A Birth Story-Part 1

So, I LOVE reading all about other peoples birth stories AND I want to remember EVERYTHING about the day that Carter was born so here it is people…pretty sure it’s going to be pretty long, so skip ahead as you wish 🙂

My due date was October 21st so when I woke up on Sunday and didn’t feel NOT one contraction I starting thinking about how that day was MORE then likely NOT going to be the day that baby Carter would make his grand appearance!

AND then I went on Twitter and I saw all of the Kardashians posting that the 21st was Kim K’s Bday!
I KNEW for sure he would NOT come that day now….he’s like his dad and I knew he didn’t wanna share his bday with Kim K!  BUT I was still a tiny bit hopeful!  THAT maybe he’d change his mind!  OR I was going to do things to try to push him a tiny bit!
I really did EVERY single one of these things and NO baby Carter did NOT want to come out!!  I remember as we were doing all these things trying to get him to make his appearance already the husband and I kept saying that it would be funny if he did come and then EVERYONE would say see the “whatever they told me to try” worked!  So the husband gave me reese’s peanut butter cups and said “if you go into labor tonight, we’re gonna tell everyone it’s because you ate reese’s peanut butter cups!  OH!  AND chicken wings cause you ate those tonight too!”  We could NOT stop laughing we watched a movie and THEN we kept hearing an alarm going off…it was like 10pm on a sunday and we kept hearing this stupid car alarm going off FOREVER!  Finally the husband went to go check who it was and it was a girl PASSED out in her car (I guess her bf/husband was trying to wake her up by pressing the panic button CLEARLY it was NOT working!) BUT me and the husband could NOT stop laughing we kept running from the living room to our bedroom (where there is a window that looks down into the parking lot) and laughing at the girl passed out in her car!  She was arguing with her boyfriend and it was so funny!  We were rolling (Okay, I’m sure this was a LOT more funny in person BUT this may or may not have been ONE of the reasons I went into labor) after running back and forth for 45 minutes to an hour the girl finally went to bed while yelling at whoever was taking her to bed and we had a good laugh and then watched the end of the movie!  The clock turned passed midnight and I had finally accepted that Baby Carter would NOT be one of the 5% that was born ON his due date!  Me and the husband were getting ready to go to bed and I changed the calendar in our living room to October 22nd and we headed to bed.
While I was laying there trying to get comfortable as MUCH as you can while 40 weeks and ONE day pregnant, I realized that I was getting cramps!  I had to spend a day at labor & delivery earlier in the week and they were tracking my contractions and they finally told me that what I had been feeling the last couple of weeks things that felt just like menstrual cramps were contractions and I now knew what to look for.  SO when I started getting cramps I was thinking oh cool at least a couple of contractions maybe he’ll come in the next few days!  I DID NOT want to be pregnant ALL the way until my next appt which wasn’t until THURSDAY!  I laid there watching TV and realized that my “cramps” were coming often even if they didn’t hurt….so I busted out my HANDY pregnancy app and started timing my “cramps” (at the time I THOUGHT they MIGHT be contractions but couldn’t be POSITIVE!
I started tracking
They were every 4 minutes or SO but they didn’t hurt…I mean they were just like regular cramps they didn’t feel like everyone told me they would feel (worse pain in the world) sooooo I just kept timing…UNTIL it had been 1 hour!  and I realized that I MIGHT be in labor :-O  soooooo after about an hour and a 1/2 of timing them coming every 3-4 minutes I decided I should probably call L&D and see what they said….I called and they told me that unless I was in a LOT of pain or they got super close together I could stay at home…so I did…and I was watching TV still timing…they got closer and closer together but still weren’t hurting like I thought they should.  BUT once they were coming EVERY 2 minutes I decided that we were going to have to go to the hospital so I took a shower and started getting ready to go to the hospital…once I got out of the shower I realized that they were now every minute and a half apart!!  I immediately woke up the husband and tried to get him to hurry because NOW I was nervous that Carter would want to hurry up and come out and I wouldn’t get to the hospital in time for an epidural (my biggest fear about having a baby was thinking I might have to do it with NO drugs) :l  I know I’m terrible BUT whateva, I heard what that pain feels like and I feel NO need to feel it if I don’t have to!
We got ready and NOW it was exciting!  We all piled into the car, the husband and I plus the puppies, since we had already talked to my mom and told her that IF we had to go to the hospital in the middle of the night that she would come to the hospital to pick up the puppies from us and they would stay with her and my dad while we stood in the hospital! sooooo while we were on our way to the hospital I called my mom to meet us there and we were on our way….those 20 minutes felt like FOREVER because I had no idea how far along I was and I did NOT want to give birth in a car!  We FINALLY got there and my contractions were a steady minute and a 1/2 apart and lasting 50 seconds to a minute and 30!  It was a crazy feeling…when you are having a contraction it hurts…and then once it’s over it’s like you were never in pain at all…it kept making me laugh when the contraction would go away because I would immediately not be in pain anymore…we got to the hospital and my mom was there waiting for us…we handed her the dogs and we told her we would let her know what they told us once we were checked and stuff.  we got to L&D and were told that LOTS of ladies were having there baby that day!  We figured that NO babies wanted to be born on Kim K’s bday AND all the babies wanted to be born on the last day that they could be before becoming scorpios 🙂  (my entire pregnancy my whole family just kept saying…I hope he’s born on his due date so that he could be a libra…we don’t want another scorpio (considering both my mom and gma are libras) P.S. last day of libra is October 22nd 🙂
To be Continued…..can’t wait for you guys to hear alllllllllll about the actual delivery part (that was my FAVORITE part) and still makes me tear up thinking about it!  🙂

Happy 4 Weeks Baby Carter :)

I did write this WHOLE post when it was supposed to be written BUT then I didn’t like the way that it was formatted so I never posted it soooo here is it!  🙂 JUST a little over a week late NBD 😀

Baby Carter Weights:  I’m thinking around 9 lbs for sure!  He’s getting so heavy!!
Height: I think he’s the same he was 21 inches
Clothing size: He still fits in a lot of his newborn clothes BUT since he only has a couple of NB outfits I have been putting him in some 0-3 and most of them are HUGE but we make due
Diaper size:  He’s still in newborn once in a while we’ll put him in size 1 BUT they’re so big so we went out and bought some more NB
Feeding:  He’s eating good!  🙂  NOT too sure how much BUT he is definitely waking up every 3-4 hours at night :l
Sleep:  Ugh his sleep is ALL messed up!!  It’s terrible!  One night he’ll sleep really good and only wake up once at night and then the next night he’ll decide that he wants to wake up at 2/3 and stay up until 6/7 it’s terrible!  I’m HOPING that it was just a phase and we will outgrow it ASAP!
Milestones:  he has better and better head control i love it!!  PLUS he’s smiling more, not completely on purpose BUT I don’t care I LOVE it!!  It brightens his whole face and makes me fall EVEN more in love with him…i didn’t even know that was possible!!
Adventures:  this week it was raining so we didn’t do much at ALL!!  We did however take our first big boy bath and this dude LOVED it!!  I’ll make sure to post some pics asap 🙂
Mommy and Daddy could not get through this week without:  still swaddlers even though we use them for a lot less swaddling and a lot more comfort.  PLUS we LOVE our pack n play, the owls are his favorite!  🙂  AND LOTS AND LOTS of diapers!!  I LOVE LOVE LOVE huggies little snugglers 🙂  i’m so sad because we got SOOOOOO many pampers at our baby shower but I LOVEEEEEEE the huggies ones…can’t be ungrateful though right?  Pampers were free!  I’ll learn to love them!
“King Of The Crib”
“I’m mad!  I lost all my hair!”
sleepy smiles 😀

OMG! Baby Carter is ONE month OLD!

where did the MONTH go?!?!

I can’t even believe that I have spent a whole month without a BIG belly and instead have been taking care of a handsome little boy!

I’m going to share with you some of my FAVORITE pictures from this month that has literally FLOWN by!!!

I’m so thankful for this little dude, he’s literally amazing!  EVEN when he’s super fussy I just can’t get enough of him….I didn’t know it was possible but I really love him more and more each and every single day 🙂

outfit home from the hospital 🙂
soooo tiny in his car seat
looooove a naked baby 🙂
his face has already changed so much 🙁
grouchy butt!
“get outta my face!”
we were sleepyyyyyy
thanksgiving day shopping 🙂
just hanging out
i dont think he liked the beanie
don’t mind my nursing bra :l

just in looking at these pictures I can’t believe how much he has changed in a month!  He’s grown so much!  and has already gotten such a personality!  I can’t wait to see what else god has in store for us!

1st Photo Shoot

On Sunday, I wanted to make sure that I took baby Carter’s newborn pictures, like I said I want to remember what these times were like, and I refuse to pay 1 million dollars for newborn pictures when I KNOW I could take some here at the house and they were turn out decent enough!  PLUS we’re on a budget so anywhere we can save the BETTER!  My cousin made him the adorable outfit and I did take 100 MORE pictures but I’ll save you from a million pictures and just share with you one hundred! 🙂


  • I know that I’m biased BUT I do think baby Carter is one of the cutest babies I’ve ever seen!  🙂
  • I need to find a good way to keep all of these pictures safe, because being digital it’s so easy for them to get lost, or corrupted or any of the NOT fun stuff!
  • I LOVE that everyone has a different opinion on to who they think he looks like, some say me some say the husband, Me, I can’t tell…I think he’s just adorable 🙂
  • I can already see that he is changing so much and he’s only two weeks old :l  #growingupwaytoofast
  • I LOVE the comparison of his foot to the husband’s thumb.  I KNOW this is a picture we are going to look back on FOREVER and say “OMG remember when his foot was this little?”

Hope I didn’t bore you too much…well actually looking at cute pictures is one of my favorite things about blogging so I don’t think so 🙂

Happy 2 Weeks Baby Carter

I can’t even believe how behind I am in EVERYTHING!  I can’t believe that my baby is on his way to being THREE weeks old already!!  I seriously can NOT believe how fast time has went by!  I mean really?  I can’t believe that it has gone by so fast, and it seems like my days are FLYING by!  and he’s getting bigger each day, I can feel it especially in how heavy he is getting!

So, I just want to catch you up with my life, which PRETTY much consists of feeding, changing and rocking the baby 🙂  when I’m not doing ONE of those three things, I’m washing dishes, clothes or attempting to make some dinner for the husband!

If you don’t already follow me on IG go ahead and do so ASAP!  I post a picture ALMOST every day 🙂  LINK is >>>>>>>>>

without further ado, here are some pics of life of course according to my iPhone because that’s ALL I ever take pictures with, ummm EVER!

Baby Carter, got his first MUSTACHE ;D

He also received his VERY first halloween card, and first piece of mail from my good friend laura and her baby is only two months older then Carter so when they get older they’re gonna be penpals FOR SURE! 🙂

Most days this is what our days look like, chillin’ waiting for dad to get home

I never ever get tired of this face, even when he wakes me up to nurse but really isn’t hungry!

we made it out of the house alone for the first time this week on Monday, we had a dr appt and then went to visit our cousins.  It was a success, and I’m sooooo glad the husband installed this mirror it made driving a lot easier when I could just look at him to make sure everything was A-okay!

He’s already growing so fast, and his newborn clothes are getting a little small which made me sooooo sad 🙁  I had to take out all of his 0-3 months clothes and wash them….is it bad that I want him to wear newborn longer?  I mean he’s still a newborn!

the husband is such a GREAT dad, he literally loves to take care of him as soon as he walks in the door, he always rocks him back to sleep in the morning so that I can get a few extra minutes of sleep, and it’s amazing!

and that means he gets him dressed for the day, fuzzy slippers and all 🙂 but really those slippers are soooo cute!  and they are one of the few things that actually stay on his little feet!  P.S. that onesie is a 0-3 and I swear he is swimming in it!

In these last two ALMOST three weeks I have learned so much, I can’t even believe I could be so in love with such a tiny human being!  I also can’t believe how in love I am with the husband!  I mean really, it’s the MOST amazing feeling in the WHOLE world.  to watch someone you love so much become a dad makes your love become even more real and you see that person in a whole new light!  It’s amazing 😀  P.S. I might have had a meltdown the entire week that the husband was off knowing that he was going to have to go back to work very soon, postpartum hormones are NO joke!  wayyyy worse then pregnancy hormones.

I am going to start doing a weekly summary of all things baby carter, just so I don’t forget any of the moments that are passing by so fast!  I NEED to start getting back into the routine of blogging and I am going to try this week!  IS it really Thursday?!?!  I saw the husband post a #tbt post on IG and I laughed thinking whyyyy would he post that on Wednesday he’s funny!  hahahaha oh wait!  It’s Thursday?  I literally had to look at my phone to make sure what day it was, oops it is Thursday!  Oh man, I’m telling you my days are running together!

Until next time 🙂

Hello There :)

Please Join me in Welcoming to the World
Carter Jax
Born October 22nd 5:48 pm
7 lbs 11 oz 🙂
20 inches long
And he is more gorgeous then I could ever imagine!  😀
Sorry I’ve been MIA for so long, but man who would have thought having a baby was so much work?!?!  All the details COMING soon!
BUT for now, here’s LOTS of pics of little baby Carter in the hospital 🙂
 I’m definitely NOT one of those ladies that looks PERFECT after they just popped a baby out BUT it’s our first family picture and DEFINITELY one that I will cherish forever 🙂
Going home outfit, I LOVED it, doesn’t he look like a little track star?  🙂  THIS was literally two seconds before we got in the wheelchair to get outta the hospital 26 hours after he was born!  I was so ready to go home!  I hope all of my bloggy friends are well, I’ve missed you all MUCHO and I have all of your blogs to read!  BlogLovin unread posts 194!  Do you think I’ve been doing anything but taking care of a BRAND new baby for the past 9 days?  Probably not!  BUT I really wouldn’t have it ANY other way!! 😀

Baby Laines-38 Weeks

How far along: 39 Weeks 🙂

Baby’s size: HUGE!   OFFICIALLY ready to come out ;D

Miss Anything: Being comfortable…of couse, being able to enjoy an alcoholic beverage randomly!   AND not having a never ending to do list!

Best moment this week:  KNOWING that the next time my family gets together for an event Baby Carter will ALREADY be here OMG!  I can NOT wait!!

Movement: Yep, he still doesn’t MOVE all crazy…BUT he does move lots…I think he’s a booty popper like his dad 🙂 It’s so cute when he’ll randomly stick his butt out!  LOVE!! 😀

Food cravings: Nothing at all still…everyone still asks me all the time…but NOPE nothing, especially NOTHING crazy.

Anything making you queasy or sick: Randomly I’ll feel super sick like I wanna throw UP, BUT for the MOST part nope…
Maternity Clothes: Ummm yes…or ANY of my clothes that were SUPER loose when I wasn’t pregnant!

Stretch marks: Ummm I feel like there are going to be more hidden ones, once this baby actually pops out! BUT for now I’m not going to stress about it…I’ve taken care of myself to the best of my ability so whatever happens to my body is what was meant to happen and all for Baby Carter 🙂  Battle wounds of pregnancy it’s okay

Symptoms I HAVE:   BIG belly, swollen feet & ankles, BUT really OVERALL I am feeling AMAZING I can’t wait to D

Doctor’s Appointment:  They are every single week now!  Can’t believe how fast time has passed!

What I’m looking forward to:  Baby FINALLY being here, can’t wait!

Gender: BOY!!!

Belly Button in or out: in

Wedding rings on or off: on kinda, i keep taking them off but then putting them back on because I miss them too much!!

Happy or Moody most of the time: I am happy most of the time now 🙂  AT least I don’t feel as moody as I was before.

Sleep: Still tired…ALL THE TIME! BUT I am sleeping pretty much through the entire night!
Showing:  ummm yesssss for sureeeee

Baby Laines-37 Weeks

How far along: 37 weeks 🙂

Baby’s size: 19-22 inches around 6.5 lbs :-O!   The size of a WATERMELON!!  Oh goodness!

Miss Anything: Being comfortable!!  I miss being able to sleep on my back…sleeping without waking up like I’m going to explode, feeling like I don’t have a BASKETBALL stuffed inside my stomach…oh and I miss wearing jeans!  OH and shirts that were long, and I miss my old feet, they’re so swollen right now and they hurt that I miss when they were cute!  🙁

Best moment this week:  Getting an email saying that Baby Laines is FULL TERM!!  He can literally come at ANY TIME!!!  😀

Movement: Yep, every single day, it’s cute when he moves sometimes, because it’s when I eat something or drink something and he’ll be moving crazy!  I LOVE IT!    He’s so funny he already makes me laugh when the husband plays music for him and he starts moving CRAZY!

Food cravings: I feel like it has finally hit me, that I FEEL LIKE I CAN EAT A HORSE starving feeling!  YESTERDAY I felt fine, and then ALL OF A SUDDEN I felt like I was going to pass out from being hungry!  I have a feeling he’s going to be a GREAT eater once he gets out!

Anything making you queasy or sick: Still just when I’m hungry!  Other then that not too much.
Maternity Clothes: All I can wear, I even had a meltdown on Saturday for our baby shower when I tried on the dress that I had bought a couple of weeks ago for the baby shower and it didn’t fit, I felt so uncomfortable in it, and then I had to search through my closet for something to wear…I officially do NOT FIT IN ANY OF MY pre-maternity clothes UNLESS they were ridiculously long before I got pregnant.

Stretch marks: I have noticed that I got a couple on the very bottom of my stomach…the husband says you can’t see them BUT I can see them!  I know they are there and they make me sad 🙁  Battle wounds of a mother right?  Just gotta keep telling myself that.  AND they aren’t as bad as they COULD BE.

Symptoms I HAVE:  Swollen feet
tired…oh the tiredness, i need energy like yesterday
big basketball belly
feeling like I’m going to topple over
clothes not fitting
tired…did I say that already? it’s because of how tired I am
an anxious!  I’m so excited for him to get here, but have so much to do before he actually arrives that every time i feel pressure I get worried he might decide that he wants to come out already

Doctor’s Appointment:  they are every single week from now on…so we’re definitely getting close

What I’m looking forward to:  finally meeting him 🙂  I can’t wait!!  I went through ALL of his clothes yesterday and we have soooooooo many that they don’t fit inside his closet hanging some have to go in drawers, I can’t believe how blessed we already are!  AND I can’t wait to see what he looks like!

Gender: BOY!!!

Belly Button in or out: still in…

Wedding rings on or off: well…they WERE on, but I noticed last week that they were getting a little tight, not when I was wearing them…when I was wearing them I didn’t feel them tight at all, BUT they were getting more difficult to get off…so I took them off, but missed them too much and decided it was the weather that was making them so tight, until last night when I tried to take them off, I had to use soap and I had a mark, so I officially took them off, I’m so scared that they will have to be cut off that I’d rather be safe then sorry.

Happy or Moody most of the time: I like to think that I’m Happy most of the time, but I do catch myself becoming moody…especially when it’s HOT!

Sleep: well, I guess I’m better off then MOST preggers that say they can’t sleep at all, because I can definitely sleep BUT when I wake up I’m still tired!  and often times my arms go to sleep from sleeping on my side…oh man I can’t WAIT til the day I can sleep on my back again!!!  I miss that sleep!!

Showing:  YES!!  That’s FOR SURE!

Baby Laines-36 Weeks

How far along: 36 Weeks 🙂

Baby’s size: 19-22 inches, around 6.5 lbs AND the size of a WATERMELON!  Ummm safe to say Baby Carter is BIG enough to come out ANY day now!!

Miss Anything: NOT having a MILLION things to do on my to do list!!  Seriously!

Best moment this week:  Knowing that in LESS then a month the new baby will be here!  Eeek I can’t wait!

Movement: Yep, he doesn’t kick so much anymore, BUT he gets hiccups a lot AND lots of rolls, and I think he moves his hands around a lot

Food cravings: Still just sweets.

Anything making you queasy or sick: Randomly I’ll feel SUPER nauseous but not on a steady basis. 
Maternity Clothes: Uggh yes, I’m still trying to squeeze myself into my old pants, and although they still go on, they are completely unbuttoned, thank you belly band for making it seem like they’re not.

Stretch marks: 🙁  I am sad to say that I got a few stretch marks :,( I wanted to cry when I saw them, BUT the upside is that they are REALLY REALLY light and I think I MIGHT be the only one that can truly see them, what can I say I know what my stomach looked like before and those tiny marks were NOT there.

Symptoms I HAVE:   Big huge belly, tired ALL THE TIME, NONE of my clothes fit, get out of breath, ONE symptom I still don’t have though, is that I am NOT nesting thats for sure, I’m so tired all I want to do is sleep!

Doctor’s Appointment:  Have one on Friday, and then it’s EVERY single week until he finally decides to come!

What I’m looking forward to:  Baby Carter finally being here!  I literally CAN NOT WAIT!!!  I know I have a LOT to do before his arrival BUT I’m so excited to go in his room and see an actual baby 🙂

Gender: BOY!!!

Belly Button in or out: in

Wedding rings on or off: on and still fitting like normal 🙂

Happy or Moody most of the time: Not gonna lie, I’m pretty freaking moody, BUT it’s HOT and I have realized that MOST people are REALLY annoying!

Sleep: Yuckkkk…I wish it was easier to sleep!  I’m so tired!

Showing:  There is NO hiding this big belly, I mean I can try BUT I’m pretty sure people can tell there’s a baby in there 🙂

Baby Laines-35 Weeks

Happy Rosh Hashanah!!!

(no I’m not jewish, but my calendar told me what today is :D)

How far along: 35 weeks 🙂

Baby’s size: He is the size of a LARGE cantaloupe 😀 around 19-22 inches & almost 6 lbs (don’t you think if he’s already 6 pounds he can get out now??)

Miss Anything: Well yesterday I missed beer, so the husband made me a FAKE michelada which is a michelada with O’douls and it does supress the craving!  AND I still miss being comfortable!

Best moment this week:  knowing that we are NOW less then 5 weeks (pleaseeeeeee Carter come on TIME)

Movement: Yep, he moves around in there LOTS I think I’ve started to become immune to it, it’s funny!  BUT I still LOVE it!!

Food cravings: Hmmm…nothing really…still sweets!  Whyyyyyy are they sooooo good!  OHHH but I think the Husband has FINALLY hit is pregnancy cravings because I think every single day he tells me how “this one thing would taste AMAZING” he was even mad at the TV the other day for playing a McDonalds commercial because he’s been thinking about one all week…he makes me laugh!

Anything making you queasy or sick: Nothing really, besides randomly feeling like I’m gonna get sick, but still never do.
Maternity Clothes: Yepppp all dayyyyyyy everyyyyyy dayyyyyyy can’t wait to wear regular clothes again!

Stretch marks: I feel like I’m going to get some, and I have been so careful this whole time…sometimes though I think I see some, and then realize it’s just the lines from my pants!

Symptoms I HAVE:  Big BELLY!  Being tired allllllllllll the time, and sometimes I’m awfully cranky 🙁

Doctor’s Appointment:  Had one on Friday, and they did an ultrasound because their doppler wasn’t working and they couldn’t hear his heartbeat, I wasn’t too worried though because at that exact moment I could feel him moving around like crazy so CLEARLY he was alive!  BUT it was cool to see him again, and see how BIG he is!  His head now took up the ENTIRE screen, and he is head down!  No wonder I randomly have to pee RIGHT NOW! 😀

What I’m looking forward to:  our last baby shower, maternity leave, and FINALLY getting to see our babies face!  I watched the kardashians last night and it made my eyes water when she holds her baby…eeek so exciting to finally meet the baby that has been living inside you all these months 😀

Gender: BOY!!!

Belly Button in or out: in

Wedding rings on or off: on and still fitting like normal 🙂

Happy or Moody most of the time: Sometimes, I get randomly cranky ESPECIALLY if I’m HOT!!  OMG!!  This weather has NOT helped ONE bit!!  NOT one, and I feel like I’m going to pass out, precisely why the husband and I stayed home all weekend inside our air conditioned house and it was AMAZING!

Sleep: Yuckkkk, I’ve noticed that if I take a shower before going to sleep I usually only wake up once at night but if I don’t take a shower I wake up 5-6 times, I gotta keep remembering that!  Wonder when I’ll be able to sleep again?  Maybe in a year?

Showing: ohhh definitely!

Baby Laines-34 Weeks :)

How far along: 34 weeks!!  Eeek getting so excited 😀  PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE Baby Carter don’t be late!!  I really want to see you from the outside already!

Baby’s size: The little baby is around 19-22 inches, 5.5 lbs (seems pretty BIG) and the size of a LARGE cantaloupe!!  😀 

Miss Anything: Right now I miss NOT being tired all the time, OH and my feet not hurting!!  I swear we went to the aquarium yesterday for the Husband’s god daughters bday and EVERY single time I saw a bench I went and sat down, my feet are killing me!!!  My heels actually they just hurt so bad -.-  anyone have a good way to fix this??  I looked up online and the dumb websites just said “stay off your feet and elevate”  ummm hello I want to fix it I KNOW being off my feet will help, but what about when I want to go and do fun things??  I want to go to Disneyland but I don’t think my feet are up for it AT ALL!  

Best moment this week:  Our Baby Shower, it was SOOOO hot but we had LOTS of fun!  (update soon, hopefully TOMORROW, if I can remember to take pictures tonight!!) It was amazing to see all of the stuff that we received for Baby Carter 😀  Now to just clean his room!

Movement: Yep, every day, mostly at night and when I’m at work, but that’s probably because that’s when it’s quietest, he’s probably confused as to why there isn’t noise out here!

Food cravings: Still fruit, and sweets!!  We had birthday cake last night and it was AMAZING so amazing actually that I ate it for BREAKFAST! 😀

Anything making you queasy or sick:  ummm no just randomly I’ll feel super sick but it doesn’t really seem like it’s anything specific that makes me feel that way.
Maternity Clothes: Yessssssss, I am still fitting in a VERY SELECT few of my old shirts, but other then that I’m struggling to find things to wear, and I refuse to buy anymore clothes!  until I can fit into regular clothes again!

Stretch marks: Still have those two itty bitty tiny ones, still hoping they don’t get BIGGER 🙁

Symptoms I HAVE:   a big belly, slightly swollen feet, and this insane tiredness, seriously this tiredness??  Why couldn’t you just be gone after the 1st trimester?!!?!

Doctor’s Appointment:  Have another 4 minute appointment on Friday…they’re really pretty freakin LAME and I hate that I ask them questions and sometimes they don’t explain why, they just say, oh ya that’s normal :l  wellllllll okayyyyyyy

What I’m looking forward to:  Our NEXT baby shower and hopefully eventually getting another ultrasound of the baby boy, before he’s born!  I wanna see what it looks like in there now that he’s HUGE!

Gender: BOY!!!

Belly Button in or out: in

Wedding rings on or off: on and still like normal 🙂  LESS then 6 more weeks and hopefully they will fit the entire pregnancy 🙂

Happy or Moody most of the time: I would like to say HAPPY BUT, when people do or say really ANNOYING things it can get to me IMMEDIATELY and I JUST might snap at you, sorry but don’t be dumb and it won’t happen! 

Sleep: Ugggh I have been taking a shower BEFORE bed now, and it has helped me sleep so much more, BUT I still have to get up every couple of hours during the night to pee…or because my arm is asleep.
Showing:  Ummmm, I would think this big belly is NOT from eating too much pizza!

Baby Laines-33 Weeks

Happy Labor Day!!!!!!!

How far along: 33 Weeks 🙂

Baby’s size: He is 19-22 inches and around 4.9 pounds, the size of a Pineapple!! 

Miss Anything: I miss being able to get out of bed without feeling like I’m going to die, that’s probably all this week.  Oh and I kinda miss having normal dreams and not the CRAZY ones I’ve been having!

Best moment this week:  Getting his crib and cheap vanity table painted, and starting to put together his room.  AFTER I had the meltdown about painting I realized that he isn’t going to die from paint, and the gray crib and changing table look AMAZING in gray!

Movement: He moves a LOT more now, and I LOVE it!  It’s so funny, I swear I could feel him allllllll day everyday and I never get tired of him squirming around in there 🙂  It’s an amazing feeling!

Food cravings: Still FRUIT, I realized that yesterday we went to to the store and 50% of the groceries we bought were fruit!  YUMM it’s just soooooooo good!  Oh and I MIGHT have been craving Krispy Kreme donuts this weekend too…NOT my fault someone mentioned them and I HAD to have them!  AND they were AMAZING!!!

Anything making you queasy or sick: I still randomly get a nausceous feeling, BUT for the most part I still feel pretty good.
Maternity Clothes: Yes PLEASE!!  I can still wear a couple of my old shirts that were flowy…but for the most part it’s all maternity clothes, my co-workers probably think I NEVER change, but Maternity Clothes are expensive and I’d MUCH rather spend my money on stuff for Carter!

Stretch marks: 🙁  I found one on my side the other day…I was sooooooo sad :l  BUT it is pretty tiny and I could deal, that was UNTIL I found another tiny one on my belly…ohhhhhh godddddd whyyyyyy I really hope this is a fluke and NOT a trend…pleassseeee from now on though Mustela twice a day!

Symptoms I HAVE:   Besides a BIG protruding belly, and starting the wobble I think I’m pretty good with symptoms.

Doctor’s Appointment:  Had one on Friday and it was literally 5 minutes long!  I swear it takes me LONGER to walk to the office then it does to be inside with the Dr.next appointment is NEXT friday!

What I’m looking forward to:  Our FIRST baby shower is on Saturday and I’m pretty excited for it!

Gender: BOY!!!

Belly Button in or out: in

Wedding rings on or off: on and still fitting like normal 🙂 

Happy or Moody most of the time: I think I’m pretty happy, especially now that I see the baby’s room coming together, it’s getting so exciting to think he’ll be here before we know it 😀

Sleep: Yuck…I guess this is preparing me for when he comes, because I usually wake up to go pee in the middle of the night and then I lay back down hoping to fall right back to sleep ONLY to lay there for at least a 1/2 hr trying to fall back to sleep…lameeeee I wish I could remember what good sleep felt like.

Showing:  Yeppppp if anyone just thought I was a fatty it would be pretty funny though

AND some exciting news!!!

Baby Laines-32 Weeks :)

Today Marks POST # 100!!!  
Can you believe it??  I finally made it!  WOO HOO!

and now back to our regularly scheduled post, Baby Laines week 32!

How far along: 32 weeks!!  Crazy to think that in FOUR more weeks, Baby Carter could come at ANY minute!  Eeek I’m so excited!

Baby’s size: AROUND 19 inches & 4.5 lbs :O He is the size of a honeydew, wowza he’s getting really BIG in there! 

Miss Anything: I miss not being busy!  We have a lot going on in life right now and I feel like our weekends from now until I go on Maternity leave are JAM PACKED and it’s CRAZY!  I wish we had a little more down time…but UNFORTUNATELY we don’t!  I was telling my dad how busy we were from NOW until Baby and I said, well once the baby comes, I’m gonna be sitting at home EVERY weekend!!  He laughed at me :l  BUT I’m being 100% serious!

Best moment this week:  Getting the babies room painted (of course I didn’t do it, BUT the husband did and it looks so cute!)  NOW to get EVERYTHING else done for his room :l

Movement: He’s moving more and more, BUT I still don’t think that he moves AS MUCH as other people say that their babies do.  Mostly I feel his back/butt (not sure what it is) and it feels funny poking out on my side.

Food cravings: Nothing, still.  ACTUALLY every week I have had McDonalds @ least once, and I would NEVER eat McDonalds before, but those dumb chicken nuggets & french fries taste soooo good right now!  To MAKE it a little healthier I ALWAYS get a side salad and eat that FIRST before I eat my nuggets OR french fries!

Anything making you queasy or sick: Still randomly will feel nauseous and it’s sooooo annoying!  BUT  other then that I’m good MOST of the time.

Maternity Clothes: Yep!  A couple of my old shirts still fit me…but anything else I feel like I’m a sausage stuffed in its casing.

Stretch marks: Still none yet, THANK GOD!  BUT I do have EIGHT more weeks (still praying that they don’t pop out)

Symptoms I HAVE:   Besides a basketball in my shirt, not too much…I am starting to feel really really tired…and it’s getting harder and harder to sleep but NOTHING tooooo bad (I guess)

Doctor’s Appointment:  They are EVERY TWO weeks now!! YAY!!  Means we’re getting closer and closer!  All of September they are EVERY OTHER WEEK and then in October they start EVERY week!  EEK he’s ALMOST HERE!

What I’m looking forward to:  BESIDES October, and for him to finally be out and me to KINDA have my body I’m excited for the baby showers, and for his room to be all ready for him!  I go in there and it looks like a TORNADO hit it!  SO we need to get that done ASAP!  Husband promised by this long weekend, so we shall see!

Gender: BOY!!!

Belly Button in or out: in

Wedding rings on or off: on and still fitting like normal 🙂

Happy or Moody most of the time: I LIKE to say that I’m happy MOST days, BUT it’s NOT my fault that some people are sooooo annoying and they make me in a bad MOOD!

Sleep: Ehhh, I can get to sleep but often wake up tossing and turning MOST of the night, not to mention having to pee…pleaseeeeeee let these 8 weeks go by fast!

Showing:  Ummm ya for sure, BUT one of the students did ask me the other day “OMG!  When are you due?” and I said October, another student looks at me and says “OMG!  I didn’t even know you were pregnant” hmmm I just laughed but does that mean she thought I was just that awkward fat girl?  Weirddddddd

Baby Laines-31 Weeks

How far along: 31 Weeks!!  WOO HOO only (hopefully) 9 more to go!

Baby’s size: The little baby is around 3.5 pounds, 16 inches & the size of a pineapple 😀  He’s getting pretty big in there!

Miss Anything: This week…hmmm I miss being able to get out of bed without feeling like I’m sinking into the bed…ALSO sleeping through the entire night without getting up to have to pee was nice.

Best moment this week: Going to the doctor and finding out that 1.  I haven’t gained that much weight since last month.  2. My next appt will be in two weeks and every two weeks after that until they are EVERY single week until baby comes!  It feels like it’s getting close 😀

Movement: I asked the doctor because it doesn’t feel like he moves A LOT…and she said to make sure I pay attention to EVERY single movement and now that I have been doing that I realize he MOVES a lot, it’s just not enough for me to notice without paying attention! 😀

Food cravings: I have been wanting some potato wedges with nacho cheese, YUMMM I think I’m going to go get some today after work!

Anything making you queasy or sick: Ummm, I’ve been feeling a lot more queasy, BUT it’s not over a specific thing I eat or drink.
Maternity Clothes: YEP!  Am not wearing much else these days, ESPECIALLY because maternity is SOOO much more comfortable!

Stretch marks: None, still.  Still praying that they stay away!

Symptoms I HAVE:   Besides, a HUGE belly, feeling stuffed in my nose and my body, having a hard time picking up stuff off the floor and being extra hot, nothing really.

Doctor’s Appointment:  Had one on Friday and now they are EVERY OTHER WEEK!  YAY!

What I’m looking forward to:  We have TWO baby showers next month and I’m excited to see all the cute stuff the baby is going to receive! 😀

Gender: BOY!!!

Belly Button in or out: in

Wedding rings on or off: on and still fitting like normal 🙂

Happy or Moody most of the time: I think I’m happy most of the time!

Sleep: Sleep is okay…BUT I have to wake up AT LEAST twice a night to pee and it’s so hard to get out of bed.

Showing:  ummm I’m assuming yes since people always ask me about the baby now 🙂

Lucky # 13

So this weekend I was talking to my grandma AND showing her this picture


just the four of us
my cousin had posted it the other day, found it when she was going through her stuff at home.
you see, when we started it was just the FOUR of us, and look @ how cute we were 🙂
I mean really super cute!
(don’t pay attention to the fact that NONE of us are looking at the camera) well besides me & the gramps

so it was the four of us for what felt like forever, I guess it really was only five and a 1/2 years or so but when I’m 4 years older then my sister that means that from me to my sister 4 years, there were four of us, and then NOT another grand kid for five and a 1/2 years after that!  So the four of us became SUPER close, especially because even after they had another baby the four of us went to school together still and spent the ENTIRE summer with our grandma! 😀  it was the BEST way to grow up by FAR!

all TWELVE of us!
Since we grew up so close being bound by my grandma & grandpa’s love I have always been close to my cousins, we don’t go a couple of weeks without talking or seeing each other, and you better believe we NEVER miss a birthday party or event without a REALLY REALLY good reason to miss, because we truly look forward to seeing each other and love being around each other.
So, what leads me to LUCKY NUMBER 13, well I have mentioned before on here that I LOVE the number 13 now, it reminds me of my Grandpa and it just makes me happy 🙂  We picked our wedding date on that day on PURPOSE…and if Carter comes ONE week & ONE day early his bday will be on the 13th, and really my bday is 31 so backwards it’s 13 right?  🙂  Well I was showing my grandma the picture of just the four of us and I realized that we have grown so much and it’s amazing that when we were a tiny family all of us would fit inside her little house no problem!  Actually we felt like it was BIG!  Before my grandpa passed away he added a HUGE den/living room onto their house which made the old living room turn into the dining room and made the new room a HUGE living room!  I can’t imagine all of us fitting inside of my grandma’s old house it would have been entirely too tiny!  My grandpa knew we were going to be expanding and made sure that we had room to grow in his tiny house 🙂
Well now I counted, there are EIGHT grand kids now and FOUR great grand kids!  Which equals TWELVE grand kids in total for my grandma and it’s amazing that,
Baby Carter will be lucky NUMBER 13 😀
Can’t wait for him to join this amazing family and have all 11 cousins to play with and love on him he is going LOVE it as much as I do! Also check my new friend’s review on best outdoor playhouse for kids

Baby Laines-30 Weeks

How far along: 30 weeks!!  Can’t believe only 10 more to go (hopefully not MORE)

Baby’s size: Baby Carter is around 3 pounds and 15-16 inches!  Around the size of a cucumber! No wonder I can feel him ALL in my ribs :l

Miss Anything: Being able to sleep, sit or lay comfortably…it feels like I’m always in a bad position…OH and I miss not having a constant pain in my ribs, OH and the feeling of NOT being stuffed, can’t wait for the day that goes away!

Best moment this week:  figuring out that I only have 53 more days of work and then it’s maternity leave time!  YES!!  Oh AND finding some of the cutest stuff for Carter’s room!  I’m in LOVE and I can’t WAIT to start decorating!  This weekends project, painting!

Movement: Yep!  He moves, never when anyone wants him to still, BUT he does move in there, it’s crazy that I NEVER EVER get tired of seeing him move…I can look at him move from the outside now and I swear I’m memorized it looks so crazy and feels so crazy AND it’s weird to think that there is in fact a tiny baby growing in there!  SUCH an amazing feeling!

Food cravings: Well I just read a blog that talked about how cheese fries are their favorite food, and NOW I want some fries with nacho cheese so bad…ugh I wish I knew where to get some at!

Anything making you queasy or sick: Remember when I THOUGHT that nauseousness was over??  Well I GUESS I was wrong, because it’s back in full force, back to the days of just feeling sick for no apparent reason AT ALL!  damnnnnn you nausea why are you back??  I thought I would only see you in the first trimester….
Maternity Clothes: YES please!!  That’s ALL I wear, they’re so comfortable that the days I try to wear regular clothes it makes me feel so uncomfortable that I just give up.

Stretch marks:  No, none yet, thank god!  Come on body, we only have 10 more weeks, I think we can make it out ALIVE! 😀

Symptoms I HAVE:   Besides feeling stuffed all the time, feeling nauseous, having a stuffy nose, pain in my ribs, being ridiculously tired AGAIN, I don’t have any symptoms at all.  I’m not complaining though because I do get some perks, like when I’m eating before I say hi to everyone at a party, everyone understands because I’m preggers, OH and when I want to go home from an event to no one calls me a party pooper cause I’m preggers 🙂

Doctor’s Appointment:  I have one scheduled for this Friday, I’m sure it’s just a standard appt, nothing too big is going to happen, BUT after this one they are coming EVERY TWO weeks!  I’m excited, it means he will be here in NO TIME!

What I’m looking forward to:  I’m actually looking forward to a few things, the baby shower is in a couple of weeks, followed by ANOTHER baby shower a couple of weeks later, PLUS we have a whole bunch of different classes set up that I actually can’t wait to attend!

Gender: BOY!!!

Belly Button in or out: in

Wedding rings on or off: on and still fitting like normal 🙂

Happy or Moody most of the time: I think I was a little happier this week.

Sleep: Ehhh…it’s okay…I wake up a few times a night tossing and turning, BUT it could be a LOT worse!
Showing:  Ummm…yes….EVERYONE touches my belly now, it’s still funny to get used to because usually random people do not randomly come up to you and touch your stomach…

Baby Laines-29 Weeks

How far along: 29 weeks! 🙂

Baby’s size: 15-16 inches & around 3 lbs!  The size of an acorn squash! 

Miss Anything: I miss not feeling stuffed all the time 🙁  Between my nose running constantly and feeling like I can’t take a FULL breathe I feel like someone is holding a pillow in front of my face, can’t wait for this feeling to go gone!

Best moment this week:  Feeling the little one move, more and more, really though, either he doesn’t like people that much, OR he loves people so much that he doesn’t want to move around them, because really when we’re around people he HARDLY ever moves, EVER!  This last week when it’s just me and him though he moves like CRAZY 🙂  LOVE LOVE LOVE it!

Movement: He’s moving more then before, BUT still not moving TOO much, we’ll see if this changes in the next couple of weeks!

Food cravings: Hmmm besides cookies, ice cream and sweets nothing really.  like if that is nothing 🙂 It’s really the husbands fault though because he LOVES that kind of stuff Baby Carter is gonna be just like him I KNOW it!

Anything making you queasy or sick: NOPE, still just feel sick if I don’t eat on time!
Maternity Clothes: YES please!!!  OMG!  I have been wearing SOME of my old shirts BUT for the most part they are getting too short or too tight 🙁  AND 90% of the pants/shorts or skirts that I wear now are maternity, they are SOOOO much more comfortable!

Stretch marks: Still none, only 11 weeks to go…lets hope they don’t get added later, pleaseeeeeeee

Symptoms I HAVE:   Besides feeling stuffed in my nose and chest, my growing belly, my random leg cramps, my inability to jump right out of bed, or the ability to be comfortable falling asleep in two seconds then nothing really.

Doctor’s Appointment:  I have a Dr Appt NEXT Friday and THEN they are EVERY two weeks after that!  YAY!!  That just means that the baby is going to be here in NO time!  Can’t wait!

What I’m looking forward to:  The baby showers, (yes we’re having two) I can’t wait to see all the cute stuff that he gets!!

Gender: BOY!!!

Belly Button in or out: in

Wedding rings on or off: on and still fitting like normal 🙂

Happy or Moody most of the time: Happier this week then normal, I’m excited that the weeks are going by pretty fast, and hopefully they keep going fast, and he gets here soooooooooon!

Sleep: ehhhh…it’s okay…when I get in bed, it takes me a little while to get comfortable so that’s NOT fun, BUT once I’m asleep for the most part I’m OUT! 🙂

Showing:  uggh i think people can OFFICIALLY tell that I’m carrying a baby AND not just a fatty!

Baby Laines-28 Weeks

officially in the THIRD trimester!!!  YAY!!!  
Less then 13 weeks to go! 

How far along: 28 weeks 🙂

Baby’s size: around 2 lbs and 14 inches long, the size of an eggplant!

Miss Anything: Well since I was on vacation, I did miss having some wonderful drinks, like those frozen margaritas, daquiris etc, other then that, not too much.

Best moment this week:  Getting excited that we’re one more week close to him being here 😀

Movement: He was moving like crazy last week, and this week not too much, don’t know why, but maybe all that vacation was too much for him!

Food cravings: Still nothing, but fruit

Anything making you queasy or sick: still just when I don’t eat!
Maternity Clothes: Yes please!!!  I need more of them but with only 2-3 months left I feel like buying more now would be a waste

Stretch marks: None still, OMG only two more months please let it stay this way….

Symptoms I HAVE:  besides having a huge belly, I have been getting sharp pains on my sides 🙁  NOT fun, also I’m starting to get tired again, please let it be I just had way too much fun on vacation and NOT that the third trimester is going to make me tired

Doctor’s Appointment:  Have one in a couple of weeks, and then after that it’s every two weeks!  EEEEK it’s getting sooooo close and I can’t wait!!

What I’m looking forward to:  Him being here!!!  I’m soooooo excited!

Gender: BOY!!!

Belly Button in or out: in

Wedding rings on or off: on and still fitting like normal 🙂 

Happy or Moody most of the time: Happy, but my patience is COMPLETELY gone!!!  Don’t even think about acting ridiculous because I will tell you to stop your shit!  Sorry, but it will teach people to stop acting like idiots anyway!

Sleep: Ummm, it’s getting not so good, again hoping it’s just from being in a different bed for five days.

Showing:  ummm yes…getting kinda big now too…

Baby Laines-27 Weeks :)

How far along: 27 weeks 🙂

Baby’s size: 14.5 inches long & about 2 lbs the size of a Rutabaga

Miss Anything: Again this week was beer, I wanted a Corona with lime & salt so bad :/

Best moment this week:  Seeing the little baby Carter on the 3-D ultrasound!!  I LOVED it!!!  I felt like it was perfect!!!!  He was soooooo cute and his mouth is EXACTLY like the husbands and NOW I can’t wait until he comes out!!  AND finding out that for sure he was a BOY was pretty amazing too!

Movement: He has been moving more and more!!  I love it so much!!  😀  This morning he was moving when I was laying there thinking about getting up, it’s the BEST!  Most amazing feeling ever!

Food cravings: Still just sweets, and stuff that I never wanted before

Anything making you queasy or sick:  still feel sick when I don’t eat on time.  other then that, I feel good most of the time.

Maternity Clothes: Yes, please!!  I am so uncomfortable in clothes that are not made for maternity ladies, or ones that aren’t super stretchy!

Stretch marks: Still none yet, thank god!!! 😀

Symptoms I HAVE:   Still just feeling bloated & too big for my clothes, but feeling good overall!

Doctor’s Appointment:  Had one on Friday, and it went good, got to ask lots of questions that I had, PLUS we found out that after our next appointment, the middle of next month our appointments will start coming every TWO weeks!!  I can’t believe how fast the pregnancy is going now!  I LOVE IT!!  Can’t wait for him to be here already!

What I’m looking forward to: Besides Carter coming, I’m looking forward to getting his room ready! AND his baby showers!  Can’t wait!!

Gender: BOY!!!

Belly Button in or out: in

Wedding rings on or off: on and still fitting like normal 🙂 

Happy or Moody most of the time: I like to think I’m more happy most of the time!

Sleep: Still sleeping pretty good, thank god!

Showing: Ya for sure, I think so I have had a lot more people coming up to me asking me when the baby is coming, so I’m assuming I don’t just look fat anymore, right?

Baby Laines-26 Weeks

How far along: 26 Weeks!  🙂

Baby’s size: 13-14″ He is now the size of a lettuce!!  Cutest lettuce living in my stomach I’ve ever felt that’s for sure! 

Miss Anything: Ugh this weekend, I wanted a Margarita so bad, I MUST go get some margarita mix this weekend to AT least make pretend margaritas!  

Best moment this week:  Feeling Carter MOVE more and MORE!!  I LOVE LOVE LOVE it!!  He is so cute, and I can’t wait until Saturday to see what he looks like!!  Uggh I’m so in love and I don’t even know him yet!!

Movement: He’s been moving more and more, and I love it!  He still is pretty lazy but NOW for sure I feel him doing something in there every couple of hours and it’s amazing!  It’s by far the BEST part of being pregnant!  BY FAR!!!!

Food cravings: Ummm..nothing really.  I still haven’t craved crazy things like most preggers say they do…no pop tarts with butter here, at least not yet.

Anything making you queasy or sick: Only if I don’t eat!  If I don’t eat and I am starving I all of a sudden won’t be hungry at all!  I’ll feel like I’m going to throw up, once I force myself to eat I’ll feel 100x’s BETTER!!
Maternity Clothes: I have been trying not to buy too much, because I don’t like spending money on stuff I’m only going to wear a little while, BUT when your clothes don’t fit you feel SOOOO uncomfortable!!  So, I have bought a few more things, MY maternity shorts are my weekend staple!  I LOVE them!!!  Sooooo comfortable!!!

Stretch marks: Still none yet, thank god!

Symptoms I HAVE:  Besides getting bigger by the minute, and my constant rash on my face I think that’s it.  I still feel really good and after all the horror stories of the 3rd trimester I am sooooooo not looking forward to it!

Doctor’s Appointment:  This Friday and then we have our 3-D ultrasound on Saturday!  YAY!!! 

What I’m looking forward to:  Getting to see our little babies face on the screen again this weekend!  I’m sure he’s gonna look funny, because really all of those 3-D ultrasounds look funny, but it’s gonna be amazing to see him living inside!  LOVE!!!

Gender: BOY!!!

Belly Button in or out: in

Wedding rings on or off: on and still fitting like normal 🙂 

Happy or Moody most of the time: Mostly happy, I’ll get random spurts of grumpiness or times when I will freak out on someone bothering me, my patience is definitely GONE, but other than that I’m happy 🙂  I really love where me and the husband are at right now and I’m excited for this baby boy to get here!

Sleep: I kept reading that you should sleep on your left, BUT every time I tried it was uncomfortable, BUT this week I have laid there on my left side, and I didn’t wake up ONE time!!  I think I found a new way to sleep and I hope my blissful sleep continues 🙂

Showing:  YEP!  In some clothes I still think that I just look FAT, BUT I have been having a lot more people ask me when the baby is due so I think it’s definitely more noticeable now!