A second birth story continued!

Soooooo we get to the hospital and they explain that they need to do a test on me to make sure it was actually my water that broke and not just that I peed myself!  I could tell the nurse thought I had totally peed myself!  Haha

They put me in a little tiny room with another lady & omg it was so scary!   She was bleeding EVERYWHERE!!!  My mom & I were talking about how that could not be good and I was so glad that wasn’t me!  They took her away shortly and someone came in to clean up the blood that was everywhere!
Because of that it took forever for them to do the test on me!  They finally came back & said yep!  It’s positive & they said I would be admitted!  I hadn’t felt any contractions really yet so I knew it would be a while.  But then the nurse said oh actually your dr is here I’m gonna send him in!  He came in & was laughing that was the second time I’d saw him!  He said since my water had broken he was going to strip my membranes in hopes it would jumpstart my labor.  Oh-ma-gawd nothing hurt as bad as that!  It was HORRIBLE!!!!  Then the nurse came in and said  as soon as I got to my room I would start pitocin.  I mean I never intended on having a drug free birth. I mean I was the #1 advocate of an epidural with carter and loved my birthing experience it was amazing!  But I had heard and read and watched so much stuff about pitocin that I didn’t want theta to be the first resort!  I told the nurse I didn’t want to start pitocin right away, and she said “well we do whatever the dr says!  So If you don’t want pitocin you need to tell him!  And he’s not going to like it!”
I couldn’t believe how they were acting, when I had explained that to my nurse when I was delivering carter the midwife came in and explained to me why I needed it and told me she would start me on a very low dose to see if my body reacted and we would go from there!  I was so glad and it made me relieved!  And here they were telling me that I had to have it, because the dr wasn’t going to agree in not having it!  What?!
The dr came in a little later and said “what’s this I hear you don’t want pitocin?!” He looked totally annoyed and He totally didn’t look like the warm friendly dr I had for my pregnancy anymore….he then asked me “don’t you want to hurry up and meet your baby already?!  I mean I could not give you pitocin but that’s just going to prolong everything and you’re gonna be waiting for nothing!” I was alone in the hospital room because we had decided since I wasn’t even getting contractions the husband should finish working and come after since it was already 5 o’clock before I even got tested!  I didn’t know what to say and said okay.  Totally felt 100% pressured and almost like I was being dumb for not wanting pitocin!
they immediately brought in the medicine and said they would start the epidural already too!
Finally while I was waiting the husband showed up and was super mad I let them start me on pitocin but I seriously felt like I had no choice.  The nurse came in shortly after to explain to me that something had happened emergency c-sections or something & the epidural would be coming later then expected!
I immediately got worried because every single person that has had a hard labor always had the most pain once pitocin was started j didn’t want to feel that pain!
My contractions started coming fast & hard and finally the epidural came.  The anesthesiologist was super weird and was kinda jerk actually he was a huge jerk, I was breathing hard because my contractions hurt so bad and he said “DO NOT MOVE or you can paralyze yourself!!!!” :O I mean I knew the risks of an epidural but honestly I felt like no one should be given pitocin and be in that much pain before an epidural the contractions are just horrible!  And with carter what I felt at 6 didn’t hurt anything compared to what I was feeling at 3 with Reagan & pitocin!
He finished and I immediately felt hot!  He told me to turn on my side and asked me if they went away.  I told him no, and he said to turn to my other side.  He then left.  All of a sudden I started feeling really really weird.  The nurse was looking at me and I told her I didn’t feel good and asked for some water, she said since I just had an epidural j couldn’t or I would throw up.  I said okay.  And then realized I wasn’t feeling better and asked her if I could just have a little ice then I really felt super thirsty and didn’t feel good!  She said okay and I drank a little and laid down trying to feel better.  I then told her again I didn’t feel good and was closing my eyes because I felt them so heavy and she started to sound worried.  She asked me some questions and then immediately called the dr to come back!
He came back and immediately started talking dr talk about medication and shots and idk what I felt so out of it!  He said my blood pressure was super high so he was going to give me something to bring it down.  It immediately went down but went too down and i kept hearing them in a panic.
That was literally one of the scariest moments of my life.  
They put oxygen on me and a couple of other things and I finally started feeling better.  It was all just such a surreal experience!
I finally felt a lot better and was able to open my eyes again and he explained to me what happened and said l would be okay now.  And he left.  I could tell in the husbands face he was worried because the whole time he didn’t say anything and when I was finally able to look at him I could tell he was in shock at all he just witnessed.
I felt much better and didn’t feel the horrible contractions.  For like 30 minutes & then they were back & just as horrible as they were in the beginning this continued for the rest of my labor except it was only on one side it was so weird!
I decided again then that the contractions again were because of the amount of pitocin they put me on, it felt like they had cranked that IV all the way up!  I literally finished a bag ridiculously fast!  It was horrible!
Welllll that went on for hours and finally at 12:50 something I was finally able to push!!!  Hooray!!!  I couldn’t be more excited after literally 3 or 4 pushes Miss Reagan Emmie was born into this world on April 4, 2014 @ 1:01 am!  And we couldn’t have been more excited!
As soon as she was born though they explained to us that she wasn’t breathing right and rushed her to the nursery!  🙁
They left her in there with the husband to cry for an hour!  They said that that was the only way to get all of the fluid out of her lungs because I had pushed her out so fast they said that she wasn’t in the canal long enough to make sure her lungs wee squeezed of all the fluid or something along those lines!
I was super sad in my room all alone when my mom finally came in to see me! She was telling me how everyone was in the waiting room and they all saw Miss Reagan and that she was going to take my dad home now since he had work that day and it was already passed 2.
We were finally sent to the other room after FOREVER!  It was as if they forgot I was supposed to go to the other room!  The husband was texting me asking me what was going on and that they had asked to get me sent to my room hours ago and the nurse hadn’t done it!
I had to call the nurse twice to get them to send me to my room after the first time they said they were waiting for the nursery to call.  I had spoke to lots of people about hospitals and every single person I talked to explained how awesome the hospital i picked was and i had a horrible experience!  I can’t say there was anything about that experience that I liked.  The one thing that was good was when we wee finally in our room the nurses there were much better!  BUT poor Reagan Emmie her experience want the best AND thanks to all that screaming she came home with a SET of lungs on her!  And if she was crying she let us know!  HAHA