OMG!! Baby Carter is 10 months old!!

Weight:  JUST weighed him right now AND he’s 19.5 lbs!  OMG I can’t believe how much he’s gained in the last couple of weeks 🙂

Height:  Last we checked he was 28.5 inches I’m thinking he’s probably 29 now.
Clothing Size:  He still wears LOTS of 4-6, 3-6 and 6-9 clothes.
Diaper Size:  Still in 3’s 🙂
Feeding:  He’s an eating machine now!  He still nurses every morning then eats breakfast, nurses to take his morning nap, then eats lunch some snacks nurses to take his late nap and then wakes up eats dinner, then nurses to sleep.  He’s eating all kinds of regular food now, it makes life so much easier.  A few of his favorites are FRUIT, puffs, and beans 🙂  yep he’s definitely a MEXICAN baby 😀
Sleep:  He’s doing better at sleeping through the night I would say 4 out of 7 nights he sleeps from 10 or 11 to 5 or 6 am, which is awesome!  I’ll take what I can get 🙂
Milestones:  He got his two top teeth this month!  and is learning how to talk more and more, still the only word he really KNOWS how to say is “mommmmmmm” and i love it!   He is a crawling beast now and can crawl everywhere and actually gets annoying when we don’t let him down to crawl!  He is still just standing up on things no standing on his own yet, and he’s still a little bald baby 🙂 but getting more and more hair every day!  Oh and he’s also learned to crawl ON TOP of things!  like our bed, the couch, his toys, etc.
Adventures:  This month we went on our VERY first family vacation!  we had a blast, it was definitely an experience going on vacation with a small baby, and the weather wasn’t perfect but of course we had a good time.  We went to a couple of restaurants to celebrate my birthday and this little dude is so good at restaurants its ridiculous!  I LOVE IT!  As long as we give him food to eat with us, he loves to sit in the cheap accnent chairs with us at the table.
Mommy & Daddy could NOT get through this month without:  Our little pumpkin, I swear he gets more and more fun every single day!  He’s a crack up and is always getting into everything.  We wouldn’t have it any other way.  Also we couldn’t get through this month without lots of snacks, baby food, baby spoons AND lots and lots of toys 🙂
P.S. someone got their top teeth this month too.  They make him look so grown up 🙁

Meltdowns don’t always come from the baby

I’m positive any SAHM has the day where they just feel like NOTHING can go right…where you have a MILLION + 1 things to get done & can’t seem to get 1 done?

This was especially true when carter was a itty bitty baby.  I would wonder how those moms keep their houses spotless, make a six course dinner, cookies for snack, and manage to have lunch with friends!?  Huh?  Where do you find the time??
Guess what I managed to do today?  A bunch of errands & a couple of loads of laundry!  Oh and I just realized that YES I filled the dishwasher but I DID NOT start it -.- and to think I was about to pat myself on the back!
I have noticed that the older carter has gotten the less things I get to do that I like, I don’t craft, because I can’t because carter will grab anything I’m working with since we don’t have a “craft table or room” I don’t get to sew because of the same.  I always wonder what it’s like when people say “pop in a movie and enjoy some free time.” Carter is probably the only kid in the planet that does NOT like TV!  I can get him to sit to watch a show Long enough for me to get into the shows & when I’m out he’s usually getting into something not watching TV anymore.
The last couple of days Carter will NOT take a nap or go to sleep at night without CRYING for approx 1 hour!  -.- and he’s in bed with me!  If I put him in the crib it’s screaming bloody murder until I can’t take it anymore and I go get him.  I have no idea what’s up with him, but I can tell you I am one tired mama.  Mix that on top of me realizing that I haven’t had the time or energy to do any of the “me stuff” I used to enjoy so much.  It’s been a pretty bad couple of days.  I love to blog seriously.  I love when I can go back and look at exactly where I was at that exact moment & exactly what was going through my head!  PLUS I love connecting with my bloggy friends.
But where do I find the time?  I got my laptop out yesterday to work on Carter’s 10 month post & he was standing on his tippy toes trying his hardest to touch ANY button he could!  It was hilarious BUT I had to put it away.
I’m sure you’re gonna say “do fun things while its nap time” suuuuuure if carter would nap longer then 30 minutes after it took me 45 to get him to sleep :l
I’m sure it probably sounds like I’m moaning and complaining about being a stay at home mom and that is NO where near my point AT ALL!  I am beyond grateful to be with Carter all day every day but 10 months later I’m still trying to find a balance, and I often find myself asking, will I ever?
I really hope so, I’m hoping the older Carter gets the more he will entertain himself & I’m hoping one day he’ll be on a steady schedule of napping I mean a solid 2 hour nap every single day would be the most amazing thing ever!  🙂
Wow!  Did that even make any sense at all?  Probably not, but ill leave you with this 🙂
I mean how can he possibly be getting this big?  And you know what?  Even though I have no time for me stuff, taking care of this dude makes it all worth it.

OMG!! Baby Carter is 8 months old!

Again, so late!  I know I’m so behind it’s ridiculous, how do all these bloggers keep up with their blog and their kids?  My kid keeps me super busy!  BUT Carter is well on his way to 9 months I can’t believe how fast it’s gone!

Weight:  Last time I weighed him he was about 17 lbs, I really have no idea how people keep up with it all the time.

Height:  I think I measured him that he was about 26″ I think shoot I’m terrible at keeping track of these things, I can never remember.

Clothing Size:  In clothes that actually run true to size like Carter’s & Osh Kosh he’s in 9 months.  Everywhere else, like gap, old navy he’s in 6-12 in tops and 3-6 in bottoms 🙂  He’s a skinny little guy 😀

Diaper Size:  Still size 3’s 🙂

Feeding:  He eats 2 mostly 3 meals a day now plus lots of puff snacks and fruit, and still BF every couple of hours.  He’s a chubby baby in a skinny baby’s body

Sleep:  same, great some nights awful other nights.

Milestones:  This month was a HUGE one, Carter’s two bottom teeth popped out AND he officially started crawling and not just scooting!

Adventures:  No idea this was months ago 🙁 I also decided to buy an outdoor advanture playhouse after reading a review at

OMG!! Baby Carter is 1/2 a year old!!

YES!!  I know I’m wayyyy late,  Carter will already be 7 months a week from yesterday! BUT here it is anyway 🙂

Weight: still 15 lbs but we go to the doctor this week, to get an actual measurement considering I just stand on the scale and then pick him up and stand on it again to measure his weight 🙂  doubt it exact.

Height:  I think he’s about 25 inches we shall see very soon.

Clothing Size:  He’s all over the place, in pajamas and stuff he’s in 6, 6-12 or even 12m, in clothes he can still fit some 3-6 and 12m shirts, either he’s a weird size OR all these clothing companies need to get their ish together and get the sizing right.

Diaper Size:  still in 3’s and doesn’t seem like he’s going to be out of them for a while.

Feeding:  This month he started eating REAL food, well baby food!  I think we were more excited then him, actually I’m positive we were, at first he was confused but NOW he LOVES it!  Cries for more, it’s so cute!  He’s still BF too, which is great!  Can’t believe how fast he’s growing seriously!

Sleep:  Ummm that depends on the night, some nights he sleeps GREAT!  only waking up once at like 6 am to eat, some nights not so much.  so we’ll say it’s inconsistent.

Milestones:  He started scooting along this month.  He can ALMOST crawl!  He gets up on all fours and bounces and he’ll move his hands forward and feet forward just can’t figure out how to move them all at the same time.  I think it’s just gonna be a couple more weeks and he’ll have it down.  He also started sitting up pretty steady this month.  I love that we can sit him places now.  I feel like he’s grown so much this month, it’s amazing because I remember asking people like when do babies crawl?  when do babies start eating?  When do they sit up good?  and it was always 6 months and now that we’re here it’s crazy that he is reaching all these milestones at once!  He also babbles a lot now, he says Mommmmmmmmm and i love it!  (guess we still can’t call it his first word?  but it’s the only “word” he says)  😉

Adventures:  We had his baptism.  He celebrated his first Easter.  We definitely did MORE but I can’t remember it all 🙂

Mommy & Daddy could NOT get through this month without:  Our sweet baby boy.  I don’t know how it’s at all possible, but I swear we fall MORE and MORE in love with this little boy every single day!  He’s amazing.  We also couldn’t have gotten through the last month without our A&A swaddlers STILL yes he lovesssss to be swaddled, our chuppies, our spoons 🙂 bibs, cheap accent chairs and sophie!

To commemorate, I just bought a pack and play mattress to keep my baby safe while playing without me ^^













OMG!! Baby Carter is FIVE months old!!



Clothing Size:  he is MOSTLY in 3-6 month clothes, he can still fit into his 3 month onesies, and they fit PERFECT I’m thinking that within the next couple of weeks they won’t fit anymore, but right now his 6 month ones just fit so big.  AND all of his t-shirts, like the stretchy material ones are 6 months, idk he just doesn’t fit into the smaller ones.  AND his shoes he’s in size 2 still, but I always buy at least size 3 or even 4 because I get so nervous that he’ll just grow overnight and then he won’t get to wear them at all.

Diaper Size:  welllllll he SHOULD be in size 2 still, because that is what fits him BUT I order his diapers on amazon and since we order by the hundreds, I was so worried that he’d outgrow his size 2 diapers before we got to use them all, so I ordered size 3…now I’m thinking I messed up and should have just stuck with the 2’s because the 3’s don’t fit his waist at all….what to do what to do…still haven’t figured it out…BUT he’ll probably just be in size 3 FOREVER since we put him in them so early.

Feeding:  He is still EBF BUT at six months we are going to start giving him food….is it bad that I seriously CAN NOT wait!!  I can’t wait to see how he reacts to food…and to not be the only one to feed him….soooo by next month update he should have already tasted his first food, and I’ll be SURE to post lots and lots of pictures 🙂  (i’m sure you would love that right?)

Sleep:  hmmmm well for the MOST part his sleep is good, BUT my poor little dude is teething because he’ll randomly wake up at night screaming his head off!    If we stick some orajel in his mouth his is instantly fine, and goes right back to sleep…my poor baby 🙁  I hope those teeth pop out SOON!

Milestones:  He can sit up for a couple of seconds now, maybe 30 and then he’ll throw himself over to the side.  he also can get around anywhere on our floor, he’ll figure a way to get there by turning and spinning and rolling, it’s so funny!  He knows his  name now and will turn when someone calls him 🙂  he gets distracted when eating, so if someone’s talking he’ll turn his head like they’re talking to him (funny but kinda annoying when I’m trying to feed him discreetly).  he laughs at all kinds of stuff now, makes things so much funnier then they are because he’s busting up laughing.

Adventures:  this month carter helped his dad celebrate his bday 🙂

Mommy & Daddy could NOT get through this month without:  Baby Carter, we seriously can’t get enough of his bald head.  Oh and our swaddle blankets (still) all of our cute clothes AND The Black Keys!  Carter loves loves loves them 😀

I know that I have heard people say over and over again, BUT it truly does get better & better every single day!  Right now he learns so much!!!  He can copy lots of things we do.  and he pays so much attention to us!  I never in a million years thought that motherhood would be THIS amazing!  He really brings so much joy to us, and I can’t believe that he’s been here for ALMOST 1/2 year!!!

my little bald headed baby is getting more hair, and it’s even more funny that it grows funny so it looks like he constantly has bed head 🙂  I PROMISE I brushed it before these pics!

OMG!! Baby Carter is FOUR months old!!

Weight: just weighed him and he’s 14.6 :O can’t believe how big he’s getting!  that’s ALMOST double what he was born at!  #pleasestopgrowingsofast

Height:  I think he’s probably about 25 inches, last time I checked he was 2 feet 🙂

Clothing Size:  He can still fit his 3 month clothes (barely) and he’s MOSTLY in 3-6 BUT anything six 6 months is still ridiculously big!  Except t-shirts, and pajamas those he has to have in size 6 months, I’m thinking it’s because of the material?  I don’t know but I can’t believe he can even fit into six month clothes at all!

Diaper Size:  Still size 2, but since I order his diapers on amazon I ordered size 3 next, so we’ll see how that goes.

Feeding:  He’s still exclusively BF, we’re waiting until he gets closer to 6 months to start any solids, EVEN if everyone in my family thinks it’s time for him to eat CAKE   >.<  anyone else have this problem??

Sleep:  Hmmm I can’t really say, he’s steady because one week he’ll sleep 6 hours straight then then wake up to eat and go back to sleep for another 6 hours, BUT other times he’s up every two hours, SO all I can say is I am either used to waking up like this or it’s getting better, because I hardly ever feel tired in the mornings.

-This month he started smiling at people that you know, I can’t help but smile when he start smiling & kicking your feet because he see me or his dad it’s the BEST.
-He LAUGHS so much now, especially when you tickle him, HILARIOUS!
-Starts kicking in the bath
-Is slowly BUT surely learning how to use his jumper.
(actually he shuffles, I MUST get it on video asap)
-He learned how to whine, is that a milestone?
-He learned how to roll on his side and will eventually turn himself completely around!! :-O
-He also learned how to roll kinda he’ll get over BUT gets stuck AND he can roll from his stomach to his back ONLY the first time you put him down after that he won’t do it again…weird? Ya I thought so too.
-OH and he LOVES to play indian 🙂 (is that what it’s called?  when you pat their mouth and they make noise?  that’s probably not the politically correct word at all BUT I am part indian soooo i can say that right?)
-Oh and he learned how to YELL!!!  I love it!!!  SO funny!
-OMG I totally ALMOST forgot!!!  He learned to say MOM!!!!!  NO joke, he says it…I’m sure he doesn’t know he’s calling me…BUT he does say MOM 😉  does that count as his first word?  or he has to associate it with something for it to be a word, and not just a sound?  Whateva…his FIRST sound is MOM 🙂  LOVE LOVE LOVE!  CLEARLY he loves me the MOST 😀

(Man we learned lots this month ha?)

-Went to a Toms Sale GOT 7 pairs of brand new Toms!
-Took Valentine’s Day pictures!
-Celebrated Valentines Day
-Took our FIRST family pictures 😉 (pictures coming soon)

Mommy & Daddy could NOT get through this month without:
Carter!!  Literally he’s the highlight of our lives, I can’t believe how much I Love this kid.
-his jumper, he loves that thing!!
-his chuppies (he’s obsessed)
-STILL lovin our Aden + Anais swaddlers
-OUR phones, so we can take LOTS and LOTS of pictures and videos of our cute little boy!  🙂

Now, please Carter STOP GROWING SO FAST!!  These last FOUR months have FLOWN by, I feel like I’m going to wake up and my sweet little boy is going to be 18!  -.-  Slow down time!!!  You’re giving me whiplash!

Happy 4 Months baby 🙂

A couple of photoshoots :)

Okay, so I made it my new years resolution to start taking more pictures with my NICE camera.  I mean I have one and it doesn’t get used nearly enough!  So, this year I have been trying to use it AS MUCH as possible!  I mean I do have a cute baby to take LOTS of pictures of now 🙂

So, without further ado, take a peak at my SD card 🙂

OH and prepare for picture overload!  OH and I’m pretty sure Carter is completely OVER taking picture, it’s okay, he’ll thank me when he’s older and has a MILLION picture to look at of himself as a baby 🙂

Oh, P.S. if you follow me on IG you probably have seen some or most of these, sorryyyyy but I mean they’re pretty cute so enjoy again 🙂
















I KNOW that I am probably the WEIRDEST person on the planet, or the only one but I don’t really ever listen to music….I mean I put it on in the background sometimes, BUT most of the times I forget and end up either sitting in the quiet or with the TV on, I mean when I used to commute my ridiculous commute I would much rather listen to Talk Radio, then music….I know, I know…I’m weird.

However, I have noticed that Carter LOVES music, so much that he’ll be whining because he’s tired or frustrated, OR who knows what he’s feeling BUT as soon as I turn on some music, ESPECIALLY The Black Keys, he calms down, it’s like instantly he’s in love.

with music…clearly  he gets that from his dad because as I mentioned above I hardly ever listen to music.  But it is amazing!  I mean he can sit with me at the computer listening to music and be so calm for so long.  Maybe he’ll be a rockstar some day?  And I can tell him stories of him crying and turning on music to calm him down?  Let’s hope he also makes millions 🙂

We recently downloaded some lullabies he LOVES LOVES LOVES them!  you know what they are? Lullabies that sound like REAL music 🙂  I mean you can download a lullabye sounding song that sounds just like No Doubt, Coldplay, Metallic, and LOTS and LOTS more!!!  It’s the BEST!

Rock-A-Bye Website

If you have a baby, are expecting a baby OR just like cool things check it out.  Baby Carter LOVES it! I mean when I was pregnant and actually still now I am constantly looking for “cool and different” things for Carter I get so tired of the standard cookie cutter things that are available at Babies R Us and Target so I crave different 🙂

Any of you Momma’s out there have any cool product that you use for your babe that I should check out?  😉

P.S. I wish Rock A Bye would have paid me for this post, BUT if anyone at Rock-A-Bye baby sees this post, feel FREEEE to send me some free downloads my baby loves them 🙂

A Change in Perspective

Okay soooo before becoming a mom I always thought….

I don’t know why people let their kids dictate their schedules, I mean aren’t you supposed to tell them what to do??

If you have never thought this then good for you, but clearly I was delusional!  Because since having Carter I am NO where near in charge of my own schedule.

I remember at the end of my pregnancy we were going to go to dinner with some friends and the husband had invited one of his old friends from high school and he said they couldn’t go because they don’t take their kids out at night.  I told the husband, hmmm that’s weird.  I wonder why?  Seems weird to me, to be home at a certain time just because of your kids.

Well, fast forward 4 months and I am in the same exact predicament.  You see, now I am the mom telling people that we can’t go out to dinner with them, because my baby needs to be in bed at a decent hour!  Am I really THAT mom??  Please bloggy friends don’t tell me I am the only one besides the husbands friend….

I thought that I wouldn’t be this way, and when we first had Carter, WE were in charge of our own schedule, we did what we wanted, stood out late with family and friends, and put Carter to sleep when we wanted to.

Three months later we were dealing with him still waking up at all hours of the night and never having a good nap in the day time.  You see a 3 month old that is not SLEEPING is not a very fun 3 month old.  Carter was CRANKY MC CRANKY!  So grouchy I was starting to call him Mr. Grouchy! (well he still is BUT it’s different now).

So, I started reading “The No-Cry Sleep Solution“and at one point author says babies NEED routines, if you don’t put your baby to bed at a decent hour they won’t sleep throughout the night!  Then I thought to myself, wait?  So, I shouldn’t let my 3 month old go to sleep with us?  Weird.  (dumb to think of it now, but I figured he didn’t NEED a bed time because he didn’t NEED to wake up at a certain time.)

So, I started giving him a bath around the same time every day, going to bed around the same time everyday and low and behold my little baby is becoming not so much of a grouchy pants anymore!  Can you believe it?!  I know me either!

So, now when anyone asks “Do you want to go to dinner?”  I say “as long as it’s an early dinner say 5?” Unless it’s at our house where we can put him to bed and then eat later.  Please don’t judge me, because I too have become one of THOSE parents who’s life revolves around their kids.

And, you know what?

I don’t mind it.

I mean, when the husband and I decided to have a baby we knew that our lives would no longer be our own, I mean NOW we have a baby that depends on us every day to do the right thing by him, and create for him the BEST life that we possibly can 🙂  AND if that means I can no longer go out for late night dinners, that’s completely fine by me!


Tonight, the husband and I were watching old videos of us when we first started dating and as we were watching them it felt like just yesterday that all those things happen, when in reality it’s been almost FIVE years since we first started dating…man on man time sure does fly by when you’re having fun.

So of course while our baby sleeps and we talk and have remember all the fun things we did while we were dating, I can’t help but sit here and think about how truly grateful I am.

Grateful, for all that has happened to me since me and the husband decided to become boyfriend and girlfriend.

Grateful, that he chose me to be his wife, forever and always.

Grateful, that I have truly married my BEST FRIEND, the person that I could talk to about ANYTHING always.  I mean I did just watch a video of me going on and on to him about being pissed because someone (I’m assuming my sister) bought the WRONG kind of doritos and the ones SHE bought weren’t ON SALE she paid FULL price, and FOOD 4 LESS ALWAYS has Doritos on sale!  YES that really happened.

Grateful, that although we aren’t in the EXACT life position we would like to be, I mean it WOULD be wonderful if I had a teaching job lined up, OR we owned our OWN house, BUT we are in this life TOGETHER and more in love then I EVEN thought possible.

Grateful, that through our love that came after 7 years of friendship and our 5 years of dating, we have created this perfect human being…this tiny person that neither of us could love anymore.

And grateful, for all that god has given me, I mean I don’t mean to brag (okay maybe I’m bragging just a little bit) BUT I truly love my life, and am thankful to god every single day for giving me such an amazing husband to spend such an amazing life with.

Happy Weekend Friends 🙂  Have a GREAT one! 😀

Happy 3 Months Baby Carter

3 months!?!!?  Where does the time go??  I KNOW that everyone always says that, but really??  THREE whole months already!!!  OMG!  I can’t believe how much different Carter is just from a short three months ago!  Where did my little squishy scrunchy baby go??  Long gone are the days of a tiny newborn we now have an INFANT!  Is it bad that when I got the email telling me that my little baby was NO longer classified as a newborn it made my eyes water, because I can’t believe how fast the newborn stage went by?  I mean I can NOT even explain to you how excited I am for him to get bigger and to see more of his personality unfold BUT I just can’t believe how fast my tiny baby is growing!  P.S. is it bad that I am already getting teary-eyed thinking that one day my baby is going to be a man 🙁  I can’t even think about it….ugh I swear my pregnancy hormones never went away!  BUT anywho I’ll stop making myself get sad about things that aren’t going to come for many many years AND give you a run down of things we did THIS month! 😀

Weight: I’m POSITIVE he’s OVER 13 lbs now!!  I’m thinking 13 and a quarter maybe?  He feels so heavy!  At his two month appointment (yes it was a couple of weeks late) he was 12 lbs 11 oz, and I definitely think he went through a growth spurt right after that!

Height: at his 2 month appt he was 24 inches, woot woot my baby is OFFICIALLY over 2 feet tall, next up Six Flags 🙂  AND I feel like his pants are still shrinking :l  Maybe he’s gonna be tall!??  Let’s hope.

Clothing size: He is OFFICIALLY in SOME 6 months clothes, definitely can fit 3-6 and I was so sad the other day we put him in some 6-12 month pjs and they fit!!  A tiny bit big but still!?  At this rate he’s going to go through all of his clothes SUPER fast!  He still fits 3 months but MOST of his 0-3 besides onesies are getting kinda snug…all his cute sleep n’ plays are getting a little tight in the feet 🙁

Diaper size: He’s in size 2 for sure, after all those blow outs we had in size 1 we changed him and YEP it was the diapers, he can’t help it this baby’s got back! 🙂

Feeding:  I’ve been so bad at keeping track of when he eats….usually because my phone is dying!  BUT he’s eating around every 3-4 hours maybe longer if he’s sleeping.

Sleep: he’s been okay…I don’t really know because whenever he wakes up at night now I’m like a zombie and don’t really notice that he’s awake I just feed him and we all go back to sleep…usually I don’t even notice what time it is.

Milestones: OMG!!  I was sooooo excited that this month he started laughing!!  I can’t get enough!!!  Eeeek it’s soooooo freakin cute!!!  I LOVE LOVE LOVE it, definitely the CUTEST thing he does by far, BUT this little grouchy baby does not do it often, he MUST find something really funny to laugh I NEED to get it on video.  He also babbles a lot more now, DEFINITELY knows what he’s looking at AND puts things in his mouth…like your arm, his hands, and sometimes he’ll figure out how to get his own chuppie back into his mouth 🙂

Adventures: let’s seee….we had our FIRST Christmas & New Years this month

AND we started a brand new year….we also got registered for our baptism….

Carter went to his first ever kids party!

We got to wear our Dodger Jacket even if its a little big…

He got his first shots!

and he learned how to play playstation 🙂









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A Birth Story-Part 1

So, I LOVE reading all about other peoples birth stories AND I want to remember EVERYTHING about the day that Carter was born so here it is people…pretty sure it’s going to be pretty long, so skip ahead as you wish 🙂

My due date was October 21st so when I woke up on Sunday and didn’t feel NOT one contraction I starting thinking about how that day was MORE then likely NOT going to be the day that baby Carter would make his grand appearance!

AND then I went on Twitter and I saw all of the Kardashians posting that the 21st was Kim K’s Bday!
I KNEW for sure he would NOT come that day now….he’s like his dad and I knew he didn’t wanna share his bday with Kim K!  BUT I was still a tiny bit hopeful!  THAT maybe he’d change his mind!  OR I was going to do things to try to push him a tiny bit!
I really did EVERY single one of these things and NO baby Carter did NOT want to come out!!  I remember as we were doing all these things trying to get him to make his appearance already the husband and I kept saying that it would be funny if he did come and then EVERYONE would say see the “whatever they told me to try” worked!  So the husband gave me reese’s peanut butter cups and said “if you go into labor tonight, we’re gonna tell everyone it’s because you ate reese’s peanut butter cups!  OH!  AND chicken wings cause you ate those tonight too!”  We could NOT stop laughing we watched a movie and THEN we kept hearing an alarm going off…it was like 10pm on a sunday and we kept hearing this stupid car alarm going off FOREVER!  Finally the husband went to go check who it was and it was a girl PASSED out in her car (I guess her bf/husband was trying to wake her up by pressing the panic button CLEARLY it was NOT working!) BUT me and the husband could NOT stop laughing we kept running from the living room to our bedroom (where there is a window that looks down into the parking lot) and laughing at the girl passed out in her car!  She was arguing with her boyfriend and it was so funny!  We were rolling (Okay, I’m sure this was a LOT more funny in person BUT this may or may not have been ONE of the reasons I went into labor) after running back and forth for 45 minutes to an hour the girl finally went to bed while yelling at whoever was taking her to bed and we had a good laugh and then watched the end of the movie!  The clock turned passed midnight and I had finally accepted that Baby Carter would NOT be one of the 5% that was born ON his due date!  Me and the husband were getting ready to go to bed and I changed the calendar in our living room to October 22nd and we headed to bed.
While I was laying there trying to get comfortable as MUCH as you can while 40 weeks and ONE day pregnant, I realized that I was getting cramps!  I had to spend a day at labor & delivery earlier in the week and they were tracking my contractions and they finally told me that what I had been feeling the last couple of weeks things that felt just like menstrual cramps were contractions and I now knew what to look for.  SO when I started getting cramps I was thinking oh cool at least a couple of contractions maybe he’ll come in the next few days!  I DID NOT want to be pregnant ALL the way until my next appt which wasn’t until THURSDAY!  I laid there watching TV and realized that my “cramps” were coming often even if they didn’t hurt….so I busted out my HANDY pregnancy app and started timing my “cramps” (at the time I THOUGHT they MIGHT be contractions but couldn’t be POSITIVE!
I started tracking
They were every 4 minutes or SO but they didn’t hurt…I mean they were just like regular cramps they didn’t feel like everyone told me they would feel (worse pain in the world) sooooo I just kept timing…UNTIL it had been 1 hour!  and I realized that I MIGHT be in labor :-O  soooooo after about an hour and a 1/2 of timing them coming every 3-4 minutes I decided I should probably call L&D and see what they said….I called and they told me that unless I was in a LOT of pain or they got super close together I could stay at home…so I did…and I was watching TV still timing…they got closer and closer together but still weren’t hurting like I thought they should.  BUT once they were coming EVERY 2 minutes I decided that we were going to have to go to the hospital so I took a shower and started getting ready to go to the hospital…once I got out of the shower I realized that they were now every minute and a half apart!!  I immediately woke up the husband and tried to get him to hurry because NOW I was nervous that Carter would want to hurry up and come out and I wouldn’t get to the hospital in time for an epidural (my biggest fear about having a baby was thinking I might have to do it with NO drugs) :l  I know I’m terrible BUT whateva, I heard what that pain feels like and I feel NO need to feel it if I don’t have to!
We got ready and NOW it was exciting!  We all piled into the car, the husband and I plus the puppies, since we had already talked to my mom and told her that IF we had to go to the hospital in the middle of the night that she would come to the hospital to pick up the puppies from us and they would stay with her and my dad while we stood in the hospital! sooooo while we were on our way to the hospital I called my mom to meet us there and we were on our way….those 20 minutes felt like FOREVER because I had no idea how far along I was and I did NOT want to give birth in a car!  We FINALLY got there and my contractions were a steady minute and a 1/2 apart and lasting 50 seconds to a minute and 30!  It was a crazy feeling…when you are having a contraction it hurts…and then once it’s over it’s like you were never in pain at all…it kept making me laugh when the contraction would go away because I would immediately not be in pain anymore…we got to the hospital and my mom was there waiting for us…we handed her the dogs and we told her we would let her know what they told us once we were checked and stuff.  we got to L&D and were told that LOTS of ladies were having there baby that day!  We figured that NO babies wanted to be born on Kim K’s bday AND all the babies wanted to be born on the last day that they could be before becoming scorpios 🙂  (my entire pregnancy my whole family just kept saying…I hope he’s born on his due date so that he could be a libra…we don’t want another scorpio (considering both my mom and gma are libras) P.S. last day of libra is October 22nd 🙂
To be Continued…..can’t wait for you guys to hear alllllllllll about the actual delivery part (that was my FAVORITE part) and still makes me tear up thinking about it!  🙂

Happy 2 months Carter!!!

Wow!!! I CAN’T believe this little dude is ALREADY 2 months old (okay, I’m a little behind & he’s 2 months & 2 weeks old) BUT time is literally FLYING by!!!

Here’s a run down of things we did this month!

Weight: I’m POSITIVE he’s 12 lbs now!! When we went to the hospital he was 11 lbs 9 oz soooo I’m sure he’s bigger then 12 lbs now BUT we have his 2 month appt finally next Tuesday so we’ll know for sure then!

Height: all of his pants are getting so short on his I’m POSITIVE he’s 2 feet tall by now 🙂 we shall see next week!

Clothing size: he definitely DOES NOT fit in ANY newborn clothes AT ALL 🙁 AND even now some of his 0-3 are getting too small RIP woody pajamas we loved you while we could wear you :l

Diaper size: at his 2nd month birthday he was still wearing size 1 BUT as of today he is NO longer fitting in size 1 🙁 we had three blowouts today PRETTY sure it had something to do with the fact that I have 30 size 1 diapers that I did NOT want to waste 🙁 and was FORCING his little butt to fit in them! 🙁 anyone know where I can send diapers to babies that need them?

Feeding: he’s a little fatty at night he’s good but during the day he eats every 2-3 hours AND if he takes any nap at all when he wakes up he’s immediately hungry EVEN if he just ate an hour 1/2 ago -.- better during the day then @ night though

Sleep: he’s been doing soooo good @ night! Thank god!! He sleeps about 4-5 hours then he’s up between 4-5 to eat goes back to sleep until 7-8 and them goes back to sleep until 10 (we are night owls in this house can you tell?)

Milestones: he is a smiley baby now! He smiles all the time & “talks” all the time!! He’s able to track people & objects so good now! Oh & he plays play station! 😉

Adventures: wellll @ 6 weeks I told you we went to Disneyland and then we went AGAIN @ 7 weeks!! We also had thanksgiving in the month AND we did LOTS of shopping! OHHHH and we visited my job! 🙂

Thanksgiving 2012


First Trip to Disneyland


Sleeping with his best friend 🙂


loveddddd this shirt and so sad he only got to wear it once :l


“Can you guys believe I’m already 2 months old?”

Disneyland :)

While I was still pregnant our old neighbors/friends/new neighbors invited us to eat @ Club 33 in Disneyland…if you don’t know what that is its a kinda exclusive kinda undercover restaurant in Disneyland that you MUST have a membership to in order to eat there! Soooo of course when they invited us we jumped @ it because I mean being the Disney lovers that we are of course we wanted to go! Welllll they got the reservations for December 1st and we were excited! Only thing I wasn’t excited for was leaving baby carter (yes, I have become obsessed with my baby & NO I do not want to leave him With anyone!) soooo thank god our friends said he was welcome to join us and we were ready for baby Carter to spend his first day @ Disneyland 🙂

We had reservations for noon so we of course were running late & around just in time we didn’t even have to take the baby in with us to eat because lucky for us the husbands brother (Carter’s soon to be god father) and his wonderful girlfriend also came with us so they stood in the park with baby carter while he slept & the husband myself & our friends went to eat! Let me say club 33 is AMAZING the steak was delicious and it was pretty cool being somewhere where not a Lot of people are allowed! And it was cool looking out from the balcony! We ate a delicious lunch and spent the rest of the day walking around looking @ the cute Christmas decorations that Disney has to offer! AND it was Carter’s 1st time soooo of course we HAD to get his 1st time pin, his Mickey ears and take a family pic! It was so much fun! We actually didn’t mind having a brand new baby with us at all!

AND I’m so surprised I didn’t know this already BUT Disneyland has a nursery where you can change the baby (on a nice soft changing pad, not in a cold bathroom), nurse a baby, feed a baby in a high chair, they sell baby food, bottled and lots of other stuff you need for a baby it is so cool! And I really can’t believe in ALL of the times I’ve been to Disneyland I had NO idea this place existed! 🙂

We DID end up going back to Disneyland the following Sunday to see the husbands sister perform in a concert it’s called candlelight and its BEAUTIFUL if you’re at Disney during Christmas I definitely recommend it!

p.s. the Baby Bjourn is amazing! I love how easy it is to travel with him and you still have free hands! Loooove it!

And now lots of pics 🙂










Happy 6 Weeks Baby Carter :)

Baby Carter Weights:  I weighed him last week and he was already 10.2 lbs :-O he’s growing so fast!!  BUT I’m pretty sure that this week he’s almost if not 11 lbs by now!
Height: we measured him last night and he was 22 ALMOST 23 inches!
Clothing size: he is wearing newborn sized onesies still BUT all of his newborn outfits are way too small 🙁
Diaper size:  We switched over to ones and the other day I found a couple of newborn diapers to put him in and they were SO small there was NO way they would fit him!  It was hilarious!  So he’s OFFICIALLY in size 1 diapers now!
Feeding:  he’s in a growth spurt right now and eating ALMOST every two hours (terrible for me at night) but he’s a growing guy!
Sleep:  his sleep is still all messed up BUT he’s sleeping for longer periods of times thank god!  I think he’s going through a growth spurt this week, so we’re hoping next week is going to be a little better.
Milestones:  he is OFFICIALLY smiling and I swear I could be dead tired and he’ll smile at me and it makes my heart melt 🙂  I LOVE IT!!!
Adventures:  We definitely went on an adventure this week!!!
(separate post coming soon)

Mommy and Daddy could not get through this week without:  LOTS and LOTS of diapers, we found out that we could return ALL of our pampers and put the money on a gift card at Target!  YAY because we can get huggies for wayyyy cheap using amazon mom!  LOVE!  Hellooooo 230 diapers for $29!  Oh and we could DEFINITELY not do without our giraffe he LOVES LOVES LOVES IT!

Happy 4 Weeks Baby Carter :)

I did write this WHOLE post when it was supposed to be written BUT then I didn’t like the way that it was formatted so I never posted it soooo here is it!  🙂 JUST a little over a week late NBD 😀

Baby Carter Weights:  I’m thinking around 9 lbs for sure!  He’s getting so heavy!!
Height: I think he’s the same he was 21 inches
Clothing size: He still fits in a lot of his newborn clothes BUT since he only has a couple of NB outfits I have been putting him in some 0-3 and most of them are HUGE but we make due
Diaper size:  He’s still in newborn once in a while we’ll put him in size 1 BUT they’re so big so we went out and bought some more NB
Feeding:  He’s eating good!  🙂  NOT too sure how much BUT he is definitely waking up every 3-4 hours at night :l
Sleep:  Ugh his sleep is ALL messed up!!  It’s terrible!  One night he’ll sleep really good and only wake up once at night and then the next night he’ll decide that he wants to wake up at 2/3 and stay up until 6/7 it’s terrible!  I’m HOPING that it was just a phase and we will outgrow it ASAP!
Milestones:  he has better and better head control i love it!!  PLUS he’s smiling more, not completely on purpose BUT I don’t care I LOVE it!!  It brightens his whole face and makes me fall EVEN more in love with him…i didn’t even know that was possible!!
Adventures:  this week it was raining so we didn’t do much at ALL!!  We did however take our first big boy bath and this dude LOVED it!!  I’ll make sure to post some pics asap 🙂
Mommy and Daddy could not get through this week without:  still swaddlers even though we use them for a lot less swaddling and a lot more comfort.  PLUS we LOVE our pack n play, the owls are his favorite!  🙂  AND LOTS AND LOTS of diapers!!  I LOVE LOVE LOVE huggies little snugglers 🙂  i’m so sad because we got SOOOOOO many pampers at our baby shower but I LOVEEEEEEE the huggies ones…can’t be ungrateful though right?  Pampers were free!  I’ll learn to love them!
“King Of The Crib”
“I’m mad!  I lost all my hair!”
sleepy smiles 😀

OMG! Baby Carter is ONE month OLD!

where did the MONTH go?!?!

I can’t even believe that I have spent a whole month without a BIG belly and instead have been taking care of a handsome little boy!

I’m going to share with you some of my FAVORITE pictures from this month that has literally FLOWN by!!!

I’m so thankful for this little dude, he’s literally amazing!  EVEN when he’s super fussy I just can’t get enough of him….I didn’t know it was possible but I really love him more and more each and every single day 🙂

outfit home from the hospital 🙂
soooo tiny in his car seat
looooove a naked baby 🙂
his face has already changed so much 🙁
grouchy butt!
“get outta my face!”
we were sleepyyyyyy
thanksgiving day shopping 🙂
just hanging out
i dont think he liked the beanie
don’t mind my nursing bra :l

just in looking at these pictures I can’t believe how much he has changed in a month!  He’s grown so much!  and has already gotten such a personality!  I can’t wait to see what else god has in store for us!

Birth Announcement

I was going back and forth trying to decide if I even wanted to order Announcements BUT I couldn’t help it!  I want to share with everyone how ADORABLE baby Carter is 🙂  RIDICULOUS I know!  BUT still these came out AMAZING (well at least they look good on the computer) I had a $20 gift card from Target from when we registered for our baby showers, AND then all the cards were 40% off!!  WOOT WOOT so if you spend $30 you get FREE shipping!  If you’ve been here a while you KNOW that I LOVE a good deal!  SOOOOOO that means I paid less then a DOLLAR for each card and the reviews all say they are GREAT quality and printed amazing!  I can’t wait to get them…IF they do come out good I know where I am getting our Christmas Cards printed 🙂

Happy 3 Weeks Baby Carter :)


Weight: went to the doctor on monday, and he’s 8 lbs 8 oz!  :-O  ALMOST a full pound over what he was when he was born!  (growing soooo fast)
Height: he grew 1 inch and is now 21 inches
Clothing size: he still fits in some of his newborns, especially because his 0-3 are HUGE!!  Soooo I’ll say he’s in between sizes 🙂
Diaper size: Newborn sometimes we put him in 1’s but they feel way too huge!
Feeding: wellllllll when we went to the LC this week she weighed him and he had eaten 4 1/2 oz from one side!  HE CAN EAT!
Sleep: ehhhh he goes for days where he sleeps for 5 to 6 hours straight at night AND then the next night he’ll decide that he wants to be up every 2 hours or we’re working on sleeping more hours though 🙂
Milestones: he smiles more….it’s NOT on purpose but I LOVE when he does it!  It’s the BEST it lights up his whole face!  AND his belly button FINALLY fell off on Friday (that’s a milestone right?)
Adventures: hmmm we took our FIRST solo trip to the doctors office a couple of weeks ago 🙂
Mommy and Daddy could not get through this week without:  lots and lots of cuddles with our little baby 🙂  our Aden + Anais Swaddlers our Automatic Bouncer and our Gum Drop Pacifiers PLUS the baby connect app which helps me keep track of ALL things that baby does!  I LOVE it!
P.S. this week is the first time that grandpa held baby Carter (pic above) and this week finally Baby Carter’s belly button fell off! 🙂
I hate that this pic is blurry (stupid iPhone) BUT he sleeps like this ALL the time and it always makes me laugh 🙂
Next up:  First big boy bath!

1st Photo Shoot

On Sunday, I wanted to make sure that I took baby Carter’s newborn pictures, like I said I want to remember what these times were like, and I refuse to pay 1 million dollars for newborn pictures when I KNOW I could take some here at the house and they were turn out decent enough!  PLUS we’re on a budget so anywhere we can save the BETTER!  My cousin made him the adorable outfit and I did take 100 MORE pictures but I’ll save you from a million pictures and just share with you one hundred! 🙂


  • I know that I’m biased BUT I do think baby Carter is one of the cutest babies I’ve ever seen!  🙂
  • I need to find a good way to keep all of these pictures safe, because being digital it’s so easy for them to get lost, or corrupted or any of the NOT fun stuff!
  • I LOVE that everyone has a different opinion on to who they think he looks like, some say me some say the husband, Me, I can’t tell…I think he’s just adorable 🙂
  • I can already see that he is changing so much and he’s only two weeks old :l  #growingupwaytoofast
  • I LOVE the comparison of his foot to the husband’s thumb.  I KNOW this is a picture we are going to look back on FOREVER and say “OMG remember when his foot was this little?”

Hope I didn’t bore you too much…well actually looking at cute pictures is one of my favorite things about blogging so I don’t think so 🙂