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Meltdowns don’t always come from the baby

I’m positive any SAHM has the day where they just feel like NOTHING can go right…where you have a MILLION + 1 things to get done & can’t seem to get 1 done?

This was especially true when carter was a itty bitty baby.  I would wonder how those moms keep their houses spotless, make a six course dinner, cookies for snack, and manage to have lunch with friends!?  Huh?  Where do you find the time??
Guess what I managed to do today?  A bunch of errands & a couple of loads of laundry!  Oh and I just realized that YES I filled the dishwasher but I DID NOT start it -.- and to think I was about to pat myself on the back!
I have noticed that the older carter has gotten the less things I get to do that I like, I don’t craft, because I can’t because carter will grab anything I’m working with since we don’t have a “craft table or room” I don’t get to sew because of the same.  I always wonder what it’s like when people say “pop in a movie and enjoy some free time.” Carter is probably the only kid in the planet that does NOT like TV!  I can get him to sit to watch a show Long enough for me to get into the shows & when I’m out he’s usually getting into something not watching TV anymore.
The last couple of days Carter will NOT take a nap or go to sleep at night without CRYING for approx 1 hour!  -.- and he’s in bed with me!  If I put him in the crib it’s screaming bloody murder until I can’t take it anymore and I go get him.  I have no idea what’s up with him, but I can tell you I am one tired mama.  Mix that on top of me realizing that I haven’t had the time or energy to do any of the “me stuff” I used to enjoy so much.  It’s been a pretty bad couple of days.  I love to blog seriously.  I love when I can go back and look at exactly where I was at that exact moment & exactly what was going through my head!  PLUS I love connecting with my bloggy friends.
But where do I find the time?  I got my laptop out yesterday to work on Carter’s 10 month post & he was standing on his tippy toes trying his hardest to touch ANY button he could!  It was hilarious BUT I had to put it away.
I’m sure you’re gonna say “do fun things while its nap time” suuuuuure if carter would nap longer then 30 minutes after it took me 45 to get him to sleep :l
I’m sure it probably sounds like I’m moaning and complaining about being a stay at home mom and that is NO where near my point AT ALL!  I am beyond grateful to be with Carter all day every day but 10 months later I’m still trying to find a balance, and I often find myself asking, will I ever?
I really hope so, I’m hoping the older Carter gets the more he will entertain himself & I’m hoping one day he’ll be on a steady schedule of napping I mean a solid 2 hour nap every single day would be the most amazing thing ever!  🙂
Wow!  Did that even make any sense at all?  Probably not, but ill leave you with this 🙂
I mean how can he possibly be getting this big?  And you know what?  Even though I have no time for me stuff, taking care of this dude makes it all worth it.



Well most days…
I really miss blogging.
I love that I can go back to a blog post & see exactly what I was feeling at that exact moment.
It’s been so tough to get back into blogging after Mr Carter has arrived.  I feel like my days revolve around him, and when he’s asleep I have a todo list of one thousand and one things to get done & I usually get one done before he’s up again.

So many things have happened in such a short amount of time that i want so badly to blog about…

the annual family trip came & went and yes I almost killed a couple of people.
My birthday came and went & it was amazing the husband really made it special.  Which reminds me I never even blogged about my amazing Mother’s Day the husband has really stepped up his game.
I know that EVERY TIME I blog now it’s always me saying “I want to blog more” and I do!  I want to get into a routine of blogging & making it a point to do it because really I do love it.
But I still don’t know where the blogging moms get the time.?  They must have more hours in their day or be better at time management or something because I can’t find time (damn candy crush is probably taking the little time I do have) -.-
BUT can anyone else believe that summer is almost over?  & mr carter will be a whole year old in LESS then 3 months?!  To say I’m behind on planning his party is an understatement!
BUT to my defense I DID just plan an entire vacation for 30+ people AND have been tutoring & running carter to a couple different baby classes.
At 9.5 months old mr carter has officially gotten his first sickness -.- and to think I thought he was going to be a wonder child & never get sick oh boy was I wrong.
He had a fever for 3 days so I took him into the drs where they did blood work & X-rays 🙁  it was terrible & usually for all the bad stuff like shots the husband is there to take over so I don’t break down crying but not yesterday, yesterday I had to do it all on my own :(( it was heartbreaking literally called the husband twice while we were at the dr for four hours crying (I’m a sissy, I know) but literally I can not see my baby hurting it makes my heart ache & the worst kind of ache too.  It’s terrible & it really makes my heart ache more for those parents that’s child are dealing with sicknesses on a daily basis it’s such a terrible feeling in the pit of your stomach I could not imagine feeling it every day.
It reminded me of when we were admitted to the hospital with carter & there were babies that didn’t get to go home for Christmas, so heartbreaking.
Okay, enough with the sadness.  Thankfully the doctors have hopefully figured out what’s wrong with my baby and YAY today is the first day in two days that he hasn’t had a crying fit so to me that’s an amazing day 🙂
P.S. happy Wednesday friends and I’m going to add to my permanent “To Do” list – Blog!

Cara Box Reveal!!

OMG!!  I am probably the WORST blogger in history of umm EVER!

I NEVER blog anymore, I have Carter’s 7 month blog all typed up and still have yet to click publish!  Terrible I KNOW!!!  -,-

BUT I joined in on a Cara Box this month and it was so MUCH fun!  I sent to an awesome girl, and I got sent a box by Wendy over at Effie Girl!  😀

She was beyond sweet and sent a SUPER awesome box!!!  The theme was Carnival so everything should have went along the lines of that 🙂

EVERY single thing she sent me was decorated with a custom sticker with her own logo, fun right?
Cotton Candy, Popcorn, and of course a delicious lollipop 😀
Some farm animals, you know the fair has animals those are going to be attacked my Mr. Carter I know it.  An Elvis DVD that is titled “It happend at the world’s fair!”  and a custom t-shirt to wear around the house!?
A Coca-Cola cup that the husband has already taken over!  AND a pair of oversized sunglasses 🙂
Some awesome notes, to Carter, the puppies and myself.
and she did NOT forget to include Baby Carter with this cute Monkey 🙂
and she read my blog and saw that I have three dogs and a cat and made sure to send them things in my box too!  How cute right? By the way, I found very reviews on cute outdoor shelter & house for cat & dog. 
although I was super behind doing the Cara Box was so much fun!  I am for sure going to do it again, I so NEED to get back into blogging, I totally feel like my life is flashing before me.  Time needs to slow it’s role.  Did you realize Baby Carter is going to be ONE in like ummmm 3.5 months!?!  HOW?!!?  Ugh Operation Carter’s 1st Birthday is already in full effect!
P.S. I knowwwww I don’t blog as much as I wish I did, but follow us on IG we are there LOTS & LOTS @jayelthirteen 🙂


You know when I was younger I would judge the passing of time by how close it was until a break from school, as soon as you started school you automatically start counting the days until your first day off!  Usually wasn’t too long before Labor Day or at least thanksgiving because it was a FOUR day weekend!  But there wasn’t something to tell me how fast time was going by, and really when I was young it took FOREVER for summer break to come again…am I right?

Now that I have Carter time has seriously gone so fast!  I KNOW I KNOW EVERYONE complains how fast time goes by once they have a kid really is true!  Ask anyone with a kid!  One of the first things you’ll hear is “Enjoy it!  It goes faster then you know!” I could not even begin to tell you how fast these last 8 months have flown by!  Literally!  Like what?!  8 months!  ;( I mean I’m not complaining carter is so much fun!  He’s crawling!  Laughing!  Getting into EVERYTHING!  And so alert and so much fun!  But as I sit here typing this I can’t help but be sad thinking that I will NEVER in my whole life or his life be able to hold that little tiny baby again!
I was at my grandmas house today & I was watching Carter in his walker and I said “man, I can’t believe how fast 8 months has gone by” and she said “I know.” Then I asked her “can you still picture my dad like that?  A little baby?  Can you believe that was almost 50 years ago?” Her & my eyes welted up thinking about it and then I said “I can’t even imagine when Carter’s a grandpa.” Both of us in tears, and I totally didnt mean to make us cry but just as I am sitting typing with tears in my eyes I can’t help but get sentimental thinking about time.  And just how fast it goes by.  I mean one day!  WAY WAY WAYYYYY down the road I will be a Great Grandma and I’m going to still be complaining about how fast time is flying by.
And I will be constantly reminding myself to enjoy my time!  Enjoy every moment I have on this earth because time is too precious to waste!

OMG!! Baby Carter is 8 months old!

Again, so late!  I know I’m so behind it’s ridiculous, how do all these bloggers keep up with their blog and their kids?  My kid keeps me super busy!  BUT Carter is well on his way to 9 months I can’t believe how fast it’s gone!

Weight:  Last time I weighed him he was about 17 lbs, I really have no idea how people keep up with it all the time.

Height:  I think I measured him that he was about 26″ I think shoot I’m terrible at keeping track of these things, I can never remember.

Clothing Size:  In clothes that actually run true to size like Carter’s & Osh Kosh he’s in 9 months.  Everywhere else, like gap, old navy he’s in 6-12 in tops and 3-6 in bottoms 🙂  He’s a skinny little guy 😀

Diaper Size:  Still size 3’s 🙂

Feeding:  He eats 2 mostly 3 meals a day now plus lots of puff snacks and fruit, and still BF every couple of hours.  He’s a chubby baby in a skinny baby’s body

Sleep:  same, great some nights awful other nights.

Milestones:  This month was a HUGE one, Carter’s two bottom teeth popped out AND he officially started crawling and not just scooting!

Adventures:  No idea this was months ago 🙁 I also decided to buy an outdoor advanture playhouse after reading a review at


In these short (feels like a worldwind) six months my life literally has CHANGED a million and ONE ways!  I didn’t think that my life would be as different as it is.  I thought obviously were gonna be staying home more now, and won’t be going to the movies for a while. Obvious things.  BUT never in my life would I imagine having an entire different outlook on life like I do.  There is NOT one day that goes by that I don’t think about the world as a whole and ask myself daily what kind of world did I bring my child into?  Actually I also ask myself every single day ummm how do those 16 year olds do this?  Seriously?  It’s tough & nerve racking you’re constantly asking yourself is this the way I’m supposed to do things?  Because I don’t know the RIGHT way just know the way I think is best right?

My best friend from college sent me this article today and it seriously hit so close to home.  I like I’m sure most parents get frustrated that I can’t clean the house, or I can finish doing anything before carter wakes up from his nap, because really as soon as he falls asleep I have a MILLION and one things that need to be done and guess what gets done?  One thing.  I eat lunch. Hahaha but you know what?!  I really wouldn’t change it.  The article literally took the words out of my brain and put them onto paper.  In the moments I start to feel overwhelmed I look at my baby and I can’t believe that he’s mine.  He smiles and the dishes, the laundry it all doesn’t matter because right now all I care about is him.

There is no day that I could be more thankful for the husband and his hardwork that allows me to be home with Carter all day every single day.  Although MOST days I’m overwhelmed with housework that NEEDS to be done.  I know that these last few months that I have been able to stay home with Carter are ones that I will ALWAYS treasure and for that I am beyond grateful, to the husband, to god for giving me these amazing blessings.  Couldn’t be MORE grateful 🙂

OMG!! Baby Carter is 1/2 a year old!!

YES!!  I know I’m wayyyy late,  Carter will already be 7 months a week from yesterday! BUT here it is anyway 🙂

Weight: still 15 lbs but we go to the doctor this week, to get an actual measurement considering I just stand on the scale and then pick him up and stand on it again to measure his weight 🙂  doubt it exact.

Height:  I think he’s about 25 inches we shall see very soon.

Clothing Size:  He’s all over the place, in pajamas and stuff he’s in 6, 6-12 or even 12m, in clothes he can still fit some 3-6 and 12m shirts, either he’s a weird size OR all these clothing companies need to get their ish together and get the sizing right.

Diaper Size:  still in 3’s and doesn’t seem like he’s going to be out of them for a while.

Feeding:  This month he started eating REAL food, well baby food!  I think we were more excited then him, actually I’m positive we were, at first he was confused but NOW he LOVES it!  Cries for more, it’s so cute!  He’s still BF too, which is great!  Can’t believe how fast he’s growing seriously!

Sleep:  Ummm that depends on the night, some nights he sleeps GREAT!  only waking up once at like 6 am to eat, some nights not so much.  so we’ll say it’s inconsistent.

Milestones:  He started scooting along this month.  He can ALMOST crawl!  He gets up on all fours and bounces and he’ll move his hands forward and feet forward just can’t figure out how to move them all at the same time.  I think it’s just gonna be a couple more weeks and he’ll have it down.  He also started sitting up pretty steady this month.  I love that we can sit him places now.  I feel like he’s grown so much this month, it’s amazing because I remember asking people like when do babies crawl?  when do babies start eating?  When do they sit up good?  and it was always 6 months and now that we’re here it’s crazy that he is reaching all these milestones at once!  He also babbles a lot now, he says Mommmmmmmmm and i love it!  (guess we still can’t call it his first word?  but it’s the only “word” he says)  😉

Adventures:  We had his baptism.  He celebrated his first Easter.  We definitely did MORE but I can’t remember it all 🙂

Mommy & Daddy could NOT get through this month without:  Our sweet baby boy.  I don’t know how it’s at all possible, but I swear we fall MORE and MORE in love with this little boy every single day!  He’s amazing.  We also couldn’t have gotten through the last month without our A&A swaddlers STILL yes he lovesssss to be swaddled, our chuppies, our spoons 🙂 bibs, cheap accent chairs and sophie!

To commemorate, I just bought a pack and play mattress to keep my baby safe while playing without me ^^













Breast Feeding

this is a post that i’ve been meaning to write forever.  BUT now that Carter is (almost) 6 months old I finally have time to write it.

When I first decided to BF it was because I had read that BF helped GREATLY with a babies immune system.  I knew that Carter would be pretty tiny when winter came around so I wanted to do anything in my power to make sure he didn’t catch anything.  I mean that AND I didn’t want to have to BUY formula.

Pretty much NO one in my family had ever breast fed for longer then a month or two, even going back to my gma.  SO I really didn’t have anyone to ask for advice.  When I started I had said that I wanted to Exclusively pump (kinda) one of my cousins was doing this and it seemed so easy!  I mean you just give the baby a bottle 🙂  (oh how wrong I was).  Soooooo when Carter was born and he didn’t latch I thought No Big Deal, he’ll learn eventually right?

Wellllll, that was until we were in the hospital and the only time that Carter would latch was when a nurse or LC would help us.  other then that he would just scream and scream and scream.  When we got out of the hospital all he did was scream his head off when I tried to get him to eat, put this on top of he fact that we had company that HAD to see us as soon as we got home from the hospital, (to say I was stressed was an understatement).  I just could not understand why he would not latch on.  He would latch and then unlatch and then be done with it, so naturally I started thinking he was getting enough right? I mean he doesn’t want it.  Oh AND Carter would sleep for hours and hours and I would try to get him to wake up and he wouldn’t, doctor said take his clothes off pamper off everything and there was my baby soundly sleeping.  I figured we were going back to the doctors in a couple of days so we would be fine.  ON top of that my milk hadn’t come in yet.  SO we go back to the doctor when Carter was 3 days old AND they weigh him and he was down to 7 lbs 1 oz…down from 7 lbs 11 oz from birth!  I was devastated I knew for sure now that I was starving him 🙁  Never in my life did I feel so helpless.

I had an appointment right after with the LC and she was trying to get him to latch and then she asked me a question, to be honest she could have asked me what Carter’s name was but I broke down crying.  I just told her everything and that I felt like I was starving my baby, what made me feel worse was that there were other moms in there and they seemed to be BF just fine, milk was spilling all over them and their babies.  She explained to me that some peoples milk takes longer to come in and that I was doing everything right, BUT we would have to supplement with formula until my breastmilk came in because Carter was hungry and he wasn’t able to suck hard enough to pull the colostrum (spelling, I have no idea) out and make my milk come in BUT she told me NOT to feed him MORE then ONE oz.  Seemed like such a little bit BUT she explained that if I fed him the whole two ounces that the bottle was, there was no way that my milk supply would catch up to his needs from formula..she also told me to get a pump and start pumping every single two hours until my milk came in and to go back and see her in 2 days.

well thankfully we ONLY had to supplement Carter that one day, and my milk came in that next morning thankfully.  I tried to get Carter to latch and NOTHING.  I kept pumping AND two days later I was still pumping and he would still not latch.  That was until we went to the LC again, and low and behold Carter could latch on!  0.0  sure he could latch when we were in company of a professional!  I was ecstatic!  Couldn’t believe he FINALLY latched (I know that I said only 3 days) but when you are pumping every two hours and ON top of those 15 minutes at a pump you then have to feed the baby a bottle it’s hard!  So I felt good, HOOORAY Carter was ready to BF normal.  Got home and NOTHING!  Still wouldn’t latch -.- trickster!!!

Kept pumping and feeding for about a week or two and then I made another appt with the LC and when I got there I explained my problem, and then she gave me a MAGICALLY tool!!!  A nipple shield!  I swear if it wasn’t for that thing I would NEVER have been able to get Carter to latch I’m positive of that!  but with that little thing attached he would latch perfect!  NEVER have I ever felt so accomplished in my life!!  we used the shield for about 3 weeks and then one day I forgot it and tried without it and Carter was perfectly fine latching without it.  It was amazing!

AND now ALMOST 6 months later Carter is still completely EBF 🙂

Soooo any of you ladies BF or planning on BF it is hard man it is true probably one of the most frustrating things you will ever do in your entire life (in the beginning) BUT after those first 6-8 weeks it is the MOST amazing thing EVER!

this tiny squishy baby <3

OMG!! Baby Carter is FIVE months old!!



Clothing Size:  he is MOSTLY in 3-6 month clothes, he can still fit into his 3 month onesies, and they fit PERFECT I’m thinking that within the next couple of weeks they won’t fit anymore, but right now his 6 month ones just fit so big.  AND all of his t-shirts, like the stretchy material ones are 6 months, idk he just doesn’t fit into the smaller ones.  AND his shoes he’s in size 2 still, but I always buy at least size 3 or even 4 because I get so nervous that he’ll just grow overnight and then he won’t get to wear them at all.

Diaper Size:  welllllll he SHOULD be in size 2 still, because that is what fits him BUT I order his diapers on amazon and since we order by the hundreds, I was so worried that he’d outgrow his size 2 diapers before we got to use them all, so I ordered size 3…now I’m thinking I messed up and should have just stuck with the 2’s because the 3’s don’t fit his waist at all….what to do what to do…still haven’t figured it out…BUT he’ll probably just be in size 3 FOREVER since we put him in them so early.

Feeding:  He is still EBF BUT at six months we are going to start giving him food….is it bad that I seriously CAN NOT wait!!  I can’t wait to see how he reacts to food…and to not be the only one to feed him….soooo by next month update he should have already tasted his first food, and I’ll be SURE to post lots and lots of pictures 🙂  (i’m sure you would love that right?)

Sleep:  hmmmm well for the MOST part his sleep is good, BUT my poor little dude is teething because he’ll randomly wake up at night screaming his head off!    If we stick some orajel in his mouth his is instantly fine, and goes right back to sleep…my poor baby 🙁  I hope those teeth pop out SOON!

Milestones:  He can sit up for a couple of seconds now, maybe 30 and then he’ll throw himself over to the side.  he also can get around anywhere on our floor, he’ll figure a way to get there by turning and spinning and rolling, it’s so funny!  He knows his  name now and will turn when someone calls him 🙂  he gets distracted when eating, so if someone’s talking he’ll turn his head like they’re talking to him (funny but kinda annoying when I’m trying to feed him discreetly).  he laughs at all kinds of stuff now, makes things so much funnier then they are because he’s busting up laughing.

Adventures:  this month carter helped his dad celebrate his bday 🙂

Mommy & Daddy could NOT get through this month without:  Baby Carter, we seriously can’t get enough of his bald head.  Oh and our swaddle blankets (still) all of our cute clothes AND The Black Keys!  Carter loves loves loves them 😀

I know that I have heard people say over and over again, BUT it truly does get better & better every single day!  Right now he learns so much!!!  He can copy lots of things we do.  and he pays so much attention to us!  I never in a million years thought that motherhood would be THIS amazing!  He really brings so much joy to us, and I can’t believe that he’s been here for ALMOST 1/2 year!!!

my little bald headed baby is getting more hair, and it’s even more funny that it grows funny so it looks like he constantly has bed head 🙂  I PROMISE I brushed it before these pics!

is march really 1/2 way over already?

I KNOW that everyone told me that once I had Carter time would ZOOOM by and boy oh boy were they completely  RIGHT!! I mean I have NEVER EVER had an ALMOST five month period go as fast as it has FLOWN by right now.  LITERALLY!  I’m still in disbelief!

I just looked at my sad lonely blog and saw that the last day that I wrote was when Carter turned 4 months old and low and behold he’s ALMOST 5 months (next week).  I miss you blog.  I miss writing.  Even if it was about ABSOLUTELY NOTHING at all.
It’s Okay Thursdays!
Friday letters?
and I greatly want to tell you all about the baby products that I’m currently OBSESSED with.  I mean there are lots and THOSE were (I mean ARE) my FAVORITE posts to read!  I love seeing all the cool stuff out there, because MOST times I have no idea, what to get for Carter and either buy something OR read or saw somewhere something cool.
Like, for instance, has anyone heard of Mini & Maximus?  I hadn’t!  and I’m currently OBSESSED with
I mean is this shirt NOT the cutest thing ummm EVER?  It reminds me of the husband!  Maybe it’s the beard?  Or the glasses?  IDK but it does and I WANT IT!  BUT @ a cool $24 plus shipping, I’m NOT positive baby Carter is going to be rocking it, ummm any time soon.

Is it me, or do all moms have a million and Ummm 1 things to do on their to do list and DAILY get done about ummm 1.  leaving the million for tomorrow.  Ya, me either.

I want a NEW blog layout desperately, I want something so simple and clean…but don’t have the time to do it, and I don’t really have the funds to pay a million and one dollars for a new layout either, for this hobby of mine.  Who wants to make my blog completely white for me?

P.S. I wish I wouldn’t have wanted to want to change childrens lives when I was young and decided to do something cool in college instead like graphic design…it’s so much cooler, and when I’m using AI I feel like a badass!  I LOVE THAT program so much!

This weekend is St. Patricks day!!  Hip Hip Hooray!  Maybe, I’ll actually drink a green beer this year!  Last year we went to a bar (because I was like ummm 6 weeks pregnant) and I was tricking everyone into making it seem like I was drinking because I carried around green dye and was dying my water 🙂  I can’t help it I LOVE green colored anything for St. Patty’s Day it’s just SO MUCH FUN!!  And every single year for St Pats day the husband and I dye our drinks.  I mean it’s just more fun to drink a beer if it’s green!

P.S. can I give Carter a bottle on Sunday and dye it green because it would be funny?  Probably wouldn’t be good to give a 5 month old food coloring ha?  Something to ask Mr. Google.

I love Kohls.  that is all, it’s literally my favorite store.

Oh and my name is Jade and I’m a little tiny bit addicted to shopping on IG.  first step to admitting you have a problem is to admit it.  I know.  I’m addicted.

Please, tell me this is not the most random post ever?  No, okay cool.

March 13th, 2012

so last year on this exact day I wrote this post.  Well at the time I was just a few weeks pregnant, hadn’t told ANYONE yet!

And in the beginning of my pregnancy I was (might be TMI) but spotting, I thought at first I was having a miscarriage.  It was terrifying.  Literally.  I prayed every single day that god would not take away the gift that he had given us, and that me and the husband wanted so desperately.

the gift that I had prayed for every single week in church.  I longed to have a baby.  longed to be a mother, and every day that I was having problems I was so scared that it would be taken away from me in an instant.

while I was at work I started spotting more then normal, and had a meltdown.  so i had to tell my NEW boss (I literally found out I was pregnant ONE day after I started my job) that I thought I was having a miscarriage, and didn’t have insurance.  It was literally the worst day of my life, I was so scared.  Shaking I headed to a woman’s clinic and they told me that there was nothing they could do because being that early in your pregnancy you can’t do anything…if you are going to have a miscarriage, there is nothing we can do about it.  (never felt so helpless in my life) but they told me to come back in two weeks to meet with a real doctor and to go to the hospital if the spotting got worse and was gushing.

I went to check out prenatal pills in tow, and they said okay, your appt is in two weeks on March 13th 🙂  Right away I got a good feeling, because I knew that, that was my gpa’s bday and he would be watching out for us that day!

I still had spotting but, I continued to pray that god keep this child inside me safe.  Besides during my grandpa’s time in the hospital, I don’t think that I have EVER prayed so much in my whole life.

March 13th came, and I went to my appt. they had told me it would just be a routine exam and it was at 2 pm, so I didn’t bring the husband with me, but when I go there the doctor, (I guess he could feel my nervousness) said, well if you want, you can come to my office later today and get an ultrasound to see what’s actually going on with the baby, if we see a heartbeat then you’re good, if not well we’ll talk about that if we need to.  then he said, only if you want.

I didn’t even have to think about it.  I immediately told him YES!  And scheduled an appt with him.  I left the doctors and went back to work.  I think my appt was like 2 hours later, and literally the entire two hours I looked at the clock waiting for it to be time, so I could see my peanut.

It was finally time to go and I went to the doctor and he did an ultrasound.  I don’t think i’ve ever had as sweaty palms as I did that day.  I laid there thinking the worst but praying for the best, praying to my gpa to watch over us.

and the doctor said…”okay there it is.  you’re about nine/ten weeks pregnant” huh?  really?  I looked at the screen (because I had been to scared to look before) and there was the BLOB.  He said theres the heartbeat and I could see the tiniest itiest bitiest flicker, and he said “let me see hold on” and he started playing my babies heartbeat!!!  He said “okay everything sounds really good. take care of yourself and if you have any severe bleeding head to emergency” he handed me a picture.

So, when I wrote the entire post about my gpas bday one year ago today, it was because I KNEW that day that my gpa was watching over me and carter that day.  It was as if he was saying, don’t worry mija I got this, I’m not going to let anything happen to this baby.  I can’t even begin to explain the sense of calmness that I felt that day, because it was incredible.  When I got in the elevator that day and was telling the husband all about the baby my eyes would not stop crying, I was so happy.  I remember distinctly telling him over and over again we don’t have to worry anymore babe, my grandpa is going to take care of our baby.

we don’t need to worry anymore.
it was amazing.
and now a year later, my eyes still tear up thinking about that day.

I was so happy, and looking at Carter sleep and think that a year ago I was worried for him, and a year ago today I was actually able to see his tiny little heart beat and today I get to hear him laugh, and see him roll all over our floor.

and today, on my grandpa’s birthday i could not be more happy.

today on his birthday I could not be more grateful that i have an angel watching over carter in heaven.

Reveille Reveille Grandpa!
well all miss you every single day!

Thank you for continuing to watch over us!  We love you!

OMG!! Baby Carter is FOUR months old!!

Weight: just weighed him and he’s 14.6 :O can’t believe how big he’s getting!  that’s ALMOST double what he was born at!  #pleasestopgrowingsofast

Height:  I think he’s probably about 25 inches, last time I checked he was 2 feet 🙂

Clothing Size:  He can still fit his 3 month clothes (barely) and he’s MOSTLY in 3-6 BUT anything six 6 months is still ridiculously big!  Except t-shirts, and pajamas those he has to have in size 6 months, I’m thinking it’s because of the material?  I don’t know but I can’t believe he can even fit into six month clothes at all!

Diaper Size:  Still size 2, but since I order his diapers on amazon I ordered size 3 next, so we’ll see how that goes.

Feeding:  He’s still exclusively BF, we’re waiting until he gets closer to 6 months to start any solids, EVEN if everyone in my family thinks it’s time for him to eat CAKE   >.<  anyone else have this problem??

Sleep:  Hmmm I can’t really say, he’s steady because one week he’ll sleep 6 hours straight then then wake up to eat and go back to sleep for another 6 hours, BUT other times he’s up every two hours, SO all I can say is I am either used to waking up like this or it’s getting better, because I hardly ever feel tired in the mornings.

-This month he started smiling at people that you know, I can’t help but smile when he start smiling & kicking your feet because he see me or his dad it’s the BEST.
-He LAUGHS so much now, especially when you tickle him, HILARIOUS!
-Starts kicking in the bath
-Is slowly BUT surely learning how to use his jumper.
(actually he shuffles, I MUST get it on video asap)
-He learned how to whine, is that a milestone?
-He learned how to roll on his side and will eventually turn himself completely around!! :-O
-He also learned how to roll kinda he’ll get over BUT gets stuck AND he can roll from his stomach to his back ONLY the first time you put him down after that he won’t do it again…weird? Ya I thought so too.
-OH and he LOVES to play indian 🙂 (is that what it’s called?  when you pat their mouth and they make noise?  that’s probably not the politically correct word at all BUT I am part indian soooo i can say that right?)
-Oh and he learned how to YELL!!!  I love it!!!  SO funny!
-OMG I totally ALMOST forgot!!!  He learned to say MOM!!!!!  NO joke, he says it…I’m sure he doesn’t know he’s calling me…BUT he does say MOM 😉  does that count as his first word?  or he has to associate it with something for it to be a word, and not just a sound?  Whateva…his FIRST sound is MOM 🙂  LOVE LOVE LOVE!  CLEARLY he loves me the MOST 😀

(Man we learned lots this month ha?)

-Went to a Toms Sale GOT 7 pairs of brand new Toms!
-Took Valentine’s Day pictures!
-Celebrated Valentines Day
-Took our FIRST family pictures 😉 (pictures coming soon)

Mommy & Daddy could NOT get through this month without:
Carter!!  Literally he’s the highlight of our lives, I can’t believe how much I Love this kid.
-his jumper, he loves that thing!!
-his chuppies (he’s obsessed)
-STILL lovin our Aden + Anais swaddlers
-OUR phones, so we can take LOTS and LOTS of pictures and videos of our cute little boy!  🙂

Now, please Carter STOP GROWING SO FAST!!  These last FOUR months have FLOWN by, I feel like I’m going to wake up and my sweet little boy is going to be 18!  -.-  Slow down time!!!  You’re giving me whiplash!

Happy 4 Months baby 🙂

New me??

Okay…so for a while I’d been dyingggggg to grow my hair out & I looooved it!!! But you know when you’re just sick of looking at the same thing ALL the time?! Well I was sick of my hair it was just boring -.- I got bored, so I tried bangs because I loooved having my hair long and then they grew out and I got bored again…I wanted something new!

Sooooo I decided a while ago I would dye it or cut it something anything to get me out of this funk! I mean my hair was sooo long now that I didn’t even like wearing it down because it was just getting in the way…and it was so hard to put into a bun OR even just tie up real quick at home! #soannoying

Sooooo this weekend I finally made the very rash decision to just go for it and do something brand new!!! I called my hair stylist friend and decided to get a cut and color! And there you have it!


I mean…


P.S. Don’t mind my ridiculous bathroom pic…I mean YES the toilet seat is up…(the husband doesn’t always put it down -.-)

Pretzel Bites

On Valentine’s day I was on IG and saw a picture of these cute pretzels with Hershey kisses and m&m.

I mean I’ve seen them before, on Pinterest AND they’ve been on my TO DO board on Pinterest for ummm ever…

Sooo on Valentine’s Day I thought oh those would be a CUTE extra Valentine’s Day snack for the husband since he LOVES chocolate covered Not so much.

I immediately ran to target and got the much needed supplies!! And you know what?! They turned out AMAZING (at least that’s what the husband said I didn’t taste them)

Soooo if you would like to make your own chocolate pretzel m&m snacks here you go!!!

Ohhhhh andddd I only bought ONE bag of Hershey’s kisses and I don’t know what I was thinking you need 1 kiss per pretzel so I had envisioned making a HUGE bowl of this snack for the husband to share with LOTS of people AND ummm the whole bag made a small ziplock bag filled…so next time I would definitely buy more Hershey’s kisses because NOW I have enough m&m’s & pretzels for bowls full but no more kisses!

FIRST:  SET OVEN to 175 Degrees Fahrenheit 🙂

SECOND:  GRAB a bag of Pretzels 🙂

SECOND:  You put some of the pretzels onto a cookie sheet

THIRD: Unwrap your hershey’s kisses AND place your kisses onto of your pretzels.

FOURTH:  You stick your kisses/pretzels in the oven for 4-6 minutes!  I put mine in for 6 and they were a tiny bit too melted, so I say you just leave them in there four or so minutes and see if they’re enough melted to smash down.

FIFTH:  Take your pretzel/kisses out of the oven.

SIXTH:  Grab your M&M’s.

SEVENTH:  Place your M&Ms into the middle of your kiss/pretzels.

EIGTH:  Let them cool 🙂



A couple of photoshoots :)

Okay, so I made it my new years resolution to start taking more pictures with my NICE camera.  I mean I have one and it doesn’t get used nearly enough!  So, this year I have been trying to use it AS MUCH as possible!  I mean I do have a cute baby to take LOTS of pictures of now 🙂

So, without further ado, take a peak at my SD card 🙂

OH and prepare for picture overload!  OH and I’m pretty sure Carter is completely OVER taking picture, it’s okay, he’ll thank me when he’s older and has a MILLION picture to look at of himself as a baby 🙂

Oh, P.S. if you follow me on IG you probably have seen some or most of these, sorryyyyy but I mean they’re pretty cute so enjoy again 🙂















It’s Okay!!!

Is it Thursday?  Really?  Already?  I swear it will be Monday, and then I close my eyes and it’s instantly THURSDAY!  Which I’m not complaining about, I mean I LOVE LOVE LOVE when it’s the weekend, because it means the Husband is home with us 🙂  and we LOVE IT!!!

BUT, without Further Ado….

It’s Okay that….

….I finally found a dog shampoo that I LOVE and I found it at Target of all places, AND it wasn’t an arm & a leg! Also check other products for cat & dog at my sister’s blog –

….I completely finished the kids baptism invites and just realized right this second that I thought the baptism is in 2 months and it’s actually in 6 weeks!  :-O  well either way, invites are done!  Now to send them out!

….I AM OBSESSED with Lauren Conrads line @ Kohls!  I love her fabrics, the patterns and ALMOST everything that she comes out with is just soooo freakin cute!!!  I desperately want these shoes!  BUT I’m waiting until they go on a better sale, I mean they’re cute, but I don’t want to spend $50 -.-

….I am pissed that MOST of the boy clothes that I have seen are plaid shorts!  -.- I can’t explain it, BUT I can’t stand plaid shorts for little boys…maybe because that’s all I ever see little boys wear?  I don’t know BUT I hate those outfits that are plaid shorts, and the shirt has a truck and on the truck it has that same plaid…ugh whyyyy is that ALL they had at Kohls when I went this week?  I LOVE Old Navy, BUT our Old Navy only has a baby section about the size of my closet, so I am in desperate need of a GOOD old navy baby section…

….I am so excited for our trips planned in a couple of months, first San Francisco and then Big Bear (yes the same place Domner was found)

….my baby knows how to whine now, how?  I have no idea i didn’t even know it was possible for a four month old to whine.

….I as of tomorrow have a FOUR month old baby!!! How??  Where did the time go??  I can’t believe how fast these last four months have literally FLOWN by!

….I found some super cute swim trunks for Carter and now cant wait for him to actually wear them 🙂

….I’m kindaaaaaa obsessed with Coffee still, I NEED a cup a day, at least, AND I might or might not have to warm it up 2 or 3 times by time I actually have time to finish it…BUT on Monday I was so excited I only had to reheat it ONE time!  WOOT WOOT!

….I THOUGHT that our liteweight chicco stroller was able to hold our infant car seat, I saw it in the babies r us ad and SWORE it was the same one we had…clearly it looks EXACTLY the same, except chicco added a clip thing to the back…in the end…i owe the husband $10

>> Also check my friend’s blog – baby car seat stroller combo

….me and the husband bet on EVERYTHING even if we share money…so what?!  We can say, HEY you OWE me, so I can buy this or that.

….I am TRYING to get on a cleaning schedule, and this week has been…ehhh I did half…maybe next week will be better.

….I’m obsessed with getting things ON SALE I have realized that I will hardly EVER if EVER buy anything full price, unless I know that there is no way it will ever go on sale.

….I’m SUPER excited for Easter 🙂

….I’m even MORE excited that  my sister has a photography friend that is going to take family pictures for the husband and I, eeek I can’t wait!!!


HOOORAYYYY it’s almost the weekend!! 😀


I KNOW that I am probably the WEIRDEST person on the planet, or the only one but I don’t really ever listen to music….I mean I put it on in the background sometimes, BUT most of the times I forget and end up either sitting in the quiet or with the TV on, I mean when I used to commute my ridiculous commute I would much rather listen to Talk Radio, then music….I know, I know…I’m weird.

However, I have noticed that Carter LOVES music, so much that he’ll be whining because he’s tired or frustrated, OR who knows what he’s feeling BUT as soon as I turn on some music, ESPECIALLY The Black Keys, he calms down, it’s like instantly he’s in love.

with music…clearly  he gets that from his dad because as I mentioned above I hardly ever listen to music.  But it is amazing!  I mean he can sit with me at the computer listening to music and be so calm for so long.  Maybe he’ll be a rockstar some day?  And I can tell him stories of him crying and turning on music to calm him down?  Let’s hope he also makes millions 🙂

We recently downloaded some lullabies he LOVES LOVES LOVES them!  you know what they are? Lullabies that sound like REAL music 🙂  I mean you can download a lullabye sounding song that sounds just like No Doubt, Coldplay, Metallic, and LOTS and LOTS more!!!  It’s the BEST!

Rock-A-Bye Website

If you have a baby, are expecting a baby OR just like cool things check it out.  Baby Carter LOVES it! I mean when I was pregnant and actually still now I am constantly looking for “cool and different” things for Carter I get so tired of the standard cookie cutter things that are available at Babies R Us and Target so I crave different 🙂

Any of you Momma’s out there have any cool product that you use for your babe that I should check out?  😉

P.S. I wish Rock A Bye would have paid me for this post, BUT if anyone at Rock-A-Bye baby sees this post, feel FREEEE to send me some free downloads my baby loves them 🙂

Happy Valentine’s Day & The Answers :)

The Husband has a ridiculous sense of humor, he often finds lying about things hilarious!  When in fact they are NOT funny.  Sooooo most of his answers are wrong, simply because he THOUGHT his answer was sooooo much more funny then the correct answer (see what I live with?  HEY!  At least he did it right?)  AND The Husband cusses a lot, you have been warned 🙂

How long have you been married?
His:  2 years 2 months
Hers:  It is now 2 years, 3 months 🙂
—-At least he knows when our anniversary is right? 😉

Where was your first date?
His:  Iguanas when I put it in your butt
Hers:  Since we were friends (for 6/7 years) before we actually started dating we don’t really have a specific time we count as a first date, BUT I always go by the first time we kissed and that would be when we were supposed to go to the movies but ended up meeting my aunt at a bar and then ended up going up to a hotel that is on a hill overlooking the city to see the BEAUTIFUL lights (same place he proposed to me 1 year later) 🙂
—-I told you he’s ridiculous!  He wishes I was Anne Hathaway can you tell?

Where was your first kiss?
His:  You don’t even know this one.  I remember after we left one of my friends kickbacks.
Hers:  I already explained this one above 🙂
—-What’s funny is he didn’t remember when he remembered when we got engaged to take me up there! 🙂

Who first said, “I love you”?
His:  We both did at the same time (JINX!!)
Hers:   He did!!!  AFTER literally two days of dating!!  Okay, maybe it wasn’t two but it was really soon after we started dating #meanttobe
—-He knows that he said it first, he just likes to pretend that I was as in love with him as he was with me when we first got together.

What were your wedding colors?
His:  BLACK AND YELLOW BLACK AND YELLOW!!!  Haha grey and purple
Hers:  Gray & Purple STILL love the combination today!
—-He remembered 🙂

What is her most commonly used phrase?
His:  Big Booty
Hers:  I do say Big Booty a lot, or Stinky Butt to Carter 🙂
—-It’s pretty funny that these nicknames get used so much because I really have NO idea where they came from.

Who is her celebrity crush?
His:  Russell Martin
Hers:  Ryan Gosseling, but really?  Who doesn’t have a crush on him?  Please name someone!!
—-I totally forgot that I was OBSESSED with Russell Martin 🙂  that was when we used to go to lots of Dodger games, and he doesn’t even play for them anymore!

If she is ordering drinks for both of you what would you each get?
His:  Beer duh
Hers:  I would probably order us both beers, since it’s a lot easier, an IPA for him, something delicious for me that I can add lemon to!
—-of course, we have a shared love for beer.

What is the best meal that she has ever cooked you?
His:  Posole
Hers:  I don’t know albondigas?
—-I should have known he was going to say that, I always forget how much he loves that.

What is the worst meal she has ever cooked you?
His:  Chicken & Rice
Hers:  Anything I’ve accidentally burnt?
—-I’ve never cooked chicken & rice, but he had it one time at my parents and he HATED it!  hahaha

What is the most-played song on her iPod?
His:  Metalhead
Hers:  Anything by The Black Keys, since that is ALL that Carter listens to EVER!
—-He’s ridiculous!  And thinks it’s so funny that I used to listen to a lot of Metallica

What would she say is your most annoying habit?
His:  Bitching
Hers:  His short temper!  It’s ridiculous!
—-I think he thought that said HER most annoying habit #dick

What is the last thing she does before going to bed?
His:  Tell me she loves me, and gives me a bj
Hers:  Tell him I love him, kiss him goodnight and then kiss the baby goodnight
—-hahahahah he wishes!

If you could throw out one item of her clothing what would it be?
His:  The shit she doesn’t wear
Hers:  I can’t think of anything off the top of my head, but he usually makes fun of my sparkly clothes #hater
—-he SWEARS that all of the clothes in my closet I NEVER wear NO matter how often I go through it, soooo says the one that has a dresser FULL of t-shirts, YES t-shirts, NOTHING else!

What would you say is your favorite thing about her?
His:  Her ability to make me smile even when I’m super pist
Hers:  That I can cook.
—-awe I can do that <3

What’s her go-to drink at Starbucks?
His:  I don’t know something skinny upside down shit.  I don’t think it’s normal for someone to have such a difficult coffee drink.  Coffees coffee just drink the shit.
Hers:  Iced Caramel Macciato skinny upside down, with extra caramel sauce!  DELICIOUS!!
—-he swears he doesn’t know but he always orders it for me 🙂

What’s her blog name?!
His:  My life as I know it.
Hers:  Life As I Know It 😀
—-pretty close


Happy Valentine’s Day!!

I hope you are all having a wonderful day!!!

I don’t care if this is a made up holiday or not, it’s always fun to get fun stuff for no reason, and I always love excuses for the husband to tell me how much he loves me!  I’ll be sure to post the husband’s presents tomorrow 🙂

A Change in Perspective

Okay soooo before becoming a mom I always thought….

I don’t know why people let their kids dictate their schedules, I mean aren’t you supposed to tell them what to do??

If you have never thought this then good for you, but clearly I was delusional!  Because since having Carter I am NO where near in charge of my own schedule.

I remember at the end of my pregnancy we were going to go to dinner with some friends and the husband had invited one of his old friends from high school and he said they couldn’t go because they don’t take their kids out at night.  I told the husband, hmmm that’s weird.  I wonder why?  Seems weird to me, to be home at a certain time just because of your kids.

Well, fast forward 4 months and I am in the same exact predicament.  You see, now I am the mom telling people that we can’t go out to dinner with them, because my baby needs to be in bed at a decent hour!  Am I really THAT mom??  Please bloggy friends don’t tell me I am the only one besides the husbands friend….

I thought that I wouldn’t be this way, and when we first had Carter, WE were in charge of our own schedule, we did what we wanted, stood out late with family and friends, and put Carter to sleep when we wanted to.

Three months later we were dealing with him still waking up at all hours of the night and never having a good nap in the day time.  You see a 3 month old that is not SLEEPING is not a very fun 3 month old.  Carter was CRANKY MC CRANKY!  So grouchy I was starting to call him Mr. Grouchy! (well he still is BUT it’s different now).

So, I started reading “The No-Cry Sleep Solution“and at one point author says babies NEED routines, if you don’t put your baby to bed at a decent hour they won’t sleep throughout the night!  Then I thought to myself, wait?  So, I shouldn’t let my 3 month old go to sleep with us?  Weird.  (dumb to think of it now, but I figured he didn’t NEED a bed time because he didn’t NEED to wake up at a certain time.)

So, I started giving him a bath around the same time every day, going to bed around the same time everyday and low and behold my little baby is becoming not so much of a grouchy pants anymore!  Can you believe it?!  I know me either!

So, now when anyone asks “Do you want to go to dinner?”  I say “as long as it’s an early dinner say 5?” Unless it’s at our house where we can put him to bed and then eat later.  Please don’t judge me, because I too have become one of THOSE parents who’s life revolves around their kids.

And, you know what?

I don’t mind it.

I mean, when the husband and I decided to have a baby we knew that our lives would no longer be our own, I mean NOW we have a baby that depends on us every day to do the right thing by him, and create for him the BEST life that we possibly can 🙂  AND if that means I can no longer go out for late night dinners, that’s completely fine by me!

Valentine’s Day Link Up :)

Here are the instructions:
  1. Fill out the questions below with your answers
  2. Hand over the same set of questions to your spouse and see if they can answer the questions about you.
  3. Write your post and compare both of your answers
  4. Link up here on February 14th
HA, I am so excited to read all the fun answers, should be interesting to say the least.

Here are the questions: Feel free to add or take away any questions you want.

  • How long have you been married?
  • Where was your first date?
  • Where was your first kiss?
  • Who first said, “I love you”?
  • What were your wedding colors?
  • What is her most commonly used phrase?
  • Who is her celebrity crush?
  • If she was ordering drinks for both of you what would you each get?
  • What is the best meal she has ever cooked you?
  • What is the worst meal she has ever cooked you?
  • What is the most-played song on her iPod?
  • What would she say is your most annoying habit?
  • What is the last thing she does before she goes to bed?
  •  If you could throw out one item of her clothing what would it be?
  • What would you say is your favorite thing about her?
  • What’s her go-to drink at Starbucks?
  • What’s her blog’s name?!
Can’t wait to see everyone’s answers and I’ll see everyone linked up on Valentine’s Day 😀