The Husband

I’m pretty sure you’re all PRETTY tired about hearing about the husband.
We ALL have the BEST husband in the whole world right?
I’m POSITIVE we do!
The best husband for us!  RIGHT?
I mean you wouldn’t pick him to be
if he wasn’t the best?
did he pick you?
Either way, you said I Do,
and it’s final 🙂
I’m linking up with Kristina @ The Streeters Unlimited to talk ALL about the Husband!
I want to share with you
of the reasons
why I love him so much!
and what better way to do that?
Then with pictures?
I love him because…..
he drives this BIG BEAST every single day and LOVES it!
He loves disneyland EVEN if he swears he doesn’t!
he’ll even take funny pictures inside toy boxes with me!
and he insists on TAKING pictures “pretending to open car doors”
he gets EXTRA scared on roller coasters that we’ve been on a HUNDRED times!
he loves taking silly pictures 🙂
he LOVES to give hugs!
he loves to be “that guy” in pictures!
(creeper?  probably)
He always thinks these pictures are the 
when he’s the girl!
He lovessss napping
especially with the
at bars
with his brother
and while holding lots of stuff!
he loves taking pictures of friends in the BEST situations!
sometimes he looks like a creepy old dude with a little dog
he’s been KNIGHTED by a KING!
he has the BEST smile!
he gives the BEST presents!
makes the BEST breakfast
and gives the best flowers
he loves dressing up

and always

sends the best text messages <3

he truly is 

the love

of my whole entire
and I couldn’t imagine my son looking like anyone else
and for that…I’m thankful every single day! 😀
I love you Husband, and can’t imagine choosing to spend my life with anyone more perfect for me!
don’t forget to link up & tell us all about your husband! 🙂