I was trying to think of the easiest way to come up with prompts that would make it easy for everyone to write & not be super specific!  I wanted everyone to have fun, and really just to make it a point to write.

So Sunday, on this Sunday I decided to tell you about something that happened YESTERDAY!  And guess what I did???
I went from a head full of looooong flowy down to my waist hair.

Hair I can’t even put in a pony tail without little hairs coming down in the back!  0.0 can you believe it?  And guess what?  I don’t miss it.

I know.  When I told several people that I wanted to cut my hair off, everyone repeatedly said “DON’T DO IT!!!  YOU’LL REGRET IT!!!” But really, all through high school & college I had short hair!  I liked it!  It was such low maintenance and really I think short hair looks cute!  So, guess what?  Even though it’s short and so different then what it has been in the last couple of years, I LOVE IT!!  Literally LOVE it!  It’s so light and refreshing!
I get soooo tired of having the same hairdo over and over again, I get tired of looking at myself, and really, I was thinking about adding some bright colored streaks like pink or purple but decided that maybeeee as a mother of two I probably shouldn’t dye my hair a color a high school student might love.  Would I really want to be one of “those” moms that tries too hard to be hip & cool and ends up looking like a hot mess?  You know the ones right?
Sooo a new short do is what could be done & thankfully on this Sunday I don’t regret it and am loooovin’ it!
Today, I’m also gonna get new friends – a couple of bunny. I need to buy an indoor rabbit hutch or cage for them. Happy Sunday!!!
Jade 🙂
P.S. If you’re joining in on this 30 day challenge leave a comment below so we could visit your blog!!  😀