Day 5-Something Most People Don’t Know About Me

hmmm this is a hard one, but I definitely think that one thing that most people wouldn’t know about me, is easily I can let other people’s emotions affect my own.  It’s a weird thing to even explain, BUT I can easily become annoyed if someone I’m around is annoyed, or sad, or happy, or whatever.  I often take on their emotions, and most of the time without wanting to.

I noticed this a while ago, when I was sitting at a table having so much fun, and there was someone sitting there with a sour face on (you know what face I’m talking about) and then you ask them “what’s wrong?” and they reply “NOTHING!” when CLEARLY something is wrong with them!  WELL that will bother me, the fact that they’re sitting there all mad, and the rest of us are trying to have a good time.  It will put me in a bad mood, it’s so dumb but I’ll later drive home and tell the husband whyyyy was so and so sitting there like that?  If they wanted to be mad they should have not came, they made me mad, in which he’ll reply, “why does it matter? let them be mad” and I won’t.  I can’t.  so weird. but so dumb.
that’s it.  random little tidbit.  and please, if you are upset about something dumb like your boyfriend forgetting your wallet at home which you don’t even need.  PLEASE get over it before you come to a party that I’m attending because when you come in with your mad face I will instantly be annoyed.  🙂