It’s Okay!!!

Is it Thursday?  Really?  Already?  I swear it will be Monday, and then I close my eyes and it’s instantly THURSDAY!  Which I’m not complaining about, I mean I LOVE LOVE LOVE when it’s the weekend, because it means the Husband is home with us 🙂  and we LOVE IT!!!

BUT, without Further Ado….

It’s Okay that….

….I finally found a dog shampoo that I LOVE and I found it at Target of all places, AND it wasn’t an arm & a leg! Also check other products for cat & dog at my sister’s blog –

….I completely finished the kids baptism invites and just realized right this second that I thought the baptism is in 2 months and it’s actually in 6 weeks!  :-O  well either way, invites are done!  Now to send them out!

….I AM OBSESSED with Lauren Conrads line @ Kohls!  I love her fabrics, the patterns and ALMOST everything that she comes out with is just soooo freakin cute!!!  I desperately want these shoes!  BUT I’m waiting until they go on a better sale, I mean they’re cute, but I don’t want to spend $50 -.-

….I am pissed that MOST of the boy clothes that I have seen are plaid shorts!  -.- I can’t explain it, BUT I can’t stand plaid shorts for little boys…maybe because that’s all I ever see little boys wear?  I don’t know BUT I hate those outfits that are plaid shorts, and the shirt has a truck and on the truck it has that same plaid…ugh whyyyy is that ALL they had at Kohls when I went this week?  I LOVE Old Navy, BUT our Old Navy only has a baby section about the size of my closet, so I am in desperate need of a GOOD old navy baby section…

….I am so excited for our trips planned in a couple of months, first San Francisco and then Big Bear (yes the same place Domner was found)

….my baby knows how to whine now, how?  I have no idea i didn’t even know it was possible for a four month old to whine.

….I as of tomorrow have a FOUR month old baby!!! How??  Where did the time go??  I can’t believe how fast these last four months have literally FLOWN by!

….I found some super cute swim trunks for Carter and now cant wait for him to actually wear them 🙂

….I’m kindaaaaaa obsessed with Coffee still, I NEED a cup a day, at least, AND I might or might not have to warm it up 2 or 3 times by time I actually have time to finish it…BUT on Monday I was so excited I only had to reheat it ONE time!  WOOT WOOT!

….I THOUGHT that our liteweight chicco stroller was able to hold our infant car seat, I saw it in the babies r us ad and SWORE it was the same one we had…clearly it looks EXACTLY the same, except chicco added a clip thing to the back…in the end…i owe the husband $10

>> Also check my friend’s blog – baby car seat stroller combo

….me and the husband bet on EVERYTHING even if we share money…so what?!  We can say, HEY you OWE me, so I can buy this or that.

….I am TRYING to get on a cleaning schedule, and this week has been…ehhh I did half…maybe next week will be better.

….I’m obsessed with getting things ON SALE I have realized that I will hardly EVER if EVER buy anything full price, unless I know that there is no way it will ever go on sale.

….I’m SUPER excited for Easter 🙂

….I’m even MORE excited that  my sister has a photography friend that is going to take family pictures for the husband and I, eeek I can’t wait!!!


HOOORAYYYY it’s almost the weekend!! 😀

It’s Okay!!

Hellooooo…welcome to another addition of It’s OKAY 😀

It’s perfectly okay that….

…..I have been MIA from blogging for quite a while, can I help it that when my baby is sleeping I’d rather stare at him sleep then do ANYTHING else umm ever?  Okay didn’t think so.

…..EVERY single morning my coffee gets cold…either it’s too cold in my house OR I take too long to drink it BUT I swear thank god I have a microwave.

….I have a caffeine addiction -.-  I get headaches now at night IF I didn’t have any caffeine that day :l

….I realized that I missed beer a LOT more then I thought I did…whyyyy is it soooooo delicious?

….I have to pay for our insurance out of pocket this month and wtf!?!  $1200 is RIDICULOUS for one month!  (please come soon universal healthcare)

…..I have an addiction to baby clothes…like I CAN’T stop buying them!!!  It’s terrible I KNOW!  BUT I do say to myself….WELL Carter will just wear them for a little while BUT I know that my next kids are all going to be boys so they’ll get good use out of them too, makes sense right?

…..I am back to being in LOVE with all the housewives…theyr’e just so much drama that I can’t stop watching!

….Carter listens to The Black Keys so much that I am getting KINDA over them…

…..I am ALWAYS hungry now…wtf?!?!  I went from NEVER being hungry to being CONSTANTLY  starving -.- what is up…I have NO idea.

…..I’m KINDA obsessed with decorating my house for holidays I literally can’t wait until we have a house so I can decorate like CRAZY every single holiday…is that bad?

…..I keep saying I’m going to blog more and then don’t.

…..I hate when my dogs lick me…idk why it bothers me so much!  BUT it does.

Hope everyone is having an FANTASTIC week! 🙂

Happy Thursday 😀

It’s Okay-LAST ONE OF 2012!!

Helloooo omg! Have I been MIA or what?!? If you would like to see more or get daily pics of Mr Carter Jax then add me on IG! I post lots of pics! (Can’t help it!)

Okay…soooo my New Years resolution is to keep up with blogging AND the husband bought me a BRAND NEW iMac sooooo maybe I can get baby carter to sit at the computer with me sometimes to type up a blog post? Maybe?? Wishful thinking I know! BUT a girl can dream right?

Soooo now onto its okay…

….that I bought my baby lots of books for Christmas (he WILL learn to love to read)

….that I was so sick on Christmas Eve that I thought about staying home and avoiding people (I didn’t end up doing it but I was NOT feeling it) thank goodness I felt 100xs better the next day!

….I was super duper excite for my new computer from the husband! He’s AMAZING!!! Now I just can’t wait for it to get here!!! P.S. does anyone know when it will ship? The website just keeps saying January.

….that I haven’t had a desktop computer in my life since I left my parents house after high school and I’m excited to have a stationary computer zone!

….that Mr Carter is kinda fussy most days but I couldn’t love him more!

….I refuse to take down my Christmas tree until AFTER the new year! It just doesn’t make sense to me to take it down before!

….that I have some stuff to return to the stores but ugh I don’t feel like it

….that I got 4 1/2 hours of uninterrupted sleep the other night and I woke up worried because I couldn’t believe I’d slept so long but yep Mr Carter was sleeping away 🙂

….that Mr Carter reminds me of an old man that falls asleep for short periods of times it makes me laugh so much

….that the day after Christmas always makes me kinda sad :l

….my house is NEVER clean because as soon as Carter falls asleep 101 things run through my head that must be done and I end up doing about 1 of them! :/ I WILL get the hang of this I promise Husband

….it’s cold and I like it

….I’m excited for 2013! I felt like I was pregnant the entire year of 2012 so I’m excited to spend a year not pregnant and soaking up ALL that mr carter has to offer! I swear he’s so cute! 🙂

Sinceeee I haven’t been on here much

MERRY CHRISTMAS blogger friends!!! AND if I forget to write again…HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! 🙂

My New Years resolution starts soon! 🙂

It’s Okay….September!

It’s Okay that…
….I am counting down the days until I go on maternity leave!!! (20 working days)
….I figured out how to watch The View on my phone and I LOVE it!  Literally it’s my FAVORITE news show (I guess you can call it that right?) well when I watch it I swear I know more about what is going on in the world!!  (my favorite days are when Barbara isn’t there, she annoys me >.<)
….I haven’t watched the speeches from the NDC, and I really really want to!  I need to get on that ASAP!
….I’m super excited for the FIRST baby shower to happen this weekend! 😀  Can’t wait to see everyone and celebrate my little one coming in just a few short weeks 🙂
….I’m excited to see my sister!  I love when she comes to visit and she’ll be here TOMORROW!!  Even if it’s just for the weekend I’m still excited!
….Kim Kardashian really gets on my NERVES!!!  BUT I can’t stop watching KUWTK!!!  -.-
….the husband calls the coffee I drink every day half calf, it makes me laugh!  I’ve never heard that before and he said that’s what you call it at coffee houses, you would swear he worked at a coffee shop, which is not the case
….the puppies really are sooooooooo cute!  they make me laugh on a daily basis and they’re so funny!!!
aren’t they the cutest little puppies ever?? 😀
….I can’t WAIT for all of the Fall Shows to come back!!!  EEEK so exciting!!
….I am actually pretty excited for the MTV Music Awards tonight, they always make me laugh BUT I’m kinda pissed that because we don’t have DirecTV anymore we have to wait until 10 to watch them :l
….it has taken me OVER an hour to get to work every day!!  Eggh so annoying!!!!
….I HATE when people say PIC out loud!  It’s annoying -.-  How hard is it to say PICTURE?
….even when baby Carter is kicking me to hurt me I LOVE IT!!  It’s really an amazing feeling!  It’s so funny that he feels like an alien living inside me, and when he comes out he’s going to be a HUMAN BEING!  I can’t believe it!
….I have been getting a little tiny bit of anxiety about actually having to DELIVER this baby :l  I look at newborn babies and think how cute they are BUT that’s a BIG thing to come out of your body OMG!!!  :-O
….I always look at OLD pictures on Facebook!  and remember exactly what was going on that day!  I swear it’s my favorite pass time!!  Today I was looking at pictures from our wedding!!
love that we were just laughing at enjoying each other
like there weren’t 200 other people there with us
 ….I need a haircut so bad and CAN’T find the time to go get one!!
….I wish I was getting off early tomorrow, but NOPE it’s a Friday where I work a full day booooooo
….some of my students get on my nerves….I HATE that they give me excuses for everything…I’d rather they just tell me the truth OR actually I’d rather them not say anything then MAKE UP lame excuses of why they didn’t show up to a meeting we had scheduled!
….I haven’t been up on my reality TV show watching recently and I feel so out of the loop.
….the husband & I are counting down the days until SOA starts!!  ONLY one more week!!  Ohhhh ya!!
….I have been getting heartburn every single day, I hope that means baby Carter is growing LOTS and LOTS of hair and I hope it’s curly like his dad!! 😀
wasn’t he so cute??  LOVE!!
….I can’t wait for it to be the weekend already!!!

it’s okay-last one of july ALREADY

Welcome back to another Thursday, OHHHH yay!!!!!  I love it when the week goes by fast, ACTUALLY this week did NOT go by fast, BUT it’s Thursday and it’s almost over with, Thank God!
It’s okay that….
…..I was beyond stressed thinking that the husband was going to have to do Jury Duty the entire week before we go on vacation :l  He is an owner operator which means, if he doesn’t go to work he doesn’t get paid…thank god he got let go and they didn’t want him to sit on the jury after all!
…..I haven’t gone grocery shopping in a couple of weeks, I HATE when I have groceries when we leave on vacation because I know they are going to go bad….next week planned meals again!
…..I get easily annoyed when people are OVERLY dramatic!  I refuse to talk to people when they’re being ridiculous
…..I’m OBSESSED with SOA!!!  OMG I love it so much, I’m gonna miss it these four days we are gone, because it’s sooooooo good!  Me & the husband are trying to get through the entire series to catch up so that when the new season comes on we can be right on track.
…..I am super worried about leaving my puppies this weekend, because Marlee & Fox are staying home and Penelope is going to stay with the husbands family….I feel like she’ll be sad without Marlee and I don’t want her to get lost she’s soooooo tiny 🙁
…..Someone MIGHT have stolen my directv box off my front porch, and I really hope it isn’t true!  :/  I put it out there and scheduled USPS to come pick it up and then I got an email from them saying that the item was not as described, and it said total number of packages picked up 0, hmmmm I really really really hope that NO one took the stupid cable boxes, I mean really?  Why would you want them anyway!  AND we share our stairs with only 3 other families and you can’t see our stairs from the street so if someone stole it, they are RIDICULOUS!!!  (fingers crossed that the post office just sent me the wrong email)
…..I am beyond excited to leave on vacation tomorrow!  I love spending time with my family and having 5 days off in a row is a plus too 🙂
…..I am sooooooo much more in love with baby Carter now that I saw him then I was before, it’s so much different when you can actually put a face to the little baby is that is squirming and kicking inside you all day 🙂  LOVE LOVE LOVE him!!!
…..I really need more clothes because MOST of my clothes don’t fit me anymore, especially shirts, that are getting wayyyyyyyy too short :l  BUT I don’t want to buy anymore clothes for myself, I’d rather buy Carter lots of cute stuff!
……I have $25 to spend at Kohls and you better believe I’m going tonight to spend it!  OHHHH ya!  LOVE Kohls Cash & email coupons!! 😀
…..I feel like Summer just got here and now it’s almost over, it makes me sad because summer is USUALLY my favorite time, BUT right now I’m excited for it to leave because that means Fall is here and so is baby Carter 🙂
…..I get annoyed when people tell me “Ugggh it’s cause you’re pregnant!”  NO!  NOT every single thing that annoys me is because I’m pregnant, MAYBE it’s because you’re a dumbass!! -.-
…..some of the bloggers I follow ANNOY me so much, I don’t know why I still read their blogs
…..we had to take Santiago to live at my parents house for a little while 🙁  I’m still sad about it, but he was NOT adjusting to living at the new apartment, I don’t think he liked it and he would just walk around the house crying and crying -.-
….I’m excited to have tomorrow off, even though I have LOTS of things to do!!
….I realized that my baby shower is in ummm 6 weeks, and we haven’t done ANYTHING for it -.-  Need to get on that ASAP!
….I love when we have weekends where we don’t have anything planned and can clean the house from top to bottom, haven’t had one of those in a while…can’t wait for August now!

It’s Okay Thursday!!

YAYY!!!  It’s Thursday, which means we are ALMOST to the weekend!  WOO HOOO!!
Without further ado….
It’s Okay that….
I’m SUPER DUPER excited to go watch Ted this weekend, it looks HILARIOUS!! let’s hope we actually go see it and don’t say we’re gonna go and then not go, LIKE WE ALWAYS DO!
I am getting more excited to move, but who wants to come pack up all my stuff??  I still have not packed A SINGLE thing and that needs to change ASAP!
The puppies are soooooooo adorably cute, but they must go SOON!!  They are so messy and if you ever thought having ONE puppy was a lot of work, OMG FOUR is CRAZY!!  I’m definitely gonna miss them when they are gone, but I WON’T miss the mess that’s for sure!
I had a terrible morning yesterday, but had a good night 🙂  LOVE when that happens
I am in LOVE with coffee again YAY!!  I thought that I was not going to want it ever again, and I LOVE coffee, nothing is better then waking up early and walking around with a fresh cup of coffee!
I LOVE Costco, I mean who doesn’t really?  Unless you don’t know what it is, or don’t have a card!  It is seriously the BESTplace EVER except for the fact that when we go there we always manage to spend wayyyyy more then we had budgeted for…damn you Costco and your amazing stuff!
I can’t wait for the 4th of July, but I really really wish that it wasn’t on a freakin’ WEDNESDAY!! :/ Who schedules a holiday on the day in the MIDDLE of the week!?!  So dumb!  Ehh…at least we’ll go to work for two days, and have to go back for two days right?
I love lighting fireworks!  Sparklers are probably still my favorite 😀
I slept good for two nights in a row, and I think I could get used to this!
I think it’s weird that it’s SOOOO bright at 6:30!!  WTF so weird that it’s so sunny!  I wake up every single morning at 6:30 thinking that for sure it has to be WAY later because it’s way too bright for so early in the morning!
I haven’t gone grocery shopping, and I kinda don’t want to, since we’re moving next weekend and that would mean we would have to transport all that stuff to the new place
I FINALLY got upgraded to a gold card at Starbucks, BUT I’m pretty sure I’m never going to get it, because it takes over a month and we are moving in one week.  Let’s hope the post office changes our address!
I’m excited that I just found out that I can change my address online, YAY!!
I realized that I’m going on Vacation in FOUR weeks, and then 2 and a 1/2 months after that Baby Carter will be here, I can’t believe how fast it is coming!!!
I am super excited for all the things that are coming in the coming months 🙂
ALWAYS watch the news in the morning and NEVER pay attention to the traffic girl because she’s kinda annoying!
I am super grateful for the AMAZING husband, every day (even the days he’s a grouchy ass in the morning) he makes my smile 😀
Santiago has been driving me CRAZY recently jumping on EVERYTHING, does anyone want to borrow a cute siamese cat??  I promise he’s really cute and really loving, but he will GET INTO EVERYTHING!!  AND he definitelythinks knocking things off counters, book shelves, etc is super funny!
I’m excited to go to Disneyland next month, YAY for seeing Cars Land @ 7 AM!!!
I realized that MOST of this post was about things that I’m excited for, I think today is going to be a good day 🙂
Until Next Week Friends,
Happy Thursday!! 😀

It’s Okay Thursday!

YES!!!  I”m so excited it’s Thursday, and really I think that is precisely why I love linking up with Brunch With Amber because it reminds me that it’s almost the weekend!  YAY!!
Okay so here we go…
It’s okay…
…to be excited to go to a routine doctors appointment for the baby, just because you get to hear the heartbeat 🙂
…to not even be annoyed that my appointment was at 10:25 and I didn’t even get put into a room until 11:40 (only the husband was)
…that I have been woken up every single night since the puppies were born because they cry when they can’t get to Marlee, and she just watches them, instead of helps them!  >.< (okay maybe it’s not but they’re so cute so I can’t get that mad)
…to be over the moon excited that our ultrasound is in one week!!!  I can’t wait, that was until the doctor said “well let’s hope he or she participates!”  Ugggh way to burst my bubble doc -.- pleeeeeeease little baby participate because I want to start buying you stuff already!! 😀
…that i am annoyed that my hands are getting all ashy from being washed too much : l
…to sometimes forget that theres really a real life baby growing inside me.
…that i get reminded when the doctors plays baby L’s heartbeat! 😀  LOVE IT!!!
…that i’m excited that it’s a THREE day weekend this weekend…even if i will not be drinking, I can’t wait to get a day off of work and hang out by the pool
…to be even more excited that in a couple of months I will be taking a FIVE day vacation 😀  YAY!!  So excited for the lazy river!
….to be annoyed at peoples attitudes -.-
…to wonder why some people are just mean!
…to remind myself that i don’t ever want my baby to think i’m mean to people…
…to laugh at something that most people don’t think are funny…idk some things just make me laugh!!
…to eat pizza two weeks in a row…okay it’s not okay but the husband makes me!!!
…to LOVE mashed potatoes with corn!!  YUMMM
…to want to eat ice cream every single day!  (don’t worry I don’t)
…to be happy that since my pregnancy started i have only gained 1 pound…let’s hope i don’t catch up later
…to get emotional when i think about the baby
…to get emotional when i think about the puppies leaving
…to want to keep them all!!
…to tell my husband lets keep them all and him say “YAY!  Let’s keep them all!” (clearly he’s not the rational one)
…to want to move into a house, does someone want to put a downpayment for us?
…to want to move to a neighborhood that the husband found in Chino, it is AMAZING!
Okay, so clearly I got carried away this week, BUT I feel like a lot of stuff happened in just one week! 😀
Only 6 more days until we find out if the baby is a he or she! YAY!!

It’s Okay Thursday

Hello and welcome back to another edition of It’s Okay Thursday, man is it just me or does it feel like time is going by fast??  I feel like it was just Monday, and now BOOM!!  Thursday!  That’s a good thing right?  I’m super excited because as of right now we don’t have anything to do this weekend WOOT WOOT for not having any plans…maybe we’ll go shopping for apts and find a SUPER cute one that allows dogs, and has two bedrooms, and is a price that we can afford and live with 😀  **fingers crossed**  OKAY so if you want to join on in, it’s pretty fun!  Head on over to Brunch With Amber


It’s Okay…
….i cancelled netflix, because they had NO good shows or movies anymore!  Since I feel like I watched all of their documentaries.
….I am watching The Real World from the VERY beginning and am wondering how old these people are now…50??
….I keep thinking it’s Wednesday today, and the day is draggingggg
….that I hate the new blogger, it’s so annoying!
….I desperately want to learn how to use illustrator!!  I have had it since as long as I can remember and have never learned how to use it!  NOW its the time!
….I don’t want Marlee to have puppies and wish she didn’t get pregnant 🙁
….I wish I could figure out how to watch Direct TV on my phone, or iPad when I’m not home so that during lunch I could watch all of the shows that I have recorded at home
….I hate spending money on lunch but have been too lazy to go to the grocery store to get stuff to make for dinner in order to bring left overs >.< MAJOR FAIL
….that i got sad last night because Santiago decided that he wanted to leave us and was missing when I went to sleep…don’t worry though when I woke up to use the bathroom @ 3 am the husband informed me that him and the neighbor found him and he was BACK!!
….to get kinda nervous thinking that soon NONE of my clothes are going to fit me…I KNOW they’re not and it’s going to be so hard to find things to wear to work
….that this blog is not going to have any pictures because i’m being too lazy to look for some
….to think about going on vacation every single day
….I am OBSESSED with the sims game on my phone OBSESSED!  It’s so fun, you get to do so much with them!  LOVE IT!!
….this post is getting too long and I want to keep writing it
….i love highlighters they make my notes at work so much cuter 🙂
….i kinda want to go back to school…but i think its just cause i’m bored
….i want to read so many pregnancy and breast feeding books…but i don’t have the energy to look for some good ones
OKAY!!  That was probably the most boring It’s Okay Thursday EVER!!  BUT that’s okay right? 🙂

It’s Okay Thursday

Here for you in another installment of “it’s okay” brought to you by Brunch With Amber! I love doing these, because it allows me to link up AND it’s fun to see what other people write.

So here we go…

It’s Okay that….

…….I get excited when I see the it’s okay post in my bloglovin because then I know that the work week is almost over! YAY!

…….I keep thinking about how I only have to work 1/2 a day tomorrow woot woot!

…….I desperately want to go to Disneyland this weekend!! :l Let’s hope the husband thinks the same thing!

…….I want to move from our apt so bad, that I search on the internet daily for places that would suit us.

…….I get upset because apt owners don’t let my little poms live with us when we see a beautiful apt in our price range that we love, and they don’t allow dogs -.-

…….I really feel like if I’m awake after 10:30 pm I am going to die the next morning from tiredness, but it’s so true!

…….I want to go to on vacation, so bad!

…….I want it to be summer already BECAUSE the weather is better, maybe there will be less traffic coming and going from work, and we are going on a family vacation!

…….I CAN’T wait for Memorial Day, and only because I get a day off of work!!!

…….I long for a teaching job, why can’t i know someone who is a principal or superintedent so I could get the hook up 🙁

…….I really miss my dogs when I’m at work all day, especially on Tuesdays & Thursdays because I get home from work so late

…….I brought a salad for lunch, but want pizza now because the students are selling it and it looks so much better then my lunch!

It’s Okay-Easter

So I found a link to an it’s okay post it was titled Easter Edition and I loved it, so thanks to Faster Than Forever I too am going to do an It’s okay, easter edition (hope she doesn’t mind I’m copying her idea. Okay, so here it is link up to It’s Okay! ONBrunch with Amber and enjoy 🙂

It’s Okay that….

………I had a RIDICULOUS amount of candy at my house yesterday while putting together FIVE Easter baskets! (and I have NO biological children)

………I didn’t actully buy Easter baskets because they are too expensive and get thrown away anyway but instead chose a bucket that has so many posiblities, (popcorn holder anyone?)

………my cat tried to eat the cellophane that I was wrapping my wonderful buckets in (I truly think he is the only cat on the planet that eats things that aren’t food…so weird!)

………the hubby picked out more candy for himself then he did for the kids (he swears he didn’t but I had a HUGE pile of candy left over that only had one of and could not be split by five)

………I put a swimsuit in three of the five easter baskets and they are BEYOND cute! (is it still okay though that I didn’t put any floaties because none of the three can swim?)

……… I came to the conclusion that NEXT year my godson with be TEN and old enough to enjoy a gift card instead of a Easter basket/bucket! Can’t believe he’s so big, what more I can’t believe how old I am!!

……..I gave away some of my tasks for Easter dinner, because some people weren’t doing or bringing anything!

……..I’m only making deviled eggs for Easter, and that I’m wayyyy too excited for them!! LOVE THEM!

……..I’m more excited for Bionico’s and Pink Stuff (a dessert that my grandma makes that is BEYOND delicious BUT sounds and LOOKS terrible) on Easter then the actual food!

……..I keep hearing and seeing people write about how much they hate peeps and that they are so weird, when I have not in fact heard of anyone that does like them

……..I have nothing to wear this weekend and I’m not totally stressed about it yet

……..we want to go to church at six am to miss the crowd but are thinking it will probably be bad all day

……..I’m so so so so so so so so excited for Easter more then I have EVER been before!! It’s gonna be amazing I know it!!

Thanks for stopping by 😀

Linky Party

I have been reading a lot of blogs that have link parties and have always wanted to do one, so TODAY I am linking up withBrunch with Amber and doing…

It’s OKAY Thursday! So here goes,

It’s OKAY….

…..that I have been totally tired at work and haven’t drank coffee, so have turned to Orange Juice instead.

….that I want PHO so bad that the hubby is bringing me some tonight so that I can eat it when I get off of work YES!

….that I work THREE late days this week, I guess they’re making up for that day last week that I switched to work early? LAMEEEE

….that I always feel stressed, I need to do something to calm my anxiety and stress level, anyone know of anything that can help?

….to be excited that I haven’t had to cook all week, because we ate at the in-laws and my parents last night 🙂

….to be excited for both lunch and dinner tonight

….to be counting the days until next pay day.

….to want to go to disneyland this weekend, even if it is just for a pineapple float SOOOOOO GOOD!

….to be cold all the time.

…that I entered a giveaway over at brunch with amber and you should too! 🙂

….to be excited about my late days, because it means I get an extra three hours of sleep YAYYY!

….to be excited that Easter is coming, but NOT excited because I have yet to start on any Easter baskets and THIS year there are FOUR!

This is my first time linking up, but it was actually pretty fun 🙂