A Second Birth Story

Wow!  I literally feel like I wrote Carter’s birth story last week, and this now I have another story to write.

I don’t want Reagan to feel like I don’t care to write down her story so to be fair I also need to embarass her and tell the whole blogging world her birth story too!
Soooo it allll started on April 3rd, 2014 you see I was beyond tired of being pregnant & had, had enough.  I had hoped & prayed that Reagan would come out that weekend but totally didn’t expect it!
I woke up that morning and had a dr appt the dr said that I could stay pregnant safely all the way until April 16th if she didn’t want to come out so to just walk and maybe he would see me before my next appt the following week.
I came home & told my Omar (my BIL) & Rosemary (his gf) that I would die if I had to stay pregnant all the way until the 16th & hoped she would come out that weekend!!!  I told them I was ready for her to be out & was going to kohls to walk around to hopefully get her to get out!
rosemary then asked me if I was going to go to my grandmas?  I said no, and she looked at me worried and said “what if you go into labor?  Who’s gonna take you to the hospital?” I looked at her and laughed and told her there’s nooooo way my labor would go that fast it just doesn’t happen like that!  And I was postive I would have enough time to call someone if I somehow went into labor!!
So I packed up carter & we were off to find something for me to wear for Easter at kohls!
We were walking around the whole store and I was taking my time in hopes carter would get tired & we would get home just in time for his nap.  I was looking at something to stuff in his Easter basket when ALL of a sudden I felt like I had peed myself!  Not a lot just a teeny tiny bit and I couldn’t believe it!
I literally started laughing to myself and saying “OH MY GOD I CAN NOT BELIEVE I JUST PEED MYSELF clearly I am ready to have this baby if I can’t even hold my pee in on a trip to Kohls!” 😀
I finished getting whatever I needed and was rushing to leave.  It wasn’t a lot of pee so I wasn’t in a HUGE hurry.
When I went down to pay I realized that it felt like I was trickling pee, (sorry if that’s TMI) so I decided to text Steph to ask her what it felt like when your water broke because I started wondering what if?  She explained it to me and said I bet it did break!!!  Omg I was like no way!!!  She said to go home and sit on the toilet to see if it was clear or yellow if it was yellow obviously it was pee!  Hahaha so finally when I went home I checked and it seemed clear!  I text her and she said omg your water broke!!!!
I didn’t really believe it, so I did a few Google searches and all came up more then likely sooooo I called my mom to see if she would come and take me to the hospital.  I figured by time she got to my house someone would be home to take care of carter & if not we would just take him!  She was so excited when I called her and said she would be here soon!
I realized that i was NO where near ready to have a baby that wasn’t technically due until Tuesday & it was barely Thursday!!!  I hadn’t even washed her clothes yet!  (You know that nesting mode everyone goes into before their baby is born?  That definitely doesn’t happen to me!) so I started packing a hospital bag & put all of Reagan’s clothes to wash haha!
I figured the husband could come home and finish grabbing stuff for her before she came home since the hospital was so close!  Soooo unprepared!
In the meantime Victor Sr called to see if I wanted some lunch…and I thought whyyyy sureeee I want some lunch since I probably won’t be able to eat until tomorrow!  Hahaha I ordered my fave at the time a cheeseburger & fries!!!
I was still not getting any contractions so I was starting to think shoot I have a loonging time I’m sure of it!
Tavo (my BIL, Carters God father) showed up & I asked him if he would watch carter while I go with my mom to the hospital and he said why?  Are you gonna have the baby?  I said yes!  He said what?!  You are?!  I explained to him about what happened at Kohls and we were laughing our butts off!  
My mom & gram showed up and were ready to leave when I told them I was still packing.  My mom & grandma were freaking out & I just felt so calm!  Haha they were asking me what I needed help with and were just helping get things ready!
Victor Sr (FIL) & pokey (SIL) showed up shortly after  and handed me my food.  He looked funny at my mom & grandma like what are you guys doing here on a random day at a random time?  Haha
I started eating & my grandma told victor sr, we’re ready to have a baby!   And he said yep!  Only a couple more days as he kept walking!   Haha my mom said NO TODAY!  His eyes got huge!  And said omg today!!???  Hahaha it was the funniest face ever I’ll probably never forget it, it was like someone tripped him!
They were all laughing and we were like didn’t you hear her?  He said yeah but j thought she was asking me like are we ready?  It was so funny!  Pokey & her then boyfriend were laughing at how calm the house was considering we were gonna have a baby!  I was laughing and my mom & grandma were saying they felt the same!  They didn’t even know how I was eating!  When I was explaining to them why, they said you’re so right!  Hahaha eat!!!
I finally finished packing said good bye to carter & we were off to the hospital!  Now the time in the hospital is NEXT!