June Bloom!

Okayyyyyy soooooo I totally want to get into blogging remember my New Years resolution to blog more?  Well it’s only taken me til June to make it an actual priority!

sooooo I decided to do a blog challenge & I’ve tried the 30 day challenge in blogging before and it was HARD to blog every single day, soooo I decided to do a 30 day challenge of blogging every OTHER day so a total of 15 posts & it totally seems possible for me to do!  (That’s what I’m hoping anyway!)
Sooooo without further ado I introduce you to the 30 day challenge of this little blog!  I hope you wanna join too?  I mean why not right?
In case you don’t understand every day is a one word prompt soooo today is Sunday.  Write about anything including Sunday!  Heck you could write a whole blog post & just include the word sunday the point is to just blog!  So go for it!
Happy June!  🙂
Jade 🙂