A love story-and then we were friends


So the future (at the time I had NO idea this would ever happen) husband and my best friend at the time had hooked up, I mean they weren’t officially dating or anything but they were definitely talking on the phone and stuff because I would hear allllllllll about it.  P.S. by now I had the HUGEST crush on TFH but since I had JUST broken up with my boyfriend at the time I could NOT tell anyone!  I mean then they would think I broke up with my Ex to be with TFH (heck maybe that is why I broke up with him IDK) but none of that mattered now, because he was now dating my best friend and there was no chance in me and him ummm ever **insert extremely sad face**  I went on with my senior year of high school without really hearing from him too much just through the grapevine from my friend when him and her would talk, AND then it was almost summer again and it was time for us to work together again!  We had the best summer working together and of course hung out randomly and especially at work…took our breaks together to do random shit like go to toys r us and find toys that we could buy to play with while at work…go look at RV’s at the RV store, etc.  I still hoped to work with him every single day, but we were just friends.

FAST forward to the end of summer and I was off to college, he came up to Fresno (where I went to school) to visit we got RIDICULOUSLY drunk hung out and had the best time, when I would come home we would always plan a trip to have breakfast and then we would hang out go to a party or just hang out playing drinking games, we had become really really good friends.  Nothing more, even if I had hoped for it.

Our friendship continued this way plus I either ALWAYS had a boyfriend OR he ALWAYS had a girlfriend and we never stepped outside the “friend zone.”

This was until 2008….