Day 3-My Happy Place

I had to think long and hard about this one, because I think of a lot of different places as a great places to be.

BUT I am going to share my #1 and my #2.

#1-my grandma’s house.  Seriously I mentioned before in my story on day one about how much my extended family means to me.  BUT really my grandma’s house just makes me happy 🙂

we love my grandma’s house so much we all have the address tattooed this is 1/3rd of us

When I’m sick, happy, sad, frustrated, anything we always make our way to my grandmas house.  The night before my wedding I even spent the night at my grandma’s house and got ready there because it just feels so comfortable and cozy.  PLUS she always makes good food!  ALWAYS!

#2-Disneyland I can’t even explain it but I just love it.  We had a season pass for a couple of years and loved it, we definitely used it up.  We would go and have a drink and some dinner go on a couple of rides and go home.  It was always so much fun, and Carter has even been TWICE.  I can’t wait to get our seasons passes back, but the husband and I decided that we would wait to get them until Carter is a little bigger so he can actually go on some rides and have so much fun.




OKAY I know this is a whole day late, and so lame for no pics, BUT I am catching up 😀