Andddd it’s only been a couple of months.

Haha how many blog posts has it been now that begin with, “I should really be blogging more and I want make it a point to now.” -.- it’s ridiculous how much I want to blog but don’t.

Welllll from now on I’m not gonna write it I’m just gonna start with this…
Ohhhhh heyyyyy little blog of mine, long time no see!  I’ve missed you dearly old buddy, let’s catch up!
You see, in this 20 or so weeks that I have not blogged I have done so much.  We moved.  We had a beautiful baby, and I’ve been raising a child that although is only slightly over a year & a 1/2 old is definitely starting his terrible twos early!! (Did I jumpstart them by having a baby? I think I might have).
Before we go any further, please let me introduce you
Reagan Emmie Laines
This is her today, and she will be a whole two months next week!  Where has the time gone??
She had a TOTALLY different birth story then Carter, and can I just say that I thought everyone said the second labor is easier?  Idk who made up that lie because my second delivery was definitely NOT easier!  :l
Can I please just tell you now, that being a mom to a girl is so much fun!  I mean carter was so much fun when he was a baby too, but a baby with a huge bow on her head and a cute romper on is to die for.  I’m officially more obsessed with baby clothes >.<
And dresses?  Omg it’s totally okay to start dreaming of her first bday dress right?  Because I am!  🙂
Carter is adjusting well, kinda sorta.  He goes through stages where he loves his sister & then he doesn’t love his sister that much!  Haha
It’s nice to write down my random thoughts.  Let’s see if I remember to do this more often 🙂
P.S. Here’s our first family picture 😀