Day 4-The Best Day of My Life

Man, I don’t even know what day to pick, because I have had so many days that I would love to relive, BUT I definitely think my most perfect “almost perfect” day was the day that me and the husband got married.

We had a very DIY wedding and the husband had to help my parents/his parents and lots of friends and family set up the reception hall the morning of our wedding while I got ready with my bridesmaids and my grandma.  We arrived at the church and the husband was LATE!!  YES, LATE!  I could tell that my dad was getting nervous that he wouldn’t show up, but I know the husband he would never, he just doesn’t know how to be on time to ANYTHING!  So, he finally showed up 10 minutes before our wedding was supposed to start AND he was supposed to be there 40 minutes before!  HAHA

He got there, and we got the show on the road, it was a beautiful day in November 🙂

I got to walk down the aisle with my dad who’s AMAZING and we were laughing the whole way down so that we wouldn’t cry.  Ya we’re the emotional type.  P.S. my dad NEVER EVER even puts on jeans, so him in a suit was so cute 🙂

We had an AMAZING church wedding and everyone after the ceremony just kept telling me how in love we looked throughout the whole ceremony because really the husband was CRACKING me up!  Took a lot of pressure off of everyone looking at us.

At one point the husband was supposed to say “to put forth EFFORT” and he said “to put the F word” literally thats what he said “THE F WORD” not the actually F word but just F word hahahah the whole place was CRACKING up and at that moment I wished more then everything that we would have hired videographers!


He tried to put my ring on the wrong finger!  HAHA


If you know anything about catholic weddings you know that you take communion doing the wedding, WELL I was so confused when we got communion because during regular church you put it in your hand and you hold the glass .  Well when we took it during the wedding you aren’t allowed to get it in your hand.  I opened my mouth but was confused when the priest tried to give me the cup and I was supposed to hold it, anyway the husband was laughing at me, BUT then he tried to get communion in his hand and the priest had to correct him.  It was hilarious that we both were confused and we both laughed at each other.

I was so happy to marry my very best friend!


We took some pictures at a little downtown area near our reception hall, and everyone had a great time having our pictures taken.


We had a small wedding party because I didn’t want to deal with the drama of a big one, and even with just 3 of each and 2 flower girls, it was a headache at times, but I’m so glad we had everyone.



We had solidified our relationship in front of everyone, and couldn’t be more happy.

We had amazing italian food….

In a tiny hall…

We laughed…

We cried…

we danced…

and we were more in love then ever…

literally was one of the best days of my life.


of course having carter was an amazing day.  but it was a much more emotional day, some that were crazy emotions that you only feel when you have a baby.  I like to think that every day I see Carter grow and learn, is a great day in my life as well 🙂