Thursday, June 5, 2014


As in the sun that shines on us.

I'm so excited for summer, and not because I love the sun because I really don't like being hot, and I don't like getting sunburned.  I don't like that it beats down on me, and I hate sunscreen -.- plus I hate it on my hands and now that I have a mobile kid, I just get said sunblock on my hands to apply it to his pale face :(  I literally HATE sunblock!  Yuck!

But!  The sun reminds me of summer, and I looooove summer!!!  It's always the best season!  I mean kids aren't in schoool, so it usually means vacation!  It means cool summer nights & I LOVE that the sun stays out til literally 8 pm!!

PLUS my birthday is in summer!  It's just so much fun, anyone who hates summer is WEIRD!  Haha no really.

Soo in honor of the HOT sun that's been beating down on us, I'm going to share with you some of our summer TO DO list!

•go to the beach!  (Most likely will be with the WHOLE family on a Friday in July!  Can't wait!!)

•go to Vegas for my cousins Wedding!  Vegas with two kids in tow, not the kinda Vegas I'm used to!!

•take carter to do things we normally don't, maybe some museums, story time at the library, idk something to get us out of the house!

•spend time at my gmas eating watermelon in the front yard!  That was my FAVORITE thing to do when I was little I want carter to experience the same thing!!

•let carter eat an ice cream cone alone!

•have some BBQs

•baptize Reagan (already scheduled for July 26th!)

•go swimming LOTS & LOTS rather it be in the little baby pool in my gmas back yard OR at my cousins pool!

•have fun!!!

Happy Summer Friends, don't let the sun burn you!  :)


***i wrote a wholeeeee GREAT blog post about everything I LOVE & somehow blogger deleted it, and only left this :(**

Sooo I suck at this & started writing this hours ago, and didn't click save, so it all went away :(

BUT here I am typing this with one hand, nursing & yelling at carter to go to sleep!  (Yes!  It is MIDNIGHT!) did I mention we have to be up EXTRA early tomorrow for Reagan's drs appt?  No?  Okay cause we do!  :(( 

Sunday, June 1, 2014


I was trying to think of the easiest way to come up with prompts that would make it easy for everyone to write & not be super specific!  I wanted everyone to have fun, and really just to make it a point to write.

So Sunday, on this Sunday I decided to tell you about something that happened YESTERDAY!  And guess what I did???

I went from a head full of looooong flowy down to my waist hair.


Hair I can't even put in a pony tail without little hairs coming down in the back!  0.0 can you believe it?  And guess what?  I don't miss it.

I know.  When I told several people that I wanted to cut my hair off, everyone repeatedly said "DON'T DO IT!!!  YOU'LL REGRET IT!!!" But really, all through high school & college I had short hair!  I liked it!  It was such low maintenance and really I think short hair looks cute!  So, guess what?  Even though it's short and so different then what it has been in the last couple of years, I LOVE IT!!  Literally LOVE it!  It's so light and refreshing!

I get soooo tired of having the same hairdo over and over again, I get tired of looking at myself, and really, I was thinking about adding some bright colored streaks like pink or purple but decided that maybeeee as a mother of two I probably shouldn't dye my hair a color a high school student might love.  Would I really want to be one of "those" moms that tries too hard to be hip & cool and ends up looking like a hot mess?  You know the ones right?  

Sooo a new short do is what could be done & thankfully on this Sunday I don't regret it and am loooovin' it!

Happy Sunday!!!

Jade :)

P.S. If you're joining in on this 30 day challenge leave a comment below so we could visit your blog!!  :D

June Bloom!

Okayyyyyy soooooo I totally want to get into blogging remember my New Years resolution to blog more?  Well it's only taken me til June to make it an actual priority!

sooooo I decided to do a blog challenge & I've tried the 30 day challenge in blogging before and it was HARD to blog every single day, soooo I decided to do a 30 day challenge of blogging every OTHER day so a total of 15 posts & it totally seems possible for me to do!  (That's what I'm hoping anyway!)

Sooooo without further ado I introduce you to the 30 day challenge of this little blog!  I hope you wanna join too?  I mean why not right?

In case you don't understand every day is a one word prompt soooo today is Sunday.  Write about anything including Sunday!  Heck you could write a whole blog post & just include the word sunday the point is to just blog!  So go for it!

Happy June!  :)

Jade :)

Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Andddd it's only been a couple of months.

Haha how many blog posts has it been now that begin with, "I should really be blogging more and I want make it a point to now." -.- it's ridiculous how much I want to blog but don't.  

Welllll from now on I'm not gonna write it I'm just gonna start with this...

Ohhhhh heyyyyy little blog of mine, long time no see!  I've missed you dearly old buddy, let's catch up!

You see, in this 20 or so weeks that I have not blogged I have done so much.  We moved.  We had a beautiful baby, and I've been raising a child that although is only slightly over a year & a 1/2 old is definitely starting his terrible twos early!! (Did I jumpstart them by having a baby? I think I might have).

Before we go any further, please let me introduce you 

Reagan Emmie Laines

This is her today, and she will be a whole two months next week!  Where has the time gone??  

She had a TOTALLY different birth story then Carter, and can I just say that I thought everyone said the second labor is easier?  Idk who made up that lie because my second delivery was definitely NOT easier!  :l

Can I please just tell you now, that being a mom to a girl is so much fun!  I mean carter was so much fun when he was a baby too, but a baby with a huge bow on her head and a cute romper on is to die for.  I'm officially more obsessed with baby clothes >.<

And dresses?  Omg it's totally okay to start dreaming of her first bday dress right?  Because I am!  :)

Carter is adjusting well, kinda sorta.  He goes through stages where he loves his sister & then he doesn't love his sister that much!  Haha

It's nice to write down my random thoughts.  Let's see if I remember to do this more often :)

P.S. Here's our first family picture :D

Thursday, January 16, 2014

Baby Laines #2-29 Weeks

How far along: 29 weeks

Baby's size: butternut squash, about 17" & 3.1 lbs :)

Miss Anything:  I know it's pretty early to be missing being comfortable BUT I still do.  I miss laying on my back, my back not hurting & not being tired. -.-

Best moment this week:  finding out that I don't have gestational diabetes & that baby is doing GREAT at my doctors appt this week :D

Movement:  She moves about the same amount as her brother which isn't too much BUT she does get wayyyyy closer to my ribs then he ever did :(  andddddd she kicks my bladder a lot more!  Does that mean she's gonna be super tall?!  

Food cravings: Besides a beer with lemon & salt not too much.  I miss beer or a margarita sooo bad thoughhhhh

Anything making you queasy or sick: not too much.  Same as with carter I'll randomly feel like throwing up BUT other then that I'm good :)

Maternity Clothes: ummmm mostly my pants ya, I could wear some of my older bigger regular clothes but maternity jeans are just so much more comfortable.  Besides that though I haven't had to buy any maternity shirts or anything (yet).

Stretch marks:  i have noticed more but I think they're just the ones I got with carter stretching out more.  My body is punishing me for being pregantant twice in two years -.-

Symptoms I HAVE:   Besides the ever growingn belly, the back ache, my constant insomnia, and my craxy preggers brain, absolutely none :)

Doctor’s Appointment:  I had one on Monday & from now on they're every two weeks!  I can't believe it!!  And then starts every week & every couple of days :-0  it's going sooooo fast!

What I'm looking forward to:  meeting little miss :)

Gender: GIRL!!!!  

Belly Button in or out: in

Wedding rings on or off: on pretty loose still.

Happy or Moody most of the time: I think I'm okay in the moody department, I mean I'm sure everyone gets moody when preggers but I'm not THAT bad...haha

Sleep: ugh when?  Where?  Seems like never...I'm so tired and can never ever sleep.  Literally in bed at 2/3 every night & up at 8/9 :(

Showing:  for sureeeeee

Baby Laines #2-28 weeks

How far along: 28 weeks

Baby's size: a LARGE eggplant!  About 16" & 2.5 lbs!!  Getting soooo big :)

Miss Anything:  I miss not feeling uncomfortable, yuck and I still have 2.5 months to go.

Best moment this week: hmmm wellllll this week hasn't been too great because my body has been hurting so bad, BUT next week I go to the doctor, AND after that I start my 2 week appts, OMG I can NOT believe how fast this pregnancy is going!

Movement:  Actually, when I started typing this she started moving around all crazy!  :D  Maybe, she knows I'm talking about her?

Food cravings: I have been eating a lot of fruit again, just like with Carter, I swear I ate a WHOLE cantaloupe the other day, downside?  Carter also loves fruit so I always have to share!

Anything making you queasy or sick: I went to take the glucose test this week, and last time I felt fine when I finished, this time however I thought I might die :(  I did take it at 7 am and hadn't slept in about 3 days, SOOOO I'm hoping that had something to do with it, AND I don't have diabetes :(

Maternity Clothes: yesssss still the same, fitting in some of my older clothes, and long shirts, but I can definitely feel everything getting tighter around the belly :)

Stretch marks:  still none I can see :)

Symptoms I HAVE:   this insomnia might be the death of me, seriously.  I just can't ever ever fall asleep, it sucks. 

Doctor’s Appointment:  welllll i already said i went to my glucose test, and that sucked, and now I have an appt next week.  Let's hope everything came out good, AND here starts my two week appts!  OH and we NEED to schedule a hospital tour VERY soon, considering we aren't having baby girl at the same hospital we had Carter and I literally know NOTHING about that hospital except where emergency is!

What I'm looking forward to:  seeing what she looks like!  I can't help but wonder if she'll look like carter, or like me?  or like her dad.  

Gender: GIRL!!!!  

Belly Button in or out: in

Wedding rings on or off: on pretty loose still.

Happy or Moody most of the time: Yep, still crying at anything, and everything.

Sleep: insomnia sucks, I'm tired :((

Showing:  MOST definitely!  :D

Monday, January 6, 2014

Baby Laines #2-27 weeks

How far along: 27 weeks

Baby's size: a head of cauliflower!  About 16" & 2.5 lbs!!  Getting soooo big :)

Miss Anything:  Besides my mouth still watering when I see a corona I don't really miss too much.  Besides my back not hurting everyday :(

Best moment this week: I have been cleaning out Carter's clothes & organizing baby girls clothes & I can't believe it BUT we already have TWO drawers filled with clothes!  :)  lots & lots of dresses & girly stuff already too makes my heart so happy to have a baby girl on her way and to experience something new :)

Movement:  yep!  Last week I felt her kicking more, this week I feel her moving around all crazy...I hope she's not trying to turn breech because when I went to the dr last time she was already head down!

Food cravings: wellll same, nothing really, besides a beer -.- orrrr sweets >.< same with Carter these kids loooove sugar!

Anything making you queasy or sick: same, nothing really BUT I totally forgot that this time, my nose works sooo much better & I can literally smell everything so LOTS of things make me randomly feel like throwing up!  -.-

Maternity Clothes: yesssss still fitting regular shirts but I can feel some of them getting shorter haha good thing I still don't have any swelling or anything so all my shoes & stuff fit fine :)

Stretch marks:  still none I can see :)

Symptoms I HAVE:   my back still hurts, and it sucks :( BUT still nothing else really.  I'm still thankful for how easy my pregnancies go compared to other peoples :) oh and of course my insomnia :( 

Doctor’s Appointment:  don't have one scheduled until the 20th BUT I did schedule my glucose test for this Monday :(  it's at 7 am and I'm hopingggg since it's literally 2 minutes from my house I get to come home in between blood drawings.

What I'm looking forward to:  still the baby shower & the closer it gets the more excited that I am that baby is going to be here!  I can't wait for her to meet her brother & to see what she's like <3

Gender: GIRL!!!!  

Belly Button in or out: in

Wedding rings on or off: on pretty loose still.

Happy or Moody most of the time: I am still happy most of the time BUT for sure my emotions are CRAZY!  I can literally cry at anything literally!

Sleep: still the same, once I'm actually asleep I sleep pretty good!  BUT it's the actual falling asleep part that isn't working out for me :(

Showing:  MOST definitely!  :D

Baby Laines #2-26 weeks!

Okayyy I know I should have started this ummm 15 weeks ago?  BUT whatev poor baby girl is gonna think we don't love her as much which is NOT the case I just don't sit behind a computer all day anymore -.-

Anywayyyy without further ado, her very first weekly update :)

How far along: 26 weeks

Baby's size: a cucumber & 2.2 lbs which sound just like what the dr said at our ultrasound :)

Miss Anything:  With Carter I never really missed beer too much, but with baby girl I miss having a drink soooo much more :( andddd I feel like I was more uncomfortable later last time around.  I swear I'm wobbling already & she's still gotta cook 3 more months!!  Also I miss my back not hurting -.- wahhhh I'll whine alllll pregnancy this time I don't care I feel like I'm dyingggg

Best moment this week: seeing baby girl at the ultrasound this week AND knowing she's still a girl :)

Movement:  yep!  She's different then her brother she kicks my bladder a lot and always seems to kick my right side under my ribs :) BUT she also moves a lot by my belly button NOT all crazy like other people say their babies move but she's definitely doing something in there :)

Food cravings: wellll besides a beer I think I'm good.  I randomly think omgggg that sounds sooooo good but usually forget about it so.

Anything making you queasy or sick: actually this time around my diet seems to be fine, I haven't really hated anything soo I guess not.

Maternity Clothes: yesssss I can still fit most of my shirts that fit before I was preggers but a lot of them are started to get a little short, I can still fit my pants but I'm scared to stretch them like I did with carter so I've been sticking to leggings or my maternity jeans which were literally the BEST investment I made!  Soooo comfy!

Stretch marks:  not any new ones that I could see, besides the couple I got from carter,  we shall see though I didn't see any when I was this pregnant with carter either.

Symptoms I HAVE:   My back has been KILLING me all weekend it sucks idk whyyy but it sucks.  Also, I have super duper bad insomnia :( it's 3:30 am and I'm still up -.- and It sucks when carter wakes up early good thing he likes to sleep in most days :)  alsooo I've been starting to get a little bit of heartburn nothing too bad I guess, andddd I feel full already :( wahhhhhh it's only gonna get worse haha

Doctor’s Appointment:  I had one this week because last week they had to cancel and everything looked good, I gotta take my glucose test pretty soon hopefully it's as bad as Carter's was and not worse because last time it wasn't as bad as people made me feel like it was gonna be.  AND my dr informed me that my next appt is in 3 weeks AND then they're EVERY 2 weeks already omggg I can't believe how much faster it's gone this time around?!  Am I reallyyyyy gonna have TWO kids in like 3 months?!  :O

What I'm looking forward to:  My sister, MIL & SIL are planning a baby shower for baby next month and I'm actually kinda looking forward to it, at first I didn't want one but the more I think about it the more excited I am that we are going to celebrate her :) andddd we're gonna get a 3-D u/a pretty soon so I can't wait to see what her little face looks like and to see if she looks like her brother or not :)

Gender: GIRL!!!!  (P.S. I'm pretty excited now that I'm able to shop BOTH the boy & girl sections!)

Belly Button in or out: in

Wedding rings on or off: on pretty loose but last time they stopped fitting toward the end so I'm hoping it's the same this time.

Happy or Moody most of the time: I am happy most of the time I think...randomly I know I'll get super frustrated because my body hurts so bad already :( but other then that I'm happy the way our life is going and can't wait to be a family of four :)

Sleep: once I can finally fall asleep (usually takes a while sometimes a longggg while) I stay asleep til morning thank god!  But I swear my sleep was a lot less interrupted when I was preggers with carter -.-

Showing:  haha during Christmas we were shipping at Costco and I was soooo excited that a lady said something about not wanting to hit my belly & I realized that you could kinda tell I was pregnant & not just chubby haha because I swear for awhile there I'm positive people just thought I was getting fat!  BUT just in the past couple of weeks my belly has really POPPED out!!  :-O

Life gets in the way of things we want to do with all it's CRAZINESS!!  Somehow I stopped blogging in September & never came back to it :(

Sooooo to catch up I'll give the QUICK highlights!

Carter got super sick more then once including ONE overnight stay at the hospital a semi-surgery (soooo scary!!  But sooooo thankful he's better now!!). TWO ambulance rides, (okay, one MIGHT have been unnecessary BUT I was freaked from the last experience!) 
Carter turned ONE!  Celebrated his first bday which I definitely want to blog about!  AND had the BEST time ever at BOTH his bday party 

& his actual birthday!  :)

We finallyyyyy told EVERYONE about baby #2 :D 

We found out baby #2 is a baby GIRL!!!!  :D!!!

We celebrated our THIRD year of marriage!!

Celebrated the husbands dad's 50th bday!  :)

Found out my closest cousin is ALSO expecting NOT only a baby ONE month before us BUT also a baby girl!  Eeek literally SO excited!!  (They're already gonna be BEST cousins!  They have NO choice!)

My great gma passed away :(

We celebrated Halloween 

& Thanksgiving

 & Christmas 

AND New Years!!!

Anddddd we're excited about the new year!  And to see what's in store for us this year and can't wait to welcome baby girl :)