Meltdowns don’t always come from the baby

I’m positive any SAHM has the day where they just feel like NOTHING can go right…where you have a MILLION + 1 things to get done & can’t seem to get 1 done?

This was especially true when carter was a itty bitty baby.  I would wonder how those moms keep their houses spotless, make a six course dinner, cookies for snack, and manage to have lunch with friends!?  Huh?  Where do you find the time??
Guess what I managed to do today?  A bunch of errands & a couple of loads of laundry!  Oh and I just realized that YES I filled the dishwasher but I DID NOT start it -.- and to think I was about to pat myself on the back!
I have noticed that the older carter has gotten the less things I get to do that I like, I don’t craft, because I can’t because carter will grab anything I’m working with since we don’t have a “craft table or room” I don’t get to sew because of the same.  I always wonder what it’s like when people say “pop in a movie and enjoy some free time.” Carter is probably the only kid in the planet that does NOT like TV!  I can get him to sit to watch a show Long enough for me to get into the shows & when I’m out he’s usually getting into something not watching TV anymore.
The last couple of days Carter will NOT take a nap or go to sleep at night without CRYING for approx 1 hour!  -.- and he’s in bed with me!  If I put him in the crib it’s screaming bloody murder until I can’t take it anymore and I go get him.  I have no idea what’s up with him, but I can tell you I am one tired mama.  Mix that on top of me realizing that I haven’t had the time or energy to do any of the “me stuff” I used to enjoy so much.  It’s been a pretty bad couple of days.  I love to blog seriously.  I love when I can go back and look at exactly where I was at that exact moment & exactly what was going through my head!  PLUS I love connecting with my bloggy friends.
But where do I find the time?  I got my laptop out yesterday to work on Carter’s 10 month post & he was standing on his tippy toes trying his hardest to touch ANY button he could!  It was hilarious BUT I had to put it away.
I’m sure you’re gonna say “do fun things while its nap time” suuuuuure if carter would nap longer then 30 minutes after it took me 45 to get him to sleep :l
I’m sure it probably sounds like I’m moaning and complaining about being a stay at home mom and that is NO where near my point AT ALL!  I am beyond grateful to be with Carter all day every day but 10 months later I’m still trying to find a balance, and I often find myself asking, will I ever?
I really hope so, I’m hoping the older Carter gets the more he will entertain himself & I’m hoping one day he’ll be on a steady schedule of napping I mean a solid 2 hour nap every single day would be the most amazing thing ever!  🙂
Wow!  Did that even make any sense at all?  Probably not, but ill leave you with this 🙂
I mean how can he possibly be getting this big?  And you know what?  Even though I have no time for me stuff, taking care of this dude makes it all worth it.



Well most days…
I really miss blogging.
I love that I can go back to a blog post & see exactly what I was feeling at that exact moment.
It’s been so tough to get back into blogging after Mr Carter has arrived.  I feel like my days revolve around him, and when he’s asleep I have a todo list of one thousand and one things to get done & I usually get one done before he’s up again.

So many things have happened in such a short amount of time that i want so badly to blog about…

the annual family trip came & went and yes I almost killed a couple of people.
My birthday came and went & it was amazing the husband really made it special.  Which reminds me I never even blogged about my amazing Mother’s Day the husband has really stepped up his game.
I know that EVERY TIME I blog now it’s always me saying “I want to blog more” and I do!  I want to get into a routine of blogging & making it a point to do it because really I do love it.
But I still don’t know where the blogging moms get the time.?  They must have more hours in their day or be better at time management or something because I can’t find time (damn candy crush is probably taking the little time I do have) -.-
BUT can anyone else believe that summer is almost over?  & mr carter will be a whole year old in LESS then 3 months?!  To say I’m behind on planning his party is an understatement!
BUT to my defense I DID just plan an entire vacation for 30+ people AND have been tutoring & running carter to a couple different baby classes.
At 9.5 months old mr carter has officially gotten his first sickness -.- and to think I thought he was going to be a wonder child & never get sick oh boy was I wrong.
He had a fever for 3 days so I took him into the drs where they did blood work & X-rays 🙁  it was terrible & usually for all the bad stuff like shots the husband is there to take over so I don’t break down crying but not yesterday, yesterday I had to do it all on my own :(( it was heartbreaking literally called the husband twice while we were at the dr for four hours crying (I’m a sissy, I know) but literally I can not see my baby hurting it makes my heart ache & the worst kind of ache too.  It’s terrible & it really makes my heart ache more for those parents that’s child are dealing with sicknesses on a daily basis it’s such a terrible feeling in the pit of your stomach I could not imagine feeling it every day.
It reminded me of when we were admitted to the hospital with carter & there were babies that didn’t get to go home for Christmas, so heartbreaking.
Okay, enough with the sadness.  Thankfully the doctors have hopefully figured out what’s wrong with my baby and YAY today is the first day in two days that he hasn’t had a crying fit so to me that’s an amazing day 🙂
P.S. happy Wednesday friends and I’m going to add to my permanent “To Do” list – Blog!


You know when I was younger I would judge the passing of time by how close it was until a break from school, as soon as you started school you automatically start counting the days until your first day off!  Usually wasn’t too long before Labor Day or at least thanksgiving because it was a FOUR day weekend!  But there wasn’t something to tell me how fast time was going by, and really when I was young it took FOREVER for summer break to come again…am I right?

Now that I have Carter time has seriously gone so fast!  I KNOW I KNOW EVERYONE complains how fast time goes by once they have a kid really is true!  Ask anyone with a kid!  One of the first things you’ll hear is “Enjoy it!  It goes faster then you know!” I could not even begin to tell you how fast these last 8 months have flown by!  Literally!  Like what?!  8 months!  ;( I mean I’m not complaining carter is so much fun!  He’s crawling!  Laughing!  Getting into EVERYTHING!  And so alert and so much fun!  But as I sit here typing this I can’t help but be sad thinking that I will NEVER in my whole life or his life be able to hold that little tiny baby again!
I was at my grandmas house today & I was watching Carter in his walker and I said “man, I can’t believe how fast 8 months has gone by” and she said “I know.” Then I asked her “can you still picture my dad like that?  A little baby?  Can you believe that was almost 50 years ago?” Her & my eyes welted up thinking about it and then I said “I can’t even imagine when Carter’s a grandpa.” Both of us in tears, and I totally didnt mean to make us cry but just as I am sitting typing with tears in my eyes I can’t help but get sentimental thinking about time.  And just how fast it goes by.  I mean one day!  WAY WAY WAYYYYY down the road I will be a Great Grandma and I’m going to still be complaining about how fast time is flying by.
And I will be constantly reminding myself to enjoy my time!  Enjoy every moment I have on this earth because time is too precious to waste!

Bucket List

I have been thinking about this often, because people ALWAYS say, Oh that’s on my bucket list!  Actually I started thinking about it when I heard about that 90 year old lady that went skydiving because it was on her bucket list, I realized that although there are LOTS of things that I would LIKE to do before I kick the bucket I haven’t actually ever written them down, SO today I’m going to write down what I would like to do before I kick the bucket, and some stuff that I have already done, that would probably NEVER do again, or am glad I have done.
Bucket List
Go to the Super Bowl!!!  
It doesn’t matter which one or where I just want to say at some point in my life, oh ya I went to that Super Bowl, sounds AMAZING right?  And I’d take my Dad with me, because really he is the one that confirmed my LOVE for football 🙂

Go to Europe with the Husband
and make sure we go to England & Ireland because those are TWO places that look AMAZING that I have never been!
Go on a Cruise to Alaska during Summer
We had actually talked about going to do this next summer, but with Carter coming we will see if it actually happens, if not we WILL do this in the summers coming, it sounds like so much fun and REALLY how cool would it be to see an iceburg in person right next to you??  PLUS the northern lights?  A-M-A-Z-I-N-G!!!

Own a House
I can’t wait to actually sign papers that say we OWN this house and for the NEXT 30 years we will be paying for it!  I can’t wait to decorate it exactly how I want, and know that our kids can grow up there knowing that it would always be their home 🙂
Road Trip Across America
OMG!!  I want to do this so bad, the husband and pretty much done this when he started trucking BUT not with a companion in tow, I think it would be so much fun once we have more kids or just Carter and take off in a motor home and drive all around the U.S. I haven’t seen nearly enough states, I mean come on I haven’t even seen the grand canyon!

Have an teaching job that I LOVE
You would think that someone’s bucket list would not consist of getting a job, but really I LOVE being a teacher and can’t wait for ANYTHING to actually get a job teaching in a school that I love!
Things that I’ve already completed 🙂
(and i just wanna brag about)
Go Skydiving
The Husband & I were just watching the Video of the day we went Skydiving and I had JUST turned 23 :O OMG was that really FOUR years ago??  I can’t believe it!!  It was AMAZING and a CRAZY experience that I would PROBABLY NEVER do again, it was scary and anyone that tells you it wasn’t is CRAZY!!   I plan to write a whole post about my experience, eventually.
Get Married
I always wanted someone to call my husband and someone to be able to build a life with.  I am so happy that the person that I have found is AMAZING and truly my soul mate 🙂
Graduate College
Completed in 2006 YAY!
Graduate with Master’s Degree
Completed in 2011 and my whole family was JUST as excited to share in this life changing experience as I was, now if ONLY that Master’s Degree would help me find a job! :l
Go on a Hot Air Balloon Ride
The husband & I like doing things that are different and fun, and when we went on our honeymoon we wanted to do something that was fun and different, so we went on a HOT AIR BALLOON ride around San Diego, and it was AMAZING!!!  So beautiful!!  LOVE LOVE LOVED it!!  (even if we did lock the keys in our rental car and were afraid that when we got back the car would be stolen, thank god it wasn’t)

99 Things!

helloooo, i found this cute little survery/life experience over @ Ramblings of a Brunette who was linking up wtih  Notes from a Newlywed I thought it was SUPER cute so of COURSE I had to join too!!  DUH!

99 things

Bold the things that you have done on the list

Started your own blog

(of course i mean where do you think you are?)

Slept under the stars

(I thought i would be so scared to do this, but I did it in summer camp one time, and it was AMAZING!)

Played in a band

Visited Hawaii

(I wish, SOMEDAY!)

Watched a meteor shower

Given more than you can afford to charity

Been to Disneyland

(of course, I do have a season pass!  LOVE IT there!)

Climbed a mountain

(the times I go hiking by my house count right?  I say yes)

Held a praying mantis

Sang a solo

Bungee jumped

Visited Paris

(my cousin took me when I was little and I LOVED IT!! Someday me & the husband will go!)

Watched a lightning storm

(it was in TEXAS and it was the CRAZIEST storm I had ever seen, we don’t get those here in CA)

Taught yourself an art from scratch

(Does making cupcakes cute count?  if so then yes :D)

Adopted a child

Had food poisoning

(off the elote man one time, I didn’t eat those delicious things for YEARS)

Walked to the top of the Statue of Liberty

(I have been to the statue of liberty and they wouldn’t let us go to the top, they said they don’t anymore so I think I got as close to it as I could, counts!)

Grown your own vegetables

(jalapenos & habaneros, I HELPED)

Seen the Mona Lisa in France

(could not get too close to it, but really i don’t know what is so great about it?  It’s just a painting)

Slept on an overnight train

(i’ve slept on a train overnight)

Had a pillow fight

(of course, who hasn’t?  Actually the husband tried to start one the other day, and ended up spilling his drink all over the google TV)

Hitch hiked

(HELL NO!  I’m a HUGE believer in STRANGER DANGER)

Taken a sick day when you’re not ill

(duh, but not recently)

Built a snow fort

Held a lamb

Gone skinny dipping

Run a Marathon

(probably never will, I don’t think I’ll EVER like running that much)

Ridden in a gondola in Venice

(AMAZING!!  Another thing for me and the Husbands bucket list)

Seen a total eclipse

Watched a sunrise or sunset

(we actually got up super early one day we were on the cruise just to see the sun rise and it was so pretty, I don’t think I’ve ever seen it like that before, ESPECIALLY because it was coming right over the ocean!)

Hit a home run

Been on a cruise

(it was so much fun, I just wish I didn’t get so motion sick all the time)

Seen Niagara Falls in person

Visited the birthplace of your ancestors

Seen an Amish community

Taught yourself a new language

Had enough money to be truly satisfied

(i wish)

Seen the Leaning Tower of Pisa in person


Gone rock climbing 

(at summer camp, but I don’t think I could do it again, kinda afraid of heights now)

Seen Michelangelo’s David

(It was pretty amazing)

Sung karaoke

(ridiculously bad)

Seen Old Faithful geyser erupt

Bought a stranger a meal at a restaurant

Visited Africa

Walked on a beach by moonlight

(back when the husband was romantic he took me, it was so cute)

Been transported in an ambulance

Had your portrait painted

(my parents got me & the husband one for Christmas a couple of years ago, and it’s my favorite thing I own!  Can’t wait to get the same guy to do the babies picture)

Gone deep sea fishing

Seen the Sistine Chapel in person


Been to the top of the Eiffel Tower in Paris

(we again weren’t allowed to go to the top)

Gone scuba diving or snorkeling

Kissed in the rain

(not like the movies show it)

Played in the mud

(when I was younger we used to love making mud pies)

Gone to a drive-in theater

(the husband and I were just talking about how we need to go again soon)

Been in a movie

Visited the Great Wall of China

Started a business

Taken a martial arts class

Visited Russia

Served at a soup kitchen

Sold Girl Scout Cookies

(my dad would always be my best customer!)

Gone whale watching

(i got sea sick on the way back)

Got flowers for no reason

(when the husband was trying to woo me, again before we got married)

Donated blood, platelets or plasma

(twice and I passed out BOTH times, so I don’t give it anymore)

Gone sky diving

(a couple of summers ago, and although it was an amazing experience, I dont know if I’d ever do it again)

Visited a Nazi Concentration Camp

(it was so creepy, but made it that much more real)

Bounced a check

Flown in a helicopter

Saved a favorite childhood toy

Visited the Lincoln Memorial

(I want to go back!)

Eaten Caviar

Pieced a quilt

Stood in Times Square

(and ate there too at Bubba Gumps over looking it!  I LOVE NY!)

Toured the Everglades

Been fired from a job

Seen the Changing of the Guards in London

Broken a bone

Been a passenger on a motorcycle

(once just around the block)

Seen the Grand Canyon in person


Published something

(my blog says PUBLISH, so YES :D)

Visited the Vatican

(and it was HOLY YEAR so it was SOOOO crowded & HOT!)

Bought a brand new car

Walked in Jerusalem

Had your picture in the newspaper

Kissed a stranger at midnight on New Year’s Eve

Visited the White House

(as close as we could get)

Killed and prepared an animal for eating

Had chickenpox

(my sister was just born and I couldn’t go home to see her)

Saved someone’s life

Sat on a jury

(it was a lameeeee one & the people that were on the jury with me were super dumb!)

Met someone famous

Joined a book club

Got a tattoo


Had a baby

(in October I will have)

Seen the Alamo in person

(I didn’t even know what it was at first)

Swam in the Great Salt Lake

Been involved in a law suit

Owned a cell phone

(obsessed with the iPhone)

Been stung by a bee

(in the foot!)


not toooooo bad! but, I was hoping for at least 1/2! 

P.S.  I hate blogger for making this post look so lame!!!

Baby Laines-The Day I Found Out I was Pregnant! :D

You see me & the husband had always talked about wanting kids, we always said that once we got married we were gonna be a legit mexican couple and just see what happened!  Sooooo when our year anniversary came and went we started to think that maybe things weren’t just gonna happen…BUT we continued living our lives and figured EVENTUALLY it would happen, and if we were in a super amazing place with jobs, houses, cars, etc. we would figure it out then.  WELL I still thought about it, thought about why we hadn’t been pregnant yet, and why?  BUT we were just living life, and enjoying our time together JUST THE TWO of us! 😀
on February 22nd that I didn’t feel so good.  I didn’t know why, but I just didn’t feel “right” something was up, and I immediately thought hmmm..could it be?  BUT I brushed it off and said “No, and if it is, I’ll test in the morning” since thats when they said is best any way right?  So, next thing bright and early I thought, Oh ya!  I want to test, just to make sure!

Well I did and I brushed my teeth while waiting thinking OF COURSE it was going to say “Not Pregnant” but then I finished brushing my teeth & what did I see?!?!

(I have tried several times to post the pictures of the test, of course for show, but OF course stupid blogger won’t let me!  I have tried to do it several different ways and NOPE doesn’t work!  SOOOO doesn’t look like you guys are going to be able to see it!  BUT imagine my hand with cut painted nails holding a test that says PREGNANT!) 😀

I couldn’t believe it!  I literally stood there shocked!  I really didn’t think that it was real, I think I stood there for a few minutes staring at the test (even though it was probably only a couple of seconds it felt like forever) and I ran to the room because I knew there was NO way that I would be able to keep this a secret for any amount of time from the husband!  He was sound asleep in bed, when I ran in and said “OMG!!  OMG!!  OMG!!”  of course he did what any normal husband would do and jumped out of his slumber thinking I was getting murdered or something and said “WHAT!?!”  I immediately shoved the test in his face and said”LOOK!”  He was so confused (probably because he thought I was being murdered but instead was just stuffing a pee stick in his face).  AND said “uggh..what is that?” I immediately said “OMG!  It says, I’m pregnant!!”  He looked at me eyes filled with mokos still and said “oh, congratuatlions” I immediately started laughing!  So hard, I said “what?!  Did you really tell me Congratulations!?  HAHAHHA” he just looked at me possibly in shock still, because clearly I was still in shock myself!

I sat on our bed looking at the test, I think I was waiting for it to suddenly show a NOT in front of it, but nope!  It didn’t happen & on this random day in February me & the husband were officially going to be parents 🙂

We had decided a long time ago, when but that we woudn’t tell anyone once we finally got pregnant for the three months or at the very least until we went to the doctor!  So I said, Okay, we’ll tell everyone that I gave upALL alcohol for lent (since thank god, it had started just the day before) and we would tell everyone on Easter, 40 days later!

Once, the husband left to work I immediately called my closest, favorite cousin and AFTER making her SWEAR on her kids and numerous other things that she would NOT tell a single soul I told her that I had taken a test and it was positive and couldn’t believe it!  She was so excited and I could feel how excited she was even from hundreds of miles away!  And we talked about all things baby!

Once I got to work I couldn’t belive it still, and all I could think about was is it possible?  Once I got home I took TWO more tests just to be sure, and they were all positive!  This was it, the Laines Family would no longer be TWO + beasts but would soon be THREE 😀  and I can’t wait!

Lovin’ Life

Is it funny that the husband sent me this text message this morning, when I tell him this ALL of the time! Literally ALL of the time! I’ll randomly be walking with him, or even sitting on our couch, look around and think wow our life really is great! AND IT IS!!! I love that we can do whatever we want, whenever we want, because it’s OUR house, OUR things, OUR dogs, etc. On Sunday we were putting the kids bunk beds to wash, and I just thought of how much I love how we live, how much I love our relationship and everything that comes with it.

I probably sound like I’m bragging (and maybe I am a little, so what) but really I do love my life, and I can honestly say that! There is NOTHING (with the little tiny exception of wishing I had a real teaching job) that I don’t love about our life together, and in truth I know it’s only going to get better, and better and better! I LOVE YOU Mr. Laines 🙂 you truly are the BEST husband that any girl could ask for and I LOVE OUR LIFE to infity 😀

Things that are currently annoying me! :l

Okay, so I have noticed that there are things RECENTLY that are annoying me!


I want to say that I thought Kim Kardashian’s wedding was going to be JUST like the royal wedding, because after all that’s what the E! channel told me! AND since that is my FAVORITE channel to watch after bravo when the housewives are on, I thought they were telling me the truth! BUT I didn’t know that what they meant was that Kim would be wearing a “tiara” on her head! I do not like it, and it seemed like she just wanted to go over the top…I know it’s my wedding, and I shouldn’t judge…BUT she is in the media eye and I did see, it and it is ANNOYING me…so HERE it is…her “tiara” uggh would have been so much prettier without that thing on her forehead!


While we are on the Kardashians! I LOVE LOVE LOVE KUWTK!! <3 and Khloe is my absolute FAVORITE!!! But, why oh why did they decide to sell their KARDASHIAN KOLLECTION @ Sears!??! WHO goes to sears for anything BUT craftman tools!?!?! I haven’t heard of anyone shopping at sears since the Brady Bunch!!! Couldn’t they have sold it at my FAVORITE place in the WHOLE wide world…KOHLS!!!?? Boo to them for picking Sears, and boo to them for their clothes being RIDICULOUSLY expensive! Leggings for $39.99 ON SALE! WOWZA!! It’s probably a good thing they are selling at Sears, because if it was at kohls I would feel obligated to buy something, and I CANNOT afford $40 leggings! :/


While we are talking about my FAVORITE place KOHLS! Let me say that we are so close they like to email me and tell me when NEW fabulous lines are coming out! So I received an email earlier this week, telling me how JENNIFER LOPEZ now had a line at KOHLS! YAY!! I was so excited because well I love when celebrities have clothing lines and I love when they sell them at Kohls, (my fave Lauren Conrad!) so I clicked the link to check it out…and WOW! Was I disappointed, anything that seemed to MAYBE be cute had something weird added to it…and it was a total let down…thanks J-Lo I didn’t NEED to buy your clothes anyway…but STILL she couldn’t have added something that we could wear on a normal day and we weren’t filling a music video? Check it out HERE!


Another one of my FAVORITE stores TARGET is selling their new Missoni line, and I seriously DO NOT understand WHY everyone is obsessed with it!?! It’s all zig zag & looks like it belongs in the 70s…IDK maybe I’m not cool enough to rock it and that’s why it’s annoying me but really? zig zag fever so much to make the target website crash…idk maybe this is how people feel when I help make the apple website crash when a new iphone comes out…hmmm things to ponder…well if you haven’t seen the missoni line yet, it’s HERE and most things are sold out…but have a look! and hurry they won’t sale ANYTHING after October something and I’m SURE this stuff will NOT be in the clearance section!

AND FIFTH and FINAL thing that annoys me at this VERY current MOMENT!

The price hike at freakin’ NETFLIX!!! Like seriously WTF!?!?! WHY would you MAKE your existing customers that have been loyal and with you since BEFORE there was a such thing as online streaming (or at least before you had 10 thousand movies on there) up their membership dues~?!?! FOR REALS $20 for instant streaming and ONE movie at a time!! RIDICULOUS I tell you RIDICULOUS!! AND I would cancel my membership just to teach them they can’t treat us LOYAL CUSTOMERS like that, BUT 1.) they probably won’t notice! and 2.) How will I watch things on instant streaming?? SO what I did, cancel the mailed movie part! Since they want to be stingy. I’ll give them my $7.99 BUT my Blu-Ray business is now going to REDBOX! That’ll teach them! 😀 (or not but still so annoying!)

Okay, until NEXT time!

Oh and we’re going to a dodger game on Sunday, so I’ll be sure to get lots of pics to post after we get back…hopefully it’s drama-free & too much fun! Until next time!


Soooooo does anyone know where summer went?!? It seems like it was JUST the 4th of July literally a week ago & now in ONE week it will already be LABOR DAY. We have lots coming up!!

This weekend we’re going to the annual rams picnic followed by a bday party! AND then next weekend we are going to VEGAS!!! Just for two days but we’re still going! AND then it’s the Fat Boy, Delylah, and Nannies bdays on the 8th, 9th, and 10th of Septmeber! (talk about timing!) 🙂 so we have two bday parties to attend!!! TWO separate weekends! ONE cupcake, ONE carnival! AND probably (Shakey’s?) for Nannies Bday!? After that me and my love have decided NO more spending money! Since we are going on our cruise on 11-13! (OUR ANNIVERSARY)!!!!!! I am so excited! I KNOW we are gonna have the BEST time!!!! We always do! 🙂 and I can’t wait!!! We finally finished paying for it and EVEN have a little bit of money put away for it! 🙂 OH and when I called to pay for it, they confirmed that we also got on-board credit from the cancelled cruise last year! Chicka-Chicka-Yay!!! 🙂

Besides that I’ve applied to probably 30 different jobs and it is starting to get ridiculously annoying!! Like seriously?? Can’t SOMEONE hire me pleaseeeeeeee?? I need some income in order to buy a house and I want a house! 🙂 NOT to mention I could REALLY use some health insurance! 🙁

For now though, although I get down sometimes I am VERY grateful for my husband and the life that we live together!!! I literally can NOT imagine my life without him!!! He is the MOST incredible person that I have EVER met & he knows how to make me laugh! (which is the best part) he truly is my best friend and I know that there are lots and lots of people that aren’t fortunate enough to marry their BEST FRIEND and for that I am grateful! That and all the crazy beasts we have living in this house that go by the names Fox McCloud, Santiago Ignacio, and Miss Marlee Muffin!!