Friday, September 6, 2013

Day 6-Meet the Husband

If you have been following for a while you  know I did THIS looooong post about the husband not too long ago.  And sometimes not gonna lie, on days he annoys me I go back and read it and laugh at how funny he is.  P.S. go read that post, not trying to toot my own horn but it's pretty good :)

sooo now I realized that I never really talk about where he came from or any of that good stuff, so here we go.

The Husband.

I realize that I never ever call him his name on this here blog, and I don't know why.  I just don't.  BUT his  name is Victor and him and his dad have the same name but different middle name (gets confusing when I'm saying "Oh Victor did this"and his family doesn't know if I'm talking about him, or his dad).

He was born in March of 1985, and was is the oldest.  He was literally born 9 months after his parents got married, talk about a honeymoon baby.  

He had two younger brothers and a way younger sister.

sorry for the terrible pic, this was taken with someones phone.

He was born into a house in Compton (ya  I KNOW scary).  and soon moved to Whittier, because his parents didn't want their kids to grow up in or around gangs.  Great choice parents.

So once they moved to Whittier, his parents even put him into private school!  His mom talked to his teachers and decided that him and his middle brother were too small to go into the next grade so she was going to hold them back, so in 2nd or 3rd grade (I always forget) he got held back, poor guy.

Once his other brother started going to school his parents decided that it was too expensive to send them to private school so they went to regular school.

He grew up playing baseball, and had a pretty normal childhood.  

We met when I was sixteen and he was seventeen, we had both went to get our first job ever and were at the interview together and got placed at the same park (you can read more about that here)

We were friends for years while we were in high school, and I often would give him rides home :)  We were really good friends the whole time we worked together, and I secretly always had a crush on him.

We both worked at the park for two years, and then he got fired because he ruined a golf cart that we used to ride around in.  YES he's that big of a dork, doing donuts in the parking lot and hit a HUGE rock!  But once he got fired summer was almost over and I was off to college, while I was at college we were VERY good friends, every single time I came home we would hang out!  We would go to breakfast before he went to school, or lunch or to the mall, or parties wherever we just made it a point to hang out (always behind the back of his gf at the time because she HATED me).  We were friends all through college, and then he decided that he was going to become a truck driver that drives all 50 states!

He left, and I was here texting him everyday, I was going through a really bad breakup and he was my support system, reminding me that I didn't need to be with someone that didn't appreciate me :)

We talked every day while he was on the road and I would always start the conversation with "where are you today?" and he would say a different state almost every day it was a great time to remember.  

He ended up coming home very soon after that and that is when we started dating.  Originally we just went out as friends, but that was the first time EVER that we had both been single (awe even writing about that day makes my stomach get butterflies) I literally called my sister right after we kissed and said "OMG you are NOT gonna believe it!  AND she said I believe it, you guys go good together!" :)

We dated for a whole month before the husband asked me to marry him and I laughed at him and told him to get me a ring!  On our one year anniversary, he planned a huge surprise dinner, which was actually a surprise proposal, and it was the most amazing thoughtful proposal ever even if I do laugh at him because he NEVER GOT DOWN ON ONE KNEE.  :)

We got married a year and 1/2 or so later, and have been having a blast since we have really known each other.  He's a truck driver now, at the same company my dad works for and is an amazing husband and father.  I am so serious when I say that I am grateful to have such an amazing husband who gets on my nerves DAILY!  

He is the funniest guy I know, or maybe I'm the only one that gets his jokes.

Because, when we're together I'm ALWAYS laughing.

He's CRAZY, and funny and is definitely one of those guys that likes to "mess with you" just because he said it's funny.
(hahahaha totally realized he's wearing slippers in this pictures!!!)

We always have the best time together and we're definitely one of "those" couples that would much rather do things together then go on "boys/girls night out" we just enjoy each other's company and always have the best time.  

So grateful god put you in my life Husband, because we are meant to be (and yes I know how cheezy that sounds!)