂  AND I feel like his pants are still shrinking :l  Maybe he’s gonna be tall!??  Let’s hope.

Clothing size: He is OFFICIALLY in SOME 6 months clothes, definitely can fit 3-6 and I was so sad the other day we put him in some 6-12 month pjs and they fit!!  A tiny bit big but still!?  At this rate he’s going to go through all of his clothes SUPER fast!  He still fits 3 months but MOST of his 0-3 besides onesies are getting kinda snug…all his cute sleep n’ plays are getting a little tight in the feet 🙁

Diaper size: He’s in size 2 for sure, after all those blow outs we had in size 1 we changed him and YEP it was the diapers, he can’t help it this baby’s got back! 🙂

Feeding:  I’ve been so bad at keeping track of when he eats….usually because my phone is dying!  BUT he’s eating around every 3-4 hours maybe longer if he’s sleeping.

Sleep: he’s been okay…I don’t really know because whenever he wakes up at night now I’m like a zombie and don’t really notice that he’s awake I just feed him and we all go back to sleep…usually I don’t even notice what time it is.

Milestones: OMG!!  I was sooooo excited that this month he started laughing!!  I can’t get enough!!!  Eeeek it’s soooooo freakin cute!!!  I LOVE LOVE LOVE it, definitely the CUTEST thing he does by far, BUT this little grouchy baby does not do it often, he MUST find something really funny to laugh I NEED to get it on video.  He also babbles a lot more now, DEFINITELY knows what he’s looking at AND puts things in his mouth…like your arm, his hands, and sometimes he’ll figure out how to get his own chuppie back into his mouth 🙂

Adventures: let’s seee….we had our FIRST Christmas & New Years this month

AND we started a brand new year….we also got registered for our baptism….

Carter went to his first ever kids party!

We got to wear our Dodger Jacket even if its a little big…

He got his first shots!

and he learned how to play playstation 🙂









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Carter’s Christmas Festivities Recap :) (finally)

It has been an ongoing tradition that we always go get our Christmas tree thanksgiving weekend, because if I’m paying for a real tree every year there is NO way I’m paying all that money to have my tree up for only a couple of weeks.  And good thing the husband agrees because we now have a tradition of going to get our tree the weekend of Thanksgiving which means we are in Christmas mode as soon as Thanksgiving exits 🙂


I was definitely OBSESSED with these Christmas pajamas and socks the whole Christmas season!!  Ugh makes me so so sad to think he’ll NEVER wear them again!!  Good thing, they’re gender neutral…next kid?  That’s what I keep telling myself at least.

I had asked a couple of people before if they knew of a place to take a brand new baby to take his first pictures with Santa! AND a couple of people told me to take him to Bass Pro Shop!  If you haven’t been there before its basically a hunting/camping/anything outdoors store.  It’s pretty cool and actually before the day we went to see Santa I had never even been there before.

BUT I figured a FREE picture with Santa can’t be bad.  AND oh man am I glad that they sent us there, because the place was AMAZING you have to go sign up ahead of time for a time slot to see Santa which I’m VERY glad that Carter’s nina lives literally ONE mile away and they went and got us tickets, because as soon as we got there we walked RIGHT in!  IT was the BEST!  AND the Santa was really cute too!!



Told you I was OBSESSED with that outfit, I mean really?  It’s so cute not to be!  AND yes, Carter was asleep the whole time he got to meet Santa, BUT at least he didn’t cry right?

We did LOTS of Christmas shopping!

I mean that hat?  Is it NOT the BEST?!  Sooo cute my little reindeer 🙂

AND finally once Christmas eve arrived I was SO SO SO sick 🙁  It was terrible!!  BUT we made it out of the house to celebrate!



Okay, I promise he did NOT wear this outfit every single day during the Christmas season, just on days that I knew his picture would be taken..hahaha he did have TWO other Christmas pajamas that he ALSO wore VERY often!

Christmas Hugs 🙂

Opening his FIRST ever Christmas presents 🙂   Clearly he was still sleepy 😀

Christmas card 🙂  YES it’s a screen shot all cause I’m too lazy to find the original -.-

Merry Christmas 🙂  P.S. Santa is my ho-ho-homeboy


We had an amazing Christmas!!  Carter got sooooo many presents and we had the BEST time ever!  Can’t wait for next year when he will be able to open his presents himself and maybe be excited to see the lights and all the festivities 🙂

Meet Jasmyne

Hi guys, I’m Jasmyne and I blog over at A Fisher’s Wife about all things wifey and mommy in nature…the wonderfully good and the horribly bad! I’m so happy Jade has let me take over for the day, we were pregnant at the same time, shared our experiences and now here we watching our two little men grow up “together” virtually…it’s been TONS of fun.
Since becoming a mommy my heart has experienced a love I could only dream of, I never imagined I could love someone as much as I love my son, I really couldn’t imagine life without him. To be honest, the first few months I was so involved with Izzy (my son) I forgot about my husband completely, forgot to do the little things, so I wanted to share with you guys on little things to do during and after baby.
1. “I Love You”
Amazing how when you get so busy you can go ALL day without even saying it, which I found myself doing, for weeks end, the lack of sleep was hard for me, I couldn’t think straight and my days seemed to run over. Once I realized what I wasn’t doing, I told my husband ALL the time how much I loved him that he began to worry, better too much than none at all.


2. Date Night
This is good after you have healed completely and don’t look like death…all you mommies know exactly what I am talking about. When family offered to watch Izzy at first we would decline in fear that no one would watch him like we could, I mean we are his parents. As time went on we realized we needed time to ourselves whether it was going grocery shopping, yes this is considered a date for us, going out to eat, going shopping…you have to make time for one another at ALL times.


3. Laugh
Laughing got us through the hardest of times, times where Izzy would cry for hours on end and those times where we had to make critical decisions for our family. Laughter is always good no matter what the circumstance but after having a baby and especially after having your first, find ways to laugh with your spouse, it alleviates so much stress and will bring the two of you closer together.


4. Talk
It seems like a simple one, but when I say “talk” I mean really talk, especially for us moms…I found myself slipping away and coming detached from the world a bit and forgot that I had my best friend right beside me the entire time. I did not suffer from Postpartum Depression and I attribute a lot of that to talking with my husband about any and everything! Talking not only kept us connected but also allowed us to go down memory lane and remember little things like how we first started dating, our wedding day or the day we found out we we pregnant.


5. Be Romantic
I think this says it all, it’s not only important for the husband to be romantic but also the wife. Little things like candlelight dinner at home, just because kisses/hugs, flowers, chocolates and intimate time keeps the relationship fresh and reminds you both why you got married in the first place!


Thanks for reading guys, until next time! Have a wonderful day!


Birth Story-Part 3 (the final chapter)

This was around 11 am, and they came in to check me shortly and told me I was at around 7 1/2 or 8 and that since I had now gotten the epidural it more then likely would slow down my labor and they would give me some pitocin if that did happen…seemed okay.  Right after this my mom showed up and we had a little pow wow in my room while the husband slept :l

must have been tired from all that child birthing he was doing.  right?  welllllllll they came back to check me a little while later and told us that I hadn’t been progressing at all, and by now my contractions had all but STOPPED, so they said they were going to break my water and see if my labor would start on its own again…so they did and I didn’t feel anything AT ALL.  They then told us they would come back again and check to see how I was progressing in a couple of hours.  For the time being we watched regular TV tried to take some naps and just hung out.  THEY finally came back and said that now my contractions had pretty much stopped completely so they were going to go ahead and start me on some pitocin…which I was fine by because I wanted to meet my little baby already 🙂

andddddddd all the time at the hospital the MOST annoying part was this!

this stupid finger thing was sooooo annoying I swear I hated having it on and it was so uncomfortable!

I don’t even know why but it was probably the MOST uncomfortable thing that I had to have on the entire time I was in the hospital…
they kept coming to check me every couple of hours and telling me my progress, and then FINALLY the pitocin was working and I could see my contractions on the screen now!  It was pretty cool to think that your body was working but you couldn’t feel any of the pain 🙂  sooooooo finally at 5 o’clock the dr came in to check me and said “okay, you’re at ten, it’s time to start pushing!  BUT know that since it is your first baby and you have an epidural it could take like 3 hours.” WHAT?!!?  3 hours!?!!  OMG I knew there was NO way that I could push a baby out for 3 hours!  AND I wanted to see the presidential debate so I told baby Carter, okay it’s finally time for us to meet you and I know you want to watch the debates so we have 1 hour!  🙂  AND at first it was so weird because I couldnt feel ANYTHING, my bad my epidural had run out right before I had hit ten so I pressed the button AND I was EXTRA numb, it was so annoying because now I couldn’t feel ANYTHING, eventually the epidural wore off enough so that I could feel a little bit of my contractions and was finally able to make some traction…a couple of really good pushes and baby Carter’s head was out!  🙂  the nurse said his head is out, and I looked at the husband and said “Really?” his face alone told me yes!  His eyes were huge and he couldn’t believe it.  Finally @ 5:48 on October 22nd baby Carter was born into this world 🙂 and he was gorgeous!
I don’t know if I had mentioned this here on the blog or not, but when I was pregnant with Carter I had decided that I wanted JUST the two of us in the room when Carter was born, I figured it would be nice to spend some time just the three of us together before everyone else got to meet him, selfish?  maybe, but it was the BEST decision I EVER made!!  Once Carter was out they placed him on my chest and even thinking about that exact moment makes my heart skip a beat, I looked up at the husband and looked at my baby and couldn’t believe that we had just gotten a miracle placed in our arms, someone that was ours!  😀  We looked at our baby in almost disbelief and the husband took lots of pictures 🙂
he was so cute! 🙂  I even told him over and over again, I can’t believe how cute you are!  🙂  I am glad that I decided to just have the 2 of us in the room and that is exactly how I want all of our kids to be born, it was like we got to take him our child being born into the world together and it was amazing 🙂  (is it bad that I am literally tearing up thinking about that moment?)  and P.S. EVERYONE’S right, once that baby is placed in your arms you can’t even believe you have so much love for something so tiny even now 3 months later I still can’t believe that I have so much love for a human so tiny but it’s possible and if you’re pregnant or get pregnant you will see, and if your’e a mom already you already know exactly what i’m talking about 🙂
EVERYONE came in to meet the little guy and the next day we went home, and it was such a great birth story, really I’m hoping and praying the rest of my kids are born this easy 🙂

A Birth Story-Part 2

They told us that they were really crowded sooooo although I was having contractions pretty often they asked me to wait while they got a room ready to check and see how far along I was. I think the ladies in L&D thought I was going to get sent home, because I wasn’t acting like I was in major pain, and I mean I was in pain BUT from what other ladies have told me it usually is EXCRUCIATING pain that you can not even walk…I was able to walk into labor & delivery AND when just had to stop when I got contractions…so when we walked up I could tell the nurse probably thought I was going to get sent home, because LOTS of times they said in our l&d classes “a nurse can tell if you’re going to be admitted into L&D by how you walk in, if you are walking and talking fine, you probably aren’t going to get admitted” BUT I knew that I was having contractions even if they weren’t what everyone told me they would be.  I felt like since I wasn’t what most girls are, they were taking extra long to check me, because they were just so ehhh she’s not gonna get admitted she’s probably a 2.  I was soooo nervous while I waited for them to check me…I just kept thinking that 1.  I wouldn’t be far along and would get sent home (even though I didn’t FEEL like I wasn’t dilating) and 2.  That I would be too far along AND that I would not be able to get an epidural that seriously was my BIGGEST fear probably for a while…I was soooo scared!

Sooooo after what felt like FOREVER even though I’m positive it was probably only like 15 minutes they finally came in to check me and they said I was a 6-7!  I was so excited!  That meant I would NOT have to go home!  YAY!!  the midwife confirmed that I would be admitted and that we would have a baby that day!  Since it was 6 am now!  We immediately called my mom and text other people letting them know a baby would be born that day, or at least we had hoped we would have a baby that day 🙂

Soooo we stood in the in-between room for a little while probably about an hour and I kept thinking OH my god what if I’m one of those ladies that dilates SUPER fast and it goes fast, my contractions were coming every minute to minute in a half now, and were hurting way more!  They finally put me in a room a little while later, and then checked me again I was definite 7 now and on my way to 8.  I couldn’t believe it!  In this little bit of time, my grandma had showed up and she was super excited to meet her 13th grand child!  😀  I immediately asked for an epidural, and they came in a little while later maybe 20 minutes and told the husband and my grandma that they needed to leave while the epidural was being put in.  the anesthesiologist finally came in and the husband and my grandma left, I was super nervous for this part, I was nervous to move and not be tense when I had a contraction.  I remember feeling so nervous, they lifted the bed (did you know those bed go as high as the sky?)  it lifted ridiculously HIGH!  so then i started freaking out thinking omg what if I pass out and fall off?!?!  -.-

BUT before I knew it, it was ALL over!  YEP I felt one little cold pinch and then nothing!  done!  I know I couldn’t believe it either!  from then on it was smooth sailing well at least I felt like it, I was so much more comfortable then I had been only a few minutes before, AND the part I was MOST scared about was OVER!  YAY!  SO, after they finished the husband and my gma came back in and we were just hanging out.

A Birth Story-Part 1

So, I LOVE reading all about other peoples birth stories AND I want to remember EVERYTHING about the day that Carter was born so here it is people…pretty sure it’s going to be pretty long, so skip ahead as you wish 🙂

My due date was October 21st so when I woke up on Sunday and didn’t feel NOT one contraction I starting thinking about how that day was MORE then likely NOT going to be the day that baby Carter would make his grand appearance!

AND then I went on Twitter and I saw all of the Kardashians posting that the 21st was Kim K’s Bday!
I KNEW for sure he would NOT come that day now….he’s like his dad and I knew he didn’t wanna share his bday with Kim K!  BUT I was still a tiny bit hopeful!  THAT maybe he’d change his mind!  OR I was going to do things to try to push him a tiny bit!
I really did EVERY single one of these things and NO baby Carter did NOT want to come out!!  I remember as we were doing all these things trying to get him to make his appearance already the husband and I kept saying that it would be funny if he did come and then EVERYONE would say see the “whatever they told me to try” worked!  So the husband gave me reese’s peanut butter cups and said “if you go into labor tonight, we’re gonna tell everyone it’s because you ate reese’s peanut butter cups!  OH!  AND chicken wings cause you ate those tonight too!”  We could NOT stop laughing we watched a movie and THEN we kept hearing an alarm going off…it was like 10pm on a sunday and we kept hearing this stupid car alarm going off FOREVER!  Finally the husband went to go check who it was and it was a girl PASSED out in her car (I guess her bf/husband was trying to wake her up by pressing the panic button CLEARLY it was NOT working!) BUT me and the husband could NOT stop laughing we kept running from the living room to our bedroom (where there is a window that looks down into the parking lot) and laughing at the girl passed out in her car!  She was arguing with her boyfriend and it was so funny!  We were rolling (Okay, I’m sure this was a LOT more funny in person BUT this may or may not have been ONE of the reasons I went into labor) after running back and forth for 45 minutes to an hour the girl finally went to bed while yelling at whoever was taking her to bed and we had a good laugh and then watched the end of the movie!  The clock turned passed midnight and I had finally accepted that Baby Carter would NOT be one of the 5% that was born ON his due date!  Me and the husband were getting ready to go to bed and I changed the calendar in our living room to October 22nd and we headed to bed.
While I was laying there trying to get comfortable as MUCH as you can while 40 weeks and ONE day pregnant, I realized that I was getting cramps!  I had to spend a day at labor & delivery earlier in the week and they were tracking my contractions and they finally told me that what I had been feeling the last couple of weeks things that felt just like menstrual cramps were contractions and I now knew what to look for.  SO when I started getting cramps I was thinking oh cool at least a couple of contractions maybe he’ll come in the next few days!  I DID NOT want to be pregnant ALL the way until my next appt which wasn’t until THURSDAY!  I laid there watching TV and realized that my “cramps” were coming often even if they didn’t hurt….so I busted out my HANDY pregnancy app and started timing my “cramps” (at the time I THOUGHT they MIGHT be contractions but couldn’t be POSITIVE!
I started tracking
They were every 4 minutes or SO but they didn’t hurt…I mean they were just like regular cramps they didn’t feel like everyone told me they would feel (worse pain in the world) sooooo I just kept timing…UNTIL it had been 1 hour!  and I realized that I MIGHT be in labor :-O  soooooo after about an hour and a 1/2 of timing them coming every 3-4 minutes I decided I should probably call L&D and see what they said….I called and they told me that unless I was in a LOT of pain or they got super close together I could stay at home…so I did…and I was watching TV still timing…they got closer and closer together but still weren’t hurting like I thought they should.  BUT once they were coming EVERY 2 minutes I decided that we were going to have to go to the hospital so I took a shower and started getting ready to go to the hospital…once I got out of the shower I realized that they were now every minute and a half apart!!  I immediately woke up the husband and tried to get him to hurry because NOW I was nervous that Carter would want to hurry up and come out and I wouldn’t get to the hospital in time for an epidural (my biggest fear about having a baby was thinking I might have to do it with NO drugs) :l  I know I’m terrible BUT whateva, I heard what that pain feels like and I feel NO need to feel it if I don’t have to!
We got ready and NOW it was exciting!  We all piled into the car, the husband and I plus the puppies, since we had already talked to my mom and told her that IF we had to go to the hospital in the middle of the night that she would come to the hospital to pick up the puppies from us and they would stay with her and my dad while we stood in the hospital! sooooo while we were on our way to the hospital I called my mom to meet us there and we were on our way….those 20 minutes felt like FOREVER because I had no idea how far along I was and I did NOT want to give birth in a car!  We FINALLY got there and my contractions were a steady minute and a 1/2 apart and lasting 50 seconds to a minute and 30!  It was a crazy feeling…when you are having a contraction it hurts…and then once it’s over it’s like you were never in pain at all…it kept making me laugh when the contraction would go away because I would immediately not be in pain anymore…we got to the hospital and my mom was there waiting for us…we handed her the dogs and we told her we would let her know what they told us once we were checked and stuff.  we got to L&D and were told that LOTS of ladies were having there baby that day!  We figured that NO babies wanted to be born on Kim K’s bday AND all the babies wanted to be born on the last day that they could be before becoming scorpios 🙂  (my entire pregnancy my whole family just kept saying…I hope he’s born on his due date so that he could be a libra…we don’t want another scorpio (considering both my mom and gma are libras) P.S. last day of libra is October 22nd 🙂
To be Continued…..can’t wait for you guys to hear alllllllllll about the actual delivery part (that was my FAVORITE part) and still makes me tear up thinking about it!  🙂

Happy 2 months Carter!!!

Wow!!! I CAN’T believe this little dude is ALREADY 2 months old (okay, I’m a little behind & he’s 2 months & 2 weeks old) BUT time is literally FLYING by!!!

Here’s a run down of things we did this month!

Weight: I’m POSITIVE he’s 12 lbs now!! When we went to the hospital he was 11 lbs 9 oz soooo I’m sure he’s bigger then 12 lbs now BUT we have his 2 month appt finally next Tuesday so we’ll know for sure then!

Height: all of his pants are getting so short on his I’m POSITIVE he’s 2 feet tall by now 🙂 we shall see next week!

Clothing size: he definitely DOES NOT fit in ANY newborn clothes AT ALL 🙁 AND even now some of his 0-3 are getting too small RIP woody pajamas we loved you while we could wear you :l

Diaper size: at his 2nd month birthday he was still wearing size 1 BUT as of today he is NO longer fitting in size 1 🙁 we had three blowouts today PRETTY sure it had something to do with the fact that I have 30 size 1 diapers that I did NOT want to waste 🙁 and was FORCING his little butt to fit in them! 🙁 anyone know where I can send diapers to babies that need them?

Feeding: he’s a little fatty at night he’s good but during the day he eats every 2-3 hours AND if he takes any nap at all when he wakes up he’s immediately hungry EVEN if he just ate an hour 1/2 ago -.- better during the day then @ night though

Sleep: he’s been doing soooo good @ night! Thank god!! He sleeps about 4-5 hours then he’s up between 4-5 to eat goes back to sleep until 7-8 and them goes back to sleep until 10 (we are night owls in this house can you tell?)

Milestones: he is a smiley baby now! He smiles all the time & “talks” all the time!! He’s able to track people & objects so good now! Oh & he plays play station! 😉

Adventures: wellll @ 6 weeks I told you we went to Disneyland and then we went AGAIN @ 7 weeks!! We also had thanksgiving in the month AND we did LOTS of shopping! OHHHH and we visited my job! 🙂

Thanksgiving 2012


First Trip to Disneyland


Sleeping with his best friend 🙂


loveddddd this shirt and so sad he only got to wear it once :l


“Can you guys believe I’m already 2 months old?”

It’s Okay-LAST ONE OF 2012!!

Helloooo omg! Have I been MIA or what?!? If you would like to see more or get daily pics of Mr Carter Jax then add me on IG! I post lots of pics! (Can’t help it!)

Okay…soooo my New Years resolution is to keep up with blogging AND the husband bought me a BRAND NEW iMac sooooo maybe I can get baby carter to sit at the computer with me sometimes to type up a blog post? Maybe?? Wishful thinking I know! BUT a girl can dream right?

Soooo now onto its okay…

….that I bought my baby lots of books for Christmas (he WILL learn to love to read)

….that I was so sick on Christmas Eve that I thought about staying home and avoiding people (I didn’t end up doing it but I was NOT feeling it) thank goodness I felt 100xs better the next day!

….I was super duper excite for my new computer from the husband! He’s AMAZING!!! Now I just can’t wait for it to get here!!! P.S. does anyone know when it will ship? The website just keeps saying January.

….that I haven’t had a desktop computer in my life since I left my parents house after high school and I’m excited to have a stationary computer zone!

….that Mr Carter is kinda fussy most days but I couldn’t love him more!

….I refuse to take down my Christmas tree until AFTER the new year! It just doesn’t make sense to me to take it down before!

….that I have some stuff to return to the stores but ugh I don’t feel like it

….that I got 4 1/2 hours of uninterrupted sleep the other night and I woke up worried because I couldn’t believe I’d slept so long but yep Mr Carter was sleeping away 🙂

….that Mr Carter reminds me of an old man that falls asleep for short periods of times it makes me laugh so much

….that the day after Christmas always makes me kinda sad :l

….my house is NEVER clean because as soon as Carter falls asleep 101 things run through my head that must be done and I end up doing about 1 of them! :/ I WILL get the hang of this I promise Husband

….it’s cold and I like it

….I’m excited for 2013! I felt like I was pregnant the entire year of 2012 so I’m excited to spend a year not pregnant and soaking up ALL that mr carter has to offer! I swear he’s so cute! 🙂

Sinceeee I haven’t been on here much

MERRY CHRISTMAS blogger friends!!! AND if I forget to write again…HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! 🙂

My New Years resolution starts soon! 🙂

Disneyland :)

While I was still pregnant our old neighbors/friends/new neighbors invited us to eat @ Club 33 in Disneyland…if you don’t know what that is its a kinda exclusive kinda undercover restaurant in Disneyland that you MUST have a membership to in order to eat there! Soooo of course when they invited us we jumped @ it because I mean being the Disney lovers that we are of course we wanted to go! Welllll they got the reservations for December 1st and we were excited! Only thing I wasn’t excited for was leaving baby carter (yes, I have become obsessed with my baby & NO I do not want to leave him With anyone!) soooo thank god our friends said he was welcome to join us and we were ready for baby Carter to spend his first day @ Disneyland 🙂

We had reservations for noon so we of course were running late & around just in time we didn’t even have to take the baby in with us to eat because lucky for us the husbands brother (Carter’s soon to be god father) and his wonderful girlfriend also came with us so they stood in the park with baby carter while he slept & the husband myself & our friends went to eat! Let me say club 33 is AMAZING the steak was delicious and it was pretty cool being somewhere where not a Lot of people are allowed! And it was cool looking out from the balcony! We ate a delicious lunch and spent the rest of the day walking around looking @ the cute Christmas decorations that Disney has to offer! AND it was Carter’s 1st time soooo of course we HAD to get his 1st time pin, his Mickey ears and take a family pic! It was so much fun! We actually didn’t mind having a brand new baby with us at all!

AND I’m so surprised I didn’t know this already BUT Disneyland has a nursery where you can change the baby (on a nice soft changing pad, not in a cold bathroom), nurse a baby, feed a baby in a high chair, they sell baby food, bottled and lots of other stuff you need for a baby it is so cool! And I really can’t believe in ALL of the times I’ve been to Disneyland I had NO idea this place existed! 🙂

We DID end up going back to Disneyland the following Sunday to see the husbands sister perform in a concert it’s called candlelight and its BEAUTIFUL if you’re at Disney during Christmas I definitely recommend it!

p.s. the Baby Bjourn is amazing! I love how easy it is to travel with him and you still have free hands! Loooove it!

And now lots of pics 🙂










Happy 6 Weeks Baby Carter :)

Baby Carter Weights:  I weighed him last week and he was already 10.2 lbs :-O he’s growing so fast!!  BUT I’m pretty sure that this week he’s almost if not 11 lbs by now!
Height: we measured him last night and he was 22 ALMOST 23 inches!
Clothing size: he is wearing newborn sized onesies still BUT all of his newborn outfits are way too small 🙁
Diaper size:  We switched over to ones and the other day I found a couple of newborn diapers to put him in and they were SO small there was NO way they would fit him!  It was hilarious!  So he’s OFFICIALLY in size 1 diapers now!
Feeding:  he’s in a growth spurt right now and eating ALMOST every two hours (terrible for me at night) but he’s a growing guy!
Sleep:  his sleep is still all messed up BUT he’s sleeping for longer periods of times thank god!  I think he’s going through a growth spurt this week, so we’re hoping next week is going to be a little better.
Milestones:  he is OFFICIALLY smiling and I swear I could be dead tired and he’ll smile at me and it makes my heart melt 🙂  I LOVE IT!!!
Adventures:  We definitely went on an adventure this week!!!
(separate post coming soon)

Mommy and Daddy could not get through this week without:  LOTS and LOTS of diapers, we found out that we could return ALL of our pampers and put the money on a gift card at Target!  YAY because we can get huggies for wayyyy cheap using amazon mom!  LOVE!  Hellooooo 230 diapers for $29!  Oh and we could DEFINITELY not do without our giraffe he LOVES LOVES LOVES IT!

Month 1 Necessities!!

I can’t tell you enough how thankful I am for blogging because I was able to find out soooo much stuff that I needed for baby that I had NO idea I needed or wanted!  When I was looking at baby stuff I had NO idea what I needed AT all, I had no idea where to even start!  Sooooooo I thought I’d share with you some of the stuff that has made our last month run a little smoother 🙂

For Baby
Sleep n’ Play pajamas-I don’t think I could possibly have enough of these for all of the time that he spends in them!  I LOVE them, and I didn’t realize that of ALL the clothes we got for his baby shower(s) we only received 1 pack of 2 of these!  I had to buy so many more, which is fine because I found some super cute ones at Target!  I love that they are cool enough for him to sleep in, all those fleece although super cute are just too hot for him AND they are nice enough that I don’t feel like a terrible mom for letting him stay in them all day the next day if we have nothing to do…they’re called sleep n play for a reason!  🙂
Aden & Adain Swaddlers-I had saw these on a couple of different blogs and OMG are they AMAZING!!!  Every single day I tell the husband that I’m so glad we invested in these, when you see the package at $40, it kinda seems dumb for something so thin BUT invest in these, I seriously use them for EVERYTHING!!  He gets swaddled in them, burp clothes, covers for his car seat when we go to stores and I don’t want people looking at him (yes sometimes I’m that mom, it’s flu season I would die if he got sick), I even use them to cover myself when I’m nursing and people are over I LOVE THEM!!  P.S. they’re super soft and come in LOTS of different designs and all are SUPER cute!
Onesies-of course everyone has these, I LOVE the Carter brand ones they’re thick and come in LOTS of different designs PLUS I got all of his on sale at the Carter’s store when everything was 50% off PLUS had an additional coupon for ANOTHER 20% off woot woot!  I also like them because they’re bigger size so I know they’ll fit the little monster a little longer, his nb ones still fit really good.
Huggies Little SnugglersWhen we were in the hospital they gave us Pampers to use, and we got LOTS of Pampers as baby shower gifts, so we were using them first, then I opened up the one package of Huggies that we received and fell IN LOVE with them!  In the back it is something almost like elastic that goes across the babies back it makes it feel like they are soooooo sturdy and really fit the baby!  PLUS of course they have the yellow pee line, and they have winnie the pooh on them which is super cute too.
Boppy with a cute cover-okay, maybe the cute cover is not absolutely necessary BUT it does make it that much better.  I didn’t realize that we would use this pillow so much until we had it.  Actually I didn’t even realized I used it so much until I started thinking about what have been necessities this month AND we use this SO much!  It’s amazing with nursing and now that he’s bigger it’s good for him to use to sit up with or even lay in.  I LOVE it, and I got the CUTEST cover on Etsy from Valerie, she was amazing and everything was completely customizable 🙂
For Mom

Baby Connect-I had searched for an app that would keep track of nursing times, times he slept, pooped, dr appts, etc. I tried the free ones, but I wanted to know averages and stuff and none of those offered that.  UNTIL I read on a blog about this app!  It was kinda expensive I think it was like $5 BUT it’s AMAZING!!  It has been so helpful Really, I will feel like the baby has been asleep for HOURS and then I look at the app and it tells me he’s only been asleep for 30 minutes, AND when you first get home from the hospital TRUST ME your brain will NOT work AT ALL, or at least mine didn’t so it’s really helpful to keep track of everything with this app.  Oh and the other thing good about this app is that you can download it on other devices (like the husbands or even a nannies) and they can keep track of things when they’re watching the baby, I use the husband’s phone when mine dies at night and it makes it so easy!  I LOVE IT!

Starbucks-Okay, Okay soooo MAYBE I was obsessed with this before the baby came BUT I am SUPER obsessed now, whenever Baby Carter & I do go outside to run errands I grab a pumpkin spice, I love them!  AND to be honest I’m not just obsessed with Starbucks in coffee in general and as a new parent you need at least a cup a day, sometimes more when the new baby is confused as to what is day and what is night like baby Carter sometimes is.  P.S. if you go to Starbucks as much as me, MAKE sure you join the rewards club, FREE drink every 12 drinks you buy PLUS free drink for your bday AND you can pay for your coffee via your phone, NO need to carry a wallet!  LOVE!!

iPhoneOF course I need my phone to use the app, BUT mostly I use my phone to take RIDICULOUS amounts of pictures of the baby (I’ve already had to go through it a couple of times and delete stuff I don’t need to make room for more pictures, I NEED A 64), I mean really I’ve tried using the camera BUT it’s such a hassle and it’s so much easier to keep your phone on you, PLUS when you take pictures with a camera it’s way harder to share your pictures on IG and really that’s my favorite pass time right now LOVE IG (if you don’t follow me, make sure you do OVER THERE ——–>)

Nursing Bra-ugh when I first had the baby I had ONE nursing bra/shirt and I soon realized that I couldn’t wear this EVERY day.  So we went out and bought some more, BUT it was amazing as to how much you need these, I seriously thought at one point I didn’t need any (man was I wrong).  I tried wearing a regular bra the other day because all my nursing ones were dirty (being lazy and not washing) and it was SOOOO uncomfortable!  P.S. you’ll need a couple I was surprised at how dirty they get, YOU WILL LEAK!

Nursing PadsLike I just said, you will leak, I didn’t think it would happen that much BUT nope, it does and the first time it happened I couldn’t stop laughing because out of no where my whole shirt was SOAKED!!  I tried a couple of different nursing pads, most were samples I’ve gotten when we registered for the baby, and I tried the reusable ones BUT I love these Tommee Tippee ones!!  They’re really absorbant and I tried the J&J ones and they leave cotton behind which gets in the babies mouth YUCK!

Water BottleWhen you are nursing you are supposed to drink RIDICULOUS amounts of water, well I make sure to drink at least 1/2 to 1 whole bottle of water after each nursing session because I don’t want to get dehydrated, and after a long nursing session I seriously feel like I just ran a mile I’m so thirsty!  I got a set of contigo water bottles for less then $20 at Costco and they work amazing you can use it with one hand so you can drink while nursing.

Happy 5 Weeks Baby Carter

Okay, so not toooooo bad ONLY two days behind this week!  :l

Baby Carter Weights:  I weighed him last week and he was already 10 lbs!!!
Height: I think he’s gotten bigger BUT I’m not positive
Clothing size: He has been wearing more and more 0-3 clothes ACTUALLY the other day I put him in his newborn pants and they were soooo short 🙁  BUT all his newborn onesies still fit wayyyy better then his 0-3 ones.
Diaper size:  We finally stopped buying newborn ONLY because we have so many size 1’s already AND has anyone else noticed that size NB are MORE expensive then 1’s??  Does that even make sense??  ehhh whateva he’s in 1’s but they’re still HUGE!
Feeding:  He’s still eating like a champ!  I swear sometimes he won’t eat for TWO hours and he is STARVING I mean last night he made himself choke because he was chugging so fast!  Can we say dramatic?  🙂
Sleep:  Ummm it’s a work in progress…we’re still working on a schedule, somedays are definitely better then others!   Last night slept from 1-6:15 straight OVER 5 hours straight!  I’ll take that EVERY night please 😀
Milestones:  he can hold his head really good now.  He lovessssss to lay on his boppy and pick up his head, and kick his feet!  He is cooing and grunting lots too…AND he stays awake for longer periods of times just hanging out…those are my favorite times 😀
Adventures:  he turned 1 month old, he celebrated his FIRST thanksgiving, he got to see LOTS of family that hadn’t met him yet (like his great great grandma) OH and he asked his godparents if they would be his godparents 🙂
Mommy and Daddy could not get through this week without:  LOTS and LOTS of diapers and wipes HE pooped on me for the first time this week!  HOW does that even happen!?!  He also pees on me or the husband AT least once a week if not more this week, it’s been twice YAY us!  PLUS his Boppy I don’t think I’ve mentioned this before but we LOVE it!

Happy 4 Weeks Baby Carter :)

I did write this WHOLE post when it was supposed to be written BUT then I didn’t like the way that it was formatted so I never posted it soooo here is it!  🙂 JUST a little over a week late NBD 😀

Baby Carter Weights:  I’m thinking around 9 lbs for sure!  He’s getting so heavy!!
Height: I think he’s the same he was 21 inches
Clothing size: He still fits in a lot of his newborn clothes BUT since he only has a couple of NB outfits I have been putting him in some 0-3 and most of them are HUGE but we make due
Diaper size:  He’s still in newborn once in a while we’ll put him in size 1 BUT they’re so big so we went out and bought some more NB
Feeding:  He’s eating good!  🙂  NOT too sure how much BUT he is definitely waking up every 3-4 hours at night :l
Sleep:  Ugh his sleep is ALL messed up!!  It’s terrible!  One night he’ll sleep really good and only wake up once at night and then the next night he’ll decide that he wants to wake up at 2/3 and stay up until 6/7 it’s terrible!  I’m HOPING that it was just a phase and we will outgrow it ASAP!
Milestones:  he has better and better head control i love it!!  PLUS he’s smiling more, not completely on purpose BUT I don’t care I LOVE it!!  It brightens his whole face and makes me fall EVEN more in love with him…i didn’t even know that was possible!!
Adventures:  this week it was raining so we didn’t do much at ALL!!  We did however take our first big boy bath and this dude LOVED it!!  I’ll make sure to post some pics asap 🙂
Mommy and Daddy could not get through this week without:  still swaddlers even though we use them for a lot less swaddling and a lot more comfort.  PLUS we LOVE our pack n play, the owls are his favorite!  🙂  AND LOTS AND LOTS of diapers!!  I LOVE LOVE LOVE huggies little snugglers 🙂  i’m so sad because we got SOOOOOO many pampers at our baby shower but I LOVEEEEEEE the huggies ones…can’t be ungrateful though right?  Pampers were free!  I’ll learn to love them!
“King Of The Crib”
“I’m mad!  I lost all my hair!”
sleepy smiles 😀

OMG! Baby Carter is ONE month OLD!

where did the MONTH go?!?!

I can’t even believe that I have spent a whole month without a BIG belly and instead have been taking care of a handsome little boy!

I’m going to share with you some of my FAVORITE pictures from this month that has literally FLOWN by!!!

I’m so thankful for this little dude, he’s literally amazing!  EVEN when he’s super fussy I just can’t get enough of him….I didn’t know it was possible but I really love him more and more each and every single day 🙂

outfit home from the hospital 🙂
soooo tiny in his car seat
looooove a naked baby 🙂
his face has already changed so much 🙁
grouchy butt!
“get outta my face!”
we were sleepyyyyyy
thanksgiving day shopping 🙂
just hanging out
i dont think he liked the beanie
don’t mind my nursing bra :l

just in looking at these pictures I can’t believe how much he has changed in a month!  He’s grown so much!  and has already gotten such a personality!  I can’t wait to see what else god has in store for us!

A love story-and then we were friends


So the future (at the time I had NO idea this would ever happen) husband and my best friend at the time had hooked up, I mean they weren’t officially dating or anything but they were definitely talking on the phone and stuff because I would hear allllllllll about it.  P.S. by now I had the HUGEST crush on TFH but since I had JUST broken up with my boyfriend at the time I could NOT tell anyone!  I mean then they would think I broke up with my Ex to be with TFH (heck maybe that is why I broke up with him IDK) but none of that mattered now, because he was now dating my best friend and there was no chance in me and him ummm ever **insert extremely sad face**  I went on with my senior year of high school without really hearing from him too much just through the grapevine from my friend when him and her would talk, AND then it was almost summer again and it was time for us to work together again!  We had the best summer working together and of course hung out randomly and especially at work…took our breaks together to do random shit like go to toys r us and find toys that we could buy to play with while at work…go look at RV’s at the RV store, etc.  I still hoped to work with him every single day, but we were just friends.

FAST forward to the end of summer and I was off to college, he came up to Fresno (where I went to school) to visit we got RIDICULOUSLY drunk hung out and had the best time, when I would come home we would always plan a trip to have breakfast and then we would hang out go to a party or just hang out playing drinking games, we had become really really good friends.  Nothing more, even if I had hoped for it.

Our friendship continued this way plus I either ALWAYS had a boyfriend OR he ALWAYS had a girlfriend and we never stepped outside the “friend zone.”

This was until 2008….

A love story-and then we met :)

Soooooooo if anyone has ever been to a job interview with the county of state you know that it takes foreverrrrrrrrrrrrr to get hired and it’s usually a really really long process, so it was November 2011 and I was applying for a job with the county park!  I had an interview at a park by my house and they said we would take a test and then if we passed interview that same day.  They told us that we should prepare to be there for a couple of hours at least.  SO I went and took my test, once you were finished with your test you were to sit around and wait until they scored all the tests to tell you rather or not you would interview so while I did that I sat around and OF course being the 16 year old girl that I was PLUS I was bored, I began to look around for any potential cute guys….at first glance all I saw was a bunch of old dudes, or girls no one that looked cool (really) BUT then I spotted this one cute dude…he was all the way across the courtyard BUT I could tell he was cute I mean he had EXTRA baggy pants and in 2001 those were the BEST kind!  I could tell they came from Anchor Blue (is that place even around anymore?  or have they all turned into tillys?)  He was cute, and I was admiring him from a far while I waited Hey gave me something to look at while I was bored right?  AND then the cute dude had a visitor, you would thinkkkkkkkk I was going to say a girlfriend or something right?  NOPE this dude has his MOM there with him…so instantly I chuckled to myself laughing that this dude brought his mom with him to the interview (still makes me laugh a little bit) BUT not only was he with his mom BUT his mom also had a little girl with her!  thought to myself MUST be his little sister, and that made me laugh even more!


Fast forward to March/April 2002 (told you it took a long time to get hired) and I went to an interview at a park and to my surprise I got the job!  I was so excited my first job!  AND it was at a pretty good place getting paid pretty good!  So I was to attend orientation in a couple of weeks.

Orientation came and I went in to the orientation and they put me in a room to wait for orientation to start, and who happens to be in the room ALSO at orientation??  The dude I had saw MONTHS ago at the interview, with his MOM!  😀  I sat down and started trying to make conversation with him (I mean, I DID still think he was cute) I asked him all the basic questions,

What school do you go to?  Pioneer?  Where’s that?  Whittier?  That’s FAR!

how old are you?  17?  Oh so you’re a junior too?  Sophomore?  huh?  when’s your bday?  march?  I don’t get it…ohhhh you took 3rd grade twice?!  (insert trying not to laugh TOO hard at cute boy)

Do you play sports?  How’d you get the job here? etc. you know just being as noisy as possible.

We went through orientation that day and we became friends!  That entire summer we were good friends, we worked together and had the BEST SUMMER ever!  I mean if you’re a teenager and you get paid to hang out with a whole bunch of other kids your age you’re more then likely gonna love it!  I mean we got paid to hang out inside a booth charge entrance and then hang out inside the air conditioning for hours on end!  We talked and talked made fun of each other, etc.  WE even played frisbee hit a car on accident and got yelled at by the owner of the car for MESSING up his car, really dude?  OUR frisbee is three inches long, I doubt it’s gonna mess up your HUGE truck!  I even gave him rides home a couple of times, since he lived in whittier oh and his parents picked him up I would offer to take him home, I mean since I had a car and all!  He hung out with me and my friends we went to the mall, spent days doing teenage things which one day included picking a friend up from the airport with 6 people in the van just so EVERYONE could be there for the arrival of our friend!  Went out to eat, etc.  we had really became pretty good friends!  AND secretly I wished I worked with him EVERYDAY 🙂  I didn’t BUT I sure wished he would be the one to break me, or be the one to be at my station that day THOSE WERE MY FAVORITE days 🙂

Since we worked at a park we only worked during the summer months and once summer was over I didn’t see much of him…but I went back to school and so did he OH AND BY THIS TIME my FUTURE husband had started hooking up with MY BEST FRIEND!

Birth Announcement

I was going back and forth trying to decide if I even wanted to order Announcements BUT I couldn’t help it!  I want to share with everyone how ADORABLE baby Carter is 🙂  RIDICULOUS I know!  BUT still these came out AMAZING (well at least they look good on the computer) I had a $20 gift card from Target from when we registered for our baby showers, AND then all the cards were 40% off!!  WOOT WOOT so if you spend $30 you get FREE shipping!  If you’ve been here a while you KNOW that I LOVE a good deal!  SOOOOOO that means I paid less then a DOLLAR for each card and the reviews all say they are GREAT quality and printed amazing!  I can’t wait to get them…IF they do come out good I know where I am getting our Christmas Cards printed 🙂