A love story-and then we were friends


So the future (at the time I had NO idea this would ever happen) husband and my best friend at the time had hooked up, I mean they weren’t officially dating or anything but they were definitely talking on the phone and stuff because I would hear allllllllll about it.  P.S. by now I had the HUGEST crush on TFH but since I had JUST broken up with my boyfriend at the time I could NOT tell anyone!  I mean then they would think I broke up with my Ex to be with TFH (heck maybe that is why I broke up with him IDK) but none of that mattered now, because he was now dating my best friend and there was no chance in me and him ummm ever **insert extremely sad face**  I went on with my senior year of high school without really hearing from him too much just through the grapevine from my friend when him and her would talk, AND then it was almost summer again and it was time for us to work together again!  We had the best summer working together and of course hung out randomly and especially at work…took our breaks together to do random shit like go to toys r us and find toys that we could buy to play with while at work…go look at RV’s at the RV store, etc.  I still hoped to work with him every single day, but we were just friends.

FAST forward to the end of summer and I was off to college, he came up to Fresno (where I went to school) to visit we got RIDICULOUSLY drunk hung out and had the best time, when I would come home we would always plan a trip to have breakfast and then we would hang out go to a party or just hang out playing drinking games, we had become really really good friends.  Nothing more, even if I had hoped for it.

Our friendship continued this way plus I either ALWAYS had a boyfriend OR he ALWAYS had a girlfriend and we never stepped outside the “friend zone.”

This was until 2008….

A love story-and then we met :)

Soooooooo if anyone has ever been to a job interview with the county of state you know that it takes foreverrrrrrrrrrrrr to get hired and it’s usually a really really long process, so it was November 2011 and I was applying for a job with the county park!  I had an interview at a park by my house and they said we would take a test and then if we passed interview that same day.  They told us that we should prepare to be there for a couple of hours at least.  SO I went and took my test, once you were finished with your test you were to sit around and wait until they scored all the tests to tell you rather or not you would interview so while I did that I sat around and OF course being the 16 year old girl that I was PLUS I was bored, I began to look around for any potential cute guys….at first glance all I saw was a bunch of old dudes, or girls no one that looked cool (really) BUT then I spotted this one cute dude…he was all the way across the courtyard BUT I could tell he was cute I mean he had EXTRA baggy pants and in 2001 those were the BEST kind!  I could tell they came from Anchor Blue (is that place even around anymore?  or have they all turned into tillys?)  He was cute, and I was admiring him from a far while I waited Hey gave me something to look at while I was bored right?  AND then the cute dude had a visitor, you would thinkkkkkkkk I was going to say a girlfriend or something right?  NOPE this dude has his MOM there with him…so instantly I chuckled to myself laughing that this dude brought his mom with him to the interview (still makes me laugh a little bit) BUT not only was he with his mom BUT his mom also had a little girl with her!  thought to myself MUST be his little sister, and that made me laugh even more!


Fast forward to March/April 2002 (told you it took a long time to get hired) and I went to an interview at a park and to my surprise I got the job!  I was so excited my first job!  AND it was at a pretty good place getting paid pretty good!  So I was to attend orientation in a couple of weeks.

Orientation came and I went in to the orientation and they put me in a room to wait for orientation to start, and who happens to be in the room ALSO at orientation??  The dude I had saw MONTHS ago at the interview, with his MOM!  😀  I sat down and started trying to make conversation with him (I mean, I DID still think he was cute) I asked him all the basic questions,

What school do you go to?  Pioneer?  Where’s that?  Whittier?  That’s FAR!

how old are you?  17?  Oh so you’re a junior too?  Sophomore?  huh?  when’s your bday?  march?  I don’t get it…ohhhh you took 3rd grade twice?!  (insert trying not to laugh TOO hard at cute boy)

Do you play sports?  How’d you get the job here? etc. you know just being as noisy as possible.

We went through orientation that day and we became friends!  That entire summer we were good friends, we worked together and had the BEST SUMMER ever!  I mean if you’re a teenager and you get paid to hang out with a whole bunch of other kids your age you’re more then likely gonna love it!  I mean we got paid to hang out inside a booth charge entrance and then hang out inside the air conditioning for hours on end!  We talked and talked made fun of each other, etc.  WE even played frisbee hit a car on accident and got yelled at by the owner of the car for MESSING up his car, really dude?  OUR frisbee is three inches long, I doubt it’s gonna mess up your HUGE truck!  I even gave him rides home a couple of times, since he lived in whittier oh and his parents picked him up I would offer to take him home, I mean since I had a car and all!  He hung out with me and my friends we went to the mall, spent days doing teenage things which one day included picking a friend up from the airport with 6 people in the van just so EVERYONE could be there for the arrival of our friend!  Went out to eat, etc.  we had really became pretty good friends!  AND secretly I wished I worked with him EVERYDAY 🙂  I didn’t BUT I sure wished he would be the one to break me, or be the one to be at my station that day THOSE WERE MY FAVORITE days 🙂

Since we worked at a park we only worked during the summer months and once summer was over I didn’t see much of him…but I went back to school and so did he OH AND BY THIS TIME my FUTURE husband had started hooking up with MY BEST FRIEND!

An anniversary story


I had all these plans to make a HUGE deal on my blog about telling the husband & I’s love story!  BECAUSE it’s pretty good 🙂 (if I do say so myself) and I wanted it to run the week of our anniversary!  YAY!  AND THEN I had a baby and kinda dropped off the face of the blogging planet because I don’t feel like I have enough hours in the day to do everything that I want or need to get done sooooo our love story starts TODAY!

FIRST let me get this out!!

Happy Anniversary (yesterday) the the LOVE of my life!  I mean really?  Has it been two years already??  I feel like our wedding just happened a couple of months ago!

if you are my friend on IG then you would have seen this post yesterday!

I couldn’t explain it any other way then to explain that I am truly grateful every single day for this man, he truly is my heart and soul and today I love him more then I did the day that we got married!  He’s an amazing husband and an amazing father!

We kept talking about how ONE year ago we were on a boat on our way to mexico!  and TWO years ago I was waiting for him at the church while I saw my dad pace back and forth thinking (at least I think) that the husband might not show up!  (will be inside love story) and here we are two years later with a brand new baby and we couldn’t be more happy 🙂

this anniversary was a lot more low key, I slept in while the husband went to a dentist appt…actually does it count as sleeping in when you don’t go to sleep until after three because your baby thinks that’s an acceptable bed time?  well anyway the baby and I KINDA slept in and while he went to his dentist appt and when he came back he had brought us lunch!  WOO HOO and then what does he pop out?

this B-E-A-U-T-I-F-U-L ring that is opal (baby Carter’s birthstone).  I LOVE LOVE LOVE it!  Told you he’s the sweetest husband EVER!  P.S. can you tell the husband likes when stones are surrounded by other jewels?  this ring looks ALMOST like my wedding ring right?  just smaller?  WELL he also brought me tiny cookies from mrs fields and some chocolate covered strawberries!  LOVE LOVE LOVE!

We hung out all day just relaxing (kinda felt like a sunday) and then we headed to the store to get some stuff to make dinner at home, we didn’t want to chance going out to dinner and baby carter being fussy so we bought stuff for steaks!  YUMMMM and we made dinner together…we had some steaks with blue cheese topping!  It KINDA looked like this without the parsley (or whatever is that green stuff)


All I did was cook the steak like regular and then grabbed some butter and mixed it with LOTS of bleu cheese, and then when the steaks were ALMOST done you spread the butter/bleu cheese mixture on top of the steak and put it back in the oven for 30 seconds to 1 minute!  IT was sooooo good!!  OMG!  We did NOT miss going out to dinner ONE bit!  Plus we had some garlic bread, baked potatoes and green beans 🙂  I should have taken pictures BUT I’m the worst at taking pictures in the moment!  ESPECIALLY with food because I think I get too excited to eat it already!  In all we had a very low key anniversary dinner but it was amazing!  🙂

Happy anniversary husband!  Can’t wait to see what the rest of our life has in store for us 🙂


Someone Special’s Bday :)

Today, October 3rd is one of the MOST amazing days in the whole world….why you ask??

Because today is my Grandma’s Bday 😀

I’m POSITIVE I’ve mentioned her once, or twice, heck i’m sure MORE then that….I mean I did write this WHOLE post about how important my family is to me 😀

And this lady!

is the person that holds this entire family together! 😀
Literally, she is the one that reminds us to be strong, to be brave and to live our lives to the best of our ability!  NO matter what she has taught us that no matter what happens everything is going to be okay, she truly is the strongest person I know!
AND the most amazing women to walk this earth 🙂  She’s the BEST grandma!  The MOST caring and LITERALLY an angel that walks this earth 😀  ASK ANYONE!
I know that everyone probably thinks that they have the BEST grandma, but really she’s amazing 🙂  I mean the thing that I’m MOST excited for Carter is that he is going to have an AMAZING great grandma!!  one that loves with her whole heart, one that makes the MOST amazing rice, and will ALWAYS make him sopita NO matter what time of day!  One that will listen to all of your problems without making you feel like you ruined your life, and will always make you feel better when your sick.  She is  A-M-A-Z-I-N-G!!!!  So, today is her day and I mean really she doesn’t look a DAY over 55 🙂  She’s so cute!!
My cousins and I are really blessed to have her as our grandma, and our kids are blessed that she is part of their lives!!  I can’t say enough times, how blessed I feel to have this lady in my life!  EVEN if she did make me cry, TWO seconds before walking out the door to my wedding with this blessing 🙂
I LOVE you to infinity and beyond grandma!!
Thank you, Thank you, THANK YOU for being so amazing!!  
Happy Birthday!!  
See you @ Chinese on Sunday 😀

The Husband

I’m pretty sure you’re all PRETTY tired about hearing about the husband.
We ALL have the BEST husband in the whole world right?
I’m POSITIVE we do!
The best husband for us!  RIGHT?
I mean you wouldn’t pick him to be
if he wasn’t the best?
did he pick you?
Either way, you said I Do,
and it’s final 🙂
I’m linking up with Kristina @ The Streeters Unlimited to talk ALL about the Husband!
I want to share with you
of the reasons
why I love him so much!
and what better way to do that?
Then with pictures?
I love him because…..
he drives this BIG BEAST every single day and LOVES it!
He loves disneyland EVEN if he swears he doesn’t!
he’ll even take funny pictures inside toy boxes with me!
and he insists on TAKING pictures “pretending to open car doors”
he gets EXTRA scared on roller coasters that we’ve been on a HUNDRED times!
he loves taking silly pictures 🙂
he LOVES to give hugs!
he loves to be “that guy” in pictures!
(creeper?  probably)
He always thinks these pictures are the 
when he’s the girl!
He lovessss napping
especially with the
at bars
with his brother
and while holding lots of stuff!
he loves taking pictures of friends in the BEST situations!
sometimes he looks like a creepy old dude with a little dog
he’s been KNIGHTED by a KING!
he has the BEST smile!
he gives the BEST presents!
makes the BEST breakfast
and gives the best flowers
he loves dressing up

and always

sends the best text messages <3

he truly is 

the love

of my whole entire
and I couldn’t imagine my son looking like anyone else
and for that…I’m thankful every single day! 😀
I love you Husband, and can’t imagine choosing to spend my life with anyone more perfect for me!
don’t forget to link up & tell us all about your husband! 🙂

Baby Laines-The Day I Found Out I was Pregnant! :D

You see me & the husband had always talked about wanting kids, we always said that once we got married we were gonna be a legit mexican couple and just see what happened!  Sooooo when our year anniversary came and went we started to think that maybe things weren’t just gonna happen…BUT we continued living our lives and figured EVENTUALLY it would happen, and if we were in a super amazing place with jobs, houses, cars, etc. we would figure it out then.  WELL I still thought about it, thought about why we hadn’t been pregnant yet, and why?  BUT we were just living life, and enjoying our time together JUST THE TWO of us! 😀
on February 22nd that I didn’t feel so good.  I didn’t know why, but I just didn’t feel “right” something was up, and I immediately thought hmmm..could it be?  BUT I brushed it off and said “No, and if it is, I’ll test in the morning” since thats when they said is best any way right?  So, next thing bright and early I thought, Oh ya!  I want to test, just to make sure!

Well I did and I brushed my teeth while waiting thinking OF COURSE it was going to say “Not Pregnant” but then I finished brushing my teeth & what did I see?!?!

(I have tried several times to post the pictures of the test, of course for show, but OF course stupid blogger won’t let me!  I have tried to do it several different ways and NOPE doesn’t work!  SOOOO doesn’t look like you guys are going to be able to see it!  BUT imagine my hand with cut painted nails holding a test that says PREGNANT!) 😀

I couldn’t believe it!  I literally stood there shocked!  I really didn’t think that it was real, I think I stood there for a few minutes staring at the test (even though it was probably only a couple of seconds it felt like forever) and I ran to the room because I knew there was NO way that I would be able to keep this a secret for any amount of time from the husband!  He was sound asleep in bed, when I ran in and said “OMG!!  OMG!!  OMG!!”  of course he did what any normal husband would do and jumped out of his slumber thinking I was getting murdered or something and said “WHAT!?!”  I immediately shoved the test in his face and said”LOOK!”  He was so confused (probably because he thought I was being murdered but instead was just stuffing a pee stick in his face).  AND said “uggh..what is that?” I immediately said “OMG!  It says, I’m pregnant!!”  He looked at me eyes filled with mokos still and said “oh, congratuatlions” I immediately started laughing!  So hard, I said “what?!  Did you really tell me Congratulations!?  HAHAHHA” he just looked at me possibly in shock still, because clearly I was still in shock myself!

I sat on our bed looking at the test, I think I was waiting for it to suddenly show a NOT in front of it, but nope!  It didn’t happen & on this random day in February me & the husband were officially going to be parents 🙂

We had decided a long time ago, when but that we woudn’t tell anyone once we finally got pregnant for the three months or at the very least until we went to the doctor!  So I said, Okay, we’ll tell everyone that I gave upALL alcohol for lent (since thank god, it had started just the day before) and we would tell everyone on Easter, 40 days later!

Once, the husband left to work I immediately called my closest, favorite cousin and AFTER making her SWEAR on her kids and numerous other things that she would NOT tell a single soul I told her that I had taken a test and it was positive and couldn’t believe it!  She was so excited and I could feel how excited she was even from hundreds of miles away!  And we talked about all things baby!

Once I got to work I couldn’t belive it still, and all I could think about was is it possible?  Once I got home I took TWO more tests just to be sure, and they were all positive!  This was it, the Laines Family would no longer be TWO + beasts but would soon be THREE 😀  and I can’t wait!

Family :D

(because really anyone would be lucky to have such as amazing family as i do) 
Okay so i know i kinda mentioned it above, but I really do have an amazing family 🙂  We have the best time together, and when we do anything, ANYTHING at all our head count always turns out to be in the high twenties!  YEP we’re that big!
So let me introduce you!
this is the family 😀  (yes we’ve added quite a few, and unfortunately have lost one) BUT this is us!! 😀  On any average get together there are over 20 of us!  See told you, no event is small in this family!


Grandma & Grandpa


and they are the ones that started it all…you see back in 1960 something in a small town in Los Angeles, Just Kidding, I’m not going back that far, but these people are the ones that started this amazing family! 😀
So, let me tell you a little about this crazy family we consist of 4 kids-all offsprings of these two!  EIGHT grand kids and FOUR great grand kids!  Plus all the extras that we have added in over time!
So a little more about my family…we LOVE to make a HUGE deal out of holidays, birthdays (especially since there are only a select few of us that have our own birthday, since my aunt, my sister, and me have the same birthday, my uncle and my cousin have a birthday one week before us, and in June there are THREE birthdays within 5 days of eachother!, one that shares her bday with New Years Eve, and one with Thanksgiving some years),
graduations, or actually any event that we can.
Sometimes we have HUGE parties for said events and they always end up like this!




and around here we LOVE halloween!








and of COURSE the next morning we always look something like this


When we have Birthday Parties we NEVER forget to
Have a Michelada Cup Birthday Cake…and ALWAYS
Have TWO drinks in your hand at a time
(unless you are carrying a baby OR under the age of 21 of course)
(YES a three year old was our Photographer and she is the BEST one I have ever found)
GO to Vegas as a FAMILY and have the BEST time you’ve ever had!!
(see it was my bday and i had TWO drinks)


AND YES you get extra fun points if you take a tram somewhere and THIS drooling guy is sitting next to the QUIETEST person in our WHOLE group…it makes for a WAY more interesting story when you come home!
AND of course we aren’t stingy with eachother!!  We share all of our drinks with eachother ESPECIALLY with 85 year old Great Grandma! 😀
Oh and when we’re in Vegas on said trip, we make sure to go to Bingo and be really fun and loud so everyone is jealous of how cool of a family we have 😀
When we have a special event like graduation we always make sure to
1.) Go together in a HUGE group!!


2.) Takes lots of Pictures of the group AND we NEVER forget to add a random pink shirted guy to our group…I mean the more the merrier right?
TWO things that we do EVERY SINGLE year for the past couple of years is
Go to March of Dimes…
You see…this little girl
was born at 2 lbs 1 ounce, and she is striving now!  Just a normal little girl…so every year for the past THREE years we have been at March of Dimes, walking and raising money for Team Miracle Baby 🙂


AND we don’t forget to go on our ANNUAL Family Trip EVERYsummer!
When we go to school events we always make sure to scream the loudest, and be the proudest family there, because we ALWAYS are!
AND we always do funny things to the youngest kid, because really everyone needs a good laugh right?


I don’t think that I could have enough time in the day to go on and on about how much i love my family and how much they truly mean to me.  I mean we share everything we are the closest family I have ever met, we are there to celebrate and cry to eachother, we are there for our lowest and our highest points.  We have the BEST time together and I’m so glad that this little baby
is going to meet them all VERY soon!!  and we will have more memories and pictures to add to our already existing ones, and I can’t wait!  😀

Baby Laines-Week 16

How far along: 16 Weeks 🙂

Baby’s size: a little over 4 & a 1/2 inches, the size of an Avocado  

Miss Anything: wellllllll since this weekend was Cinco de Mayo, and it was really nice and sunny outside, I did miss being able to have an ice cold beer or an icey margarita!

Best moment this week: weighting myself and finding out that I’m pretty good with my weight gain so far, lets hope it continues this way.

Movement: no, STILL not yet, and now everyones telling me it’s a boy because I haven’t….maybe this week?

Food cravings: STILL FRUIT!!

Anything making you queasy or sick: STILL CHICKEN!! I can eat it, IF it’s mixed with something but chicken wings or anything that is just plain chicken makes me want to instantly GAG!!  So gross!!

Maternity Clothes: no, not yet,but I have been looking at some online that I need to invest in ASAP

Stretch marks: none yet…still praying.


Symptoms I HAVE: still feel nausceous most days, and headaches 🙁

Doctor’s Appointment: we have an appt on THURSDAY…I’m really hoping that they plan our gender ultrasound then….keeping my fingers crossed!!! 😀
Gender: still don’t know yet, and still hope it’s a girl.
What I’m looking forward to: finding out if the baby is a HE or SHE!!!

Belly Button in or out: in

Wedding rings on or off: on, i’m dreading the day i have to take them off 🙁 i love them too much

Happy or Moody most of the time: still happy, and still crying for every little thing :,(

Sleep: now I’m only waking up twice a night, which isn’t that bad, but still pretty annoying!!  But the new pillow has helped a little.
Showing: still the same, BUT every e-mail I get from the baby websites tells me that in the next couple of weeks Baby L will be growing LOTS!!

Lovin’ Life

Is it funny that the husband sent me this text message this morning, when I tell him this ALL of the time! Literally ALL of the time! I’ll randomly be walking with him, or even sitting on our couch, look around and think wow our life really is great! AND IT IS!!! I love that we can do whatever we want, whenever we want, because it’s OUR house, OUR things, OUR dogs, etc. On Sunday we were putting the kids bunk beds to wash, and I just thought of how much I love how we live, how much I love our relationship and everything that comes with it.

I probably sound like I’m bragging (and maybe I am a little, so what) but really I do love my life, and I can honestly say that! There is NOTHING (with the little tiny exception of wishing I had a real teaching job) that I don’t love about our life together, and in truth I know it’s only going to get better, and better and better! I LOVE YOU Mr. Laines 🙂 you truly are the BEST husband that any girl could ask for and I LOVE OUR LIFE to infity 😀