Baby Laines #2-27 weeks

How far along: 27 weeks

Baby’s size: a head of cauliflower!  About 16″ & 2.5 lbs!!  Getting soooo big 🙂

Miss Anything:  Besides my mouth still watering when I see a corona I don’t really miss too much.  Besides my back not hurting everyday 🙁

Best moment this week: I have been cleaning out Carter’s clothes & organizing baby girls clothes & I can’t believe it BUT we already have TWO drawers filled with clothes!  🙂  lots & lots of dresses & girly stuff already too makes my heart so happy to have a baby girl on her way and to experience something new 🙂

Movement:  yep!  Last week I felt her kicking more, this week I feel her moving around all crazy…I hope she’s not trying to turn breech because when I went to the dr last time she was already head down!

Food cravings: wellll same, nothing really, besides a beer -.- orrrr sweets >.< same with Carter these kids loooove sugar!

Anything making you queasy or sick: same, nothing really BUT I totally forgot that this time, my nose works sooo much better & I can literally smell everything so LOTS of things make me randomly feel like throwing up!  -.-

Maternity Clothes: yesssss still fitting regular shirts but I can feel some of them getting shorter haha good thing I still don’t have any swelling or anything so all my shoes & stuff fit fine 🙂

Stretch marks:  still none I can see 🙂

Symptoms I HAVE:   my back still hurts, and it sucks 🙁 BUT still nothing else really.  I’m still thankful for how easy my pregnancies go compared to other peoples 🙂 oh and of course my insomnia 🙁 

Doctor’s Appointment:  don’t have one scheduled until the 20th BUT I did schedule my glucose test for this Monday 🙁  it’s at 7 am and I’m hopingggg since it’s literally 2 minutes from my house I get to come home in between blood drawings.

What I’m looking forward to:  still the baby shower & the closer it gets the more excited that I am that baby is going to be here!  I can’t wait for her to meet her brother & to see what she’s like <3

Gender: GIRL!!!!  

Belly Button in or out: in

Wedding rings on or off: on pretty loose still.

Happy or Moody most of the time: I am still happy most of the time BUT for sure my emotions are CRAZY!  I can literally cry at anything literally!

Sleep: still the same, once I’m actually asleep I sleep pretty good!  BUT it’s the actual falling asleep part that isn’t working out for me 🙁

Showing:  MOST definitely!  😀